17 Best 2.1 speakers (in India) for every budget and purpose

17 best 2.1 speakers in India

Sony (SA-D20 C E12) are the best 2.1 speakers in India for home use. The speakers are affordable, high-quality and feature-rich, making a great addition to your home entertainment centre.

The subwoofer produces punchy bass while the satellite speakers deliver powerful performance. And with a brand like Sony you can never go wrong!

To explore other best 2.1 speakers in India from different price segments and brands, keep scrolling below.


Sony (SA-D20 C E12)


Sound output: 60 W

Connectivity: wired & wireless (Bluetooth, USB)

Warranty: 1-year

You also get: remote control

Best for: both TV and PC

Although TVs have become slimmer and smarter, their sound quality has lagged behind.

This is because there’s less space for sound to bounce around in the TV speakers. Hence you get an average sound output of 10 to 30 W from most LED TVs.

(Imagine having to watch an action movie on a meagre 10 W sound. You might even miss out a few dialogues if there’s background noise around you).

Having a good quality sound system at home will solve this problem.

This 2.1 speaker system from Sony makes up for the lack of sound in your PC. And improves your TV watching experience by pairing the visuals with loud and booming 60 W sound.

With this Sony (SA-D20 C E12), you get 2 satellite speakers that deliver music and dialogues in a clear and crisp manner.

The subwoofer takes charge of enhancing the audio-visual experience by producing thumping bass. It also has some basic control buttons like ‘power’, ‘function’, ‘play’ and so on.

You can change the same or more settings, from the remote control too. (However, there’s no bass control function at all).

The speaker design is very stylish, and smooth. And you can feel Sony’s premium brand value in the build quality of the 2.1 speakers.

While using them, place the speakers on each side of the TV or PC for best sound effect. The subwoofer can be placed anywhere around the speakers.

With the Bluetooth feature you can connect more than just your PC or TV to the sound system.

For example, any Bluetooth compatible device like Smartphone, tablet, Laptop etc. can be connected to the Sony (SA-D20 C E12).

Or, you can plug in a USB drive to play your downloaded playlist.

All you have to do is set the function (on the subwoofer or remote) to the source you want— Bluetooth, USB, or TV.

The biggest advantage of these speakers is their simplicity (no confusing audio settings to figure out).

You get a speaker system that can be set up in a few steps, and does its job seamlessly!

If you’re looking for value-packed 2.1 speakers that are the best at what they do, then look no more. All-in-all, these are the best 2.1 speakers with Bluetooth in India!


Philips (MMS8085B/94) Convertible 2.1 Speakers


Sound output: 80 W

Connectivity: wired & wireless (Bluetooth, USB, SD card)

Warranty: 1-year

You also get: soundbar (convertible), remote control, FM Radio

Best for: TV

The Home Audio entertainment segment has so many options that it’s hard to settle on one.

Soundbars, tower speakers, and channel speaker systems are a few main categories branching out into more types of audio systems.

For example, 2.0 (stereo speakers), 2.1, 4.1, 5.1, 6.1 speakers and so on, all come under multimedia channel speaker systems.

So, how do you find the right sound system to fit your budget and needs?

This Philips (MMS8085B/94) speaker system could be the answer you seek.

This one is a multimedia channel system that comes with 2 satellite speakers and 1 subwoofer.

All three components also qualify as ‘tower speakers’ due to their vertical design.

And by taking the stands off the satellite speakers, you can join them to make a soundbar.

Thus, what you get are 3-in-1 speakers that combine 2.1 channel speakers, tower speakers and a soundbar into 1 home theatre system!

Delivering 80 W of sound, you get what you pay for in this sound system. That is, strong, loud, and clear sound!

The multiple connectivity options let you connect a wide range of devices to the speakers. And you can control the settings with the remote control.

The subwoofer too has a volume control dial at the top which is fun to use. Along with volume control you get other basic settings on the subwoofer and an LED indicator.

The LED however alternates between blinking and staying on, which needs some getting used to. (A proper LED display would have been more convenient).

You can also use a USB drive or an SD card to stream your favourite playlist.

The ports for both are located behind the subwoofer, out of sight, but also out of comfortable reach.

There’s no denying, however, that this Philips 2.1 speakers offer the most value for money in the ‘under 10000’ price segment.

Overall, Philips (MMS8085B/94) is the best 2.1 home theatre system in India!


Logitech (Z625) THX certified 2.1 Speakers


Sound output: 200 W

Connectivity: wired only

Warranty: 1-year

You also get: THX certified speakers, headphone jack

Best for: desktop Computer and Laptop

If you’re looking for a good sound system for your PC or LED TV then consider these 2.1 speakers from Logitech.

Compact in size (but with large enough subwoofer to produce powerful bass), these speakers easily blend into shelves, TV units or table corners without taking much space.

The subwoofer can be placed on the ground or arranged with the speakers (its position is not as important as that of the speakers).

The 2 satellite speakers are clearly designated to be a right and left speaker for the best audio experience. (You can even place them together though).

The right speaker controls everything as it has the power button, volume dial, and a knob for bass control. There’s even a headphone port and an AUX port at the side.

The highlight of these Logitech speakers, however, is they are THX certified.

The THX certification means the speakers do a great job of reproducing sound as it was meant to be when recorded at the studio.

To get a THX certification any sound system must pass a series of strict tests from their frequency response, sound dispersion to output versus distortion. The ones that make it through, are guaranteed to impress you!

In fact, these 2.1 speakers are one of the few sold in India having THX certification.

Although these speakers can be paired with any multimedia devices, Bluetooth feature could have made the connection easier and wireless. Also, you don’t get a separate remote control with these speakers.

Other than the 2 drawbacks, these speakers are a value-packed buy, having a durable build quality.

The body material is of hard plastic (good quality hard plastic though) to make it more economical.

To sum it in a line, these Logitech Z625 are the best 2.1 computer and gaming speakers in India under 10000!


Swans (M10) Near-Field Speakers


Sound output: 35 W

Connectivity: wired only

Warranty: 1-year

You also get: a chic design at an affordable price

Best for: PC, Laptop

Swans M10 is another, more budget-friendly option for PC speakers with eye-catching looks!

The M10 are near-field speakers. That means they must be placed closer to the listener within his reach for the best effect.

Hence, I would recommend buying these only if you’re looking for Computer or Laptop speakers. (They might not sound as great if you use them as TV speakers).

The 5-inch subwoofer delivers booming bass and also comes with a mechanical knob for changing volume. Another knob at the back lets you control the bass.

The 2 satellite speakers can be placed at the side or on top of the subwoofer (to save space). Their wires are attached at the back and only need to be plugged into the woofer.

The speakers however, can only be connected to media devices with a cable, as there’s no Bluetooth feature or USB port. You also don’t get a remote with the M10.

However, from another perspective these limitations make the Swans M10 extremely easy to set-up and dismantle.

Once the speakers are ‘on’ the volume knob lights up as the music or dialogues start playing.

The Swans M10 is an affordable, stylish and durable 2.1 speaker system that deserves your attention!


Edifier (M3600D) THX Certified 2.1 Speakers


Sound output: 200 W

Connectivity: wired only

Warranty: 1-year

You also get: THX certified speakers, headphone jack

Best for: both TV and PC

Home Audio systems from elite brands like Bose and Harman kardon, can cost you more than your TV or PC. Edifier tries to bridge this gap by offering similar quality speaker systems but at a mid-range, affordable price.

With 20 years of experience under their belt designing audio systems, Edifier has established itself as a high-quality and reasonably priced brand.

Edifier’s wide range of 2.1 speakers are among its flagship products.

And though Edifier products can also cost a lot, you can grab one like the M3600D, which offers a fair balance of price and quality.

The M3600D is one of the many examples of Edifier’s design expertise combined with extra powerful performance.

Why? Just look at its specifications.

The subwoofer (which reproduces the low-range frequencies commonly called bass), has an 8-inch diameter that produces tight and punchy 130 W RMS bass.

Genres like Rock, Pop, Drums etc. sound especially great on this one.

The 2 satellite speakers join in by adding another 35 W RMS output each. The whole 2.1 system thus produces exceptionally powerful 200 W sound!

Another noteworthy aspect of these speakers is their THX certification

To be THX certified, any sound system must clear a series of stringent tests. The Edifier M3600D is THX certified which assures it delivers nothing less than the best.

These 2.1 speakers however, do not come with Bluetooth or remote control or even ports for USB drive and SD card. Having these features would have been convenient, but it’s not crucial to a speaker system.

The subwoofer has a knob at the back for bass control. The remaining controls (for volume and headphone-in) are on the right speaker.

The look of the speakers is very classy and can further enhance your home décor. Overall, the M3600D are high-bass speakers that bring you an immersive audio experience!


F&D (T200X) Convertible 2.1 Speakers


Sound output: 70 W

Connectivity: wired & wireless (Bluetooth, USB)

Warranty: 1-year

You also get: soundbar (convertible), LED display, remote control, FM Radio

Best for: TV & as party speakers

F&D (Fenda Audio India Pvt. Ltd.), founded in 2004, is a new entrant in the Home Audio entertainment industry.

However, it has quickly made its way into the bestsellers and into the Indian consumers’ hearts by offering quality and feature-rich products at a budget-friendly price.

This F&D T200X is one such example.

It comes with an 8-inch subwoofer and a 2-inch wide driver which produce thumping bass and 35 W RMS output. The subwoofer body is made of wooden material for optimum audio experience.

The 2 satellite speakers, on the other hand produce 17.5 W sound each and are made of high-grade plastic.

The speakers are vertical in design and hence can also be called ‘tower speakers’. Each comes with a stand that can be attached at the bottom.

In case you don’t have the space to spare or want to change the look of your home theatre system, there’s a surprise for you.

By taking off the stand from the satellite speakers you can connect them together to make a soundbar!

Yes, these speakers are convertible. You can quickly change them from towers to soundbar and vice versa.

Once you connect the speakers to the subwoofer, and the subwoofer to the switchboard, you can pick and choose the next set up.

You can power on the speakers from the remote control or from the subwoofer itself.

You can then switch between different modes like Bluetooth (for wireless music), USB, FM, TV, and so on. The LED screen indicates the current mode for clear understanding.

(The speaker system comes with Bluetooth 4.0 version giving you a wide connectivity of over 15 m).

As the music or movie plays, the front-side of the subwoofer lights up with multi-colour LEDs. This feature gives a cool party look to the speakers.

Go for the F&D T200X for budget 2.1 speakers under 10000 (perfect for a home theatre system)!


Jack Martin (888)


Sound output: 50 W

Connectivity: wired & wireless (Bluetooth, SD card, USB)

Warranty: 1-year

You also get: FM Radio, LED display, remote control

Best for: both TV and PC (and other multimedia devices)

The brand Jack Martin has been in the Indian market for more than a decade. Known for coming up with simple, functional, and affordable Home Audio solutions, this brand knows what the Indian consumer wants.

This particular Jack Martin 888 model comes encased in a silver-grey body.

The subwoofer is 6.5-inch wide, light-weight and compact. This makes it a versatile sound system that can complement both the TV and PC.

The 2 satellite speakers too come in a silver and black combination, quietly making a style statement wherever you put them.

To select and navigate the speaker you can use the handy buttons on the subwoofer or the remote control.

The LED screen shows you the details of what ‘mode’ is on (among Bluetooth, TV, USB etc.), the volume levels and much more.

You can also tune in to some FM Radio when you’re in the mood.

The compact size of the speaker system makes it easy to carry around in the house.

You can thus alternate between using these as PC speakers by the day and TV speakers at night (or vice versa).

Although Jack Martin is a relatively new brand in the market, it has already made a name for itself as an economical and functional brand.

If you’re looking for reasonably priced 2.1 speakers that have all the latest features, then consider buying these.


Philips (MMS6080B)


Sound output: 60 W

Connectivity: wired & wireless (Bluetooth, USB, SD card)

Warranty: 1-year

You also get: FM Radio, LED display, remote control

Best for: PC, TV, Laptops etc.

Choosing one out of the many 2.1 speaker systems available in the market can be very confusing.

Identifying what you want in a sound system however, is easier to list and prioritise.

If a no-nonsense, hi-tech audio system tops your list, then you better check out the higher-end speakers from Sony, Edifier, Logitech etc.

Or you could also check out the Philips MMS8085B above. (These speakers focus only on delivering great sound and are thus either costly or lack latest features like Bluetooth).

But if your list contains something like ‘affordable speakers from a reputed brand with the latest features’ then your options widen more.

No matter how you rank the 3 requirements of ‘affordability’, ‘brand’, and ‘features’, this Philips 2.1 speaker system ticks them all.

Priced below 5000 Rupees, the speakers will fit anyone’s budget.

The Philips brand, on the other hand, is an old and trusted brand in India. This makes the 2.1 speaker system a reliable and durable one.

In the features department too, the speakers fare exceptionally well.

You get multiple connectivity options for connecting the speakers to external media devices.

Whether you use an RCA cable, AUX cable, Bluetooth, USB or SD card, the speakers connect seamlessly without any trouble.

You can use the remote to select the mode, volume, FM channel etc. The subwoofer comes with an LED display and some basic control buttons for convenience.

The remote also lets you adjust the bass and use the equalizer.

What this means is you get a flexible sound system that connects to a wide range of devices.

Its sound quality too will leave you impressed, thanks to the 5.25-inch subwoofer and the 2 supporting speakers.

With a total RMS output of 60 W, these 2.1 speakers produce thrice the sound of average LED TVs. (Most TVs have a sound output of 10 to 20 W).

Seriously, its hard to find a great set of speakers like these! These are easily the best 2.1 speakers under 6000 in India.


Edifier (SPK-EF-XM6BT)


Sound output: 48 W

Connectivity: wired & wireless (Bluetooth, USB, SD card)

Warranty: 1-year

You also get: mini-remote, classy design, budget 2.1 speakers

Best for: Computer, TV, Laptop etc.

Edifier manufactures high-grade audio equipment including home audio solutions in a variety of price segments.

If your main requirement is a top-notch sound system that expertly reproduces the high, mid and low frequencies in a movie or song, then check out Edifier’s THX certified M3600D model (above).

However, if you want more features along with great audio quality all in a budget of 5000 Rupees, then consider this particular model from Edifier.

According to industry standards, this system’s 6.5-inch subwoofer is considered small.

But it’s quite effective in delivering strong bass. (The bass level can be adjusted from the remote or from the subwoofer itself).

The 2 satellite speakers are sleek and sturdy and can easily fit into nooks and corners of your Computer table or a TV unit.

You can also arrange them on top of the subwoofer to save space. Or to give your entertainment hub a different look.

The remote control is tiny and stylish, making it convenient to change volume or tracks from the comfort of your couch.

The control panel on the subwoofer comes to aid when the remote is not around.

Located on the side of the subwoofer, the control panel is easy to reach but also hidden from sight. This maintains the clean and classy look of the 2.1 speaker system.

Connectivity options like Bluetooth and USB let you connect Smartphones, tablet, or a pendrive without the mess of extra wires.

This Edifier model however, doesn’t have an LED display.

So, there’s no visual guide to what source you’re playing from or the track number. (You don’t need a display if you’re only going to use it as a TV or PC speaker).

With this Edifier 2.1 speaker system you get a blend of quality, functionality, and brand value at a budget price!


Swans (M50W)


Sound output: 115 W

Connectivity: wired only

Warranty: 1-year

You also get: unique control pod

Best for: PC, Laptop, TV (and audiophiles)

If you want the best in audio quality, no expense spared, then you’ll love the Swans M50W.

From top to bottom, inside-out these speakers are designed to deliver top-notch sound from a premium brand like Swans.

With a walnut veneer on the sides, stone finish at the front, and shiny piano lacquer surface on top and bottom, these speakers are built to perfection.

All the 2 components, subwoofer and the 2 satellite speakers come with covers at their front-end.

Once you connect the satellite speakers to the subwoofer and the subwoofer to the electric switch you can use the wire to connect them to your TV or PC.

The 6.5-inch subwoofer touches frequencies as low as 38 Hz, producing deep bass.

The higher frequencies (120 Hz to 20 kHz) are expertly delivered by the 20 mm hard dome tweeter and 3-inch midbass driver.

These speakers only connect via wires which could be a drawback if you were expecting wireless connectivity like Bluetooth.

There’s also no wireless remote control for these speakers.

Instead, you get unique circular pod that is connected to the subwoofer with a wire. When you turn the power on, a ring on the pod lights up in blue.

Just tap the pod to play the music. Trace your finger along the edge to turn the volume up or down.

Tap again to mute the sound, the indicator light turns from blue to red.

No matter how picky you are about a sound system, these high-fidelity speakers will impress even audiophiles!

And let’s not mince words, these 2.1 speakers are expensive! But once you experience them, no other speakers will be good enough.

If you want the best and premium-quality 2.1 speakers in India, your search ends here!


iBell (2871TS)


Sound output: 75 W

Connectivity: wired & wireless (Bluetooth, SD card, USB)

Warranty: 1.5 years

You also get: FM Radio, LED display, convertible speakers

Best for: TV, PC (and other multimedia devices)

Home audio systems come in many types including channel speakers (or home theatre systems), soundbars and wireless Bluetooth systems.

If you don’t want to limit yourself to just a 2.1 speaker system then consider these speakers from iBell.

Buying this iBell sound system, gives you a 3-in-1 home audio solution.

What you get are 2.1 speakers, tower speakers and soundbar all merged into 1 product!

In this 2.1 speaker system you get one 6.5-inch subwoofer that produces deep bass. The subwoofer itself has a powerful RMS output of 45 W.

The 2 satellite speakers have a vertical design that can be arranged either as tower speakers or joined horizontally to make a soundbar.

This flexibility to change the speakers from soundbar to towers and vice versa gives you more control on how to experience great sound.

You also get an LED display and some basic functions on the subwoofer along with a port for USB drive and SD card.

The ports located on the front of the subwoofer make it easier to plug and play. This way you don’t need to move the subwoofer to reach inaccessible ports at the back or side.

Let the speakers remain connected to your TV or PC. Without moving or attaching new wires you can play songs from your Smartphone via Bluetooth or stream a playlist from the pen-drive.

With such a long list of features you might expect these to cost a fortune. You’ll be surprised to know these speakers are far from that.

For a budget-friendly price (under 5000 in fact) you can bag these 2.1 speakers for your home.

These are the best budget convertible 2.1 speakers in India!


Artis (MS608)


Sound output: 80 W

Connectivity: wired & wireless (Bluetooth, USB, SD card)

Warranty: 1-year

You also get: FM Radio, remote control, LED display

Best for: TV, Computer, Laptop, etc.

This Artis MS608 is a budget alternative for a TV or desktop Computer speakers that connects to a variety of devices.

The AUX cable connects the sound system directly to the main multimedia device (whether the TV or PC). And you can connect other devices like a pen-drive, or SD card via the dedicated slots on the subwoofer.

To play the top Bollywood playlist from your Smartphone, just switch on the Bluetooth and connect it to the MS608.

The Bluetooth you get is the 4.1 version. What this means is you can connect your phone and move around the house up to a zone of 15 metres.

The build quality of the subwoofer and 2 satellite speakers, on the other hand, is good enough (made of hard plastic).

The 6.5-inch subwoofer ensures the music or dialogues come out with punchy bass. And the 2.1 system itself delivers a loud and powerful sound output of 80 W.

The LED display makes it easier to see the track or volume number. You can also see what source the system is playing from.

The subwoofer even comes with its own control panel.

A volume dial in the centre and tactile buttons around it give you an additional option for changing settings.

However, the main highlight of this product is its budget price.

For a price below 5000 Rupees, you can bring home a home theatre system for your TV or a booming sound system for your PC.

You also get a 1-year warranty on the product in case of any unexpected damage. All-in-all this one is a good choice if you’re looking for budget 2.1 speakers with all the latest features.


Philips (MMS4040F/94)


Sound output: 40 W

Connectivity: wired & USB

Warranty: 1-year

You also get: FM Radio, remote control

Best for: TV and PC

Do you worry that budget speakers might not measure up to your expectations? Or that you may have to settle for some average performing 2.1 speakers with doubtful durability?

Well, consider these 2.1 speakers from Philips then.

The brand Philips is already a consumer favourite in India.

And now, with these budget-friendly 2.1 speakers you will surely love it more!

What you get is a subwoofer that also functions as the control centre.

This is because it is the subwoofer to which the speakers are connected and which then connects to the electric socket.

You also get an LED display on the subwoofer. Along with tactile buttons for power on/off, play/pause, previous/ next track and volume up/ down.

You can also use the remote to perform the above functions and much more.

The 2 satellite speakers come with wires that you can plug into the subwoofer. You can then connect this trio with the RCA cable to your TV or desktop Computer.

The speakers produce clear and powerful sound which is sufficient for home use.

However, don’t expect the superior audio quality you get in higher end speakers.

To connect other media devices like your Smartphone, Laptop or tablet all you need is a 3.5mm port.

Simply put in the AUX cable into your phone or Laptop and start playing games or streaming videos. (There’s no Bluetooth for wireless connection).

But, you do get a USB port for connecting pen drive.

You can use the FM function without having t connect this 2.1 system to anything.

Just power it on, select the FM mode and tune in to your favourite radio station as you get ready for office.

Compare a few 2.1 speaker systems and you’ll notice that these are one of the most pocket-friendly speakers out there.

To sum it up, you get a quality product from a premium brand at a pocket-friendly price. What more do you want?


F&D (F550X)


Sound output: 56 W

Connectivity: wired & wireless (Bluetooth, USB, SD card)

Warranty: 1-year

You also get: remote control, LED display, FM Radio

Best for: desktop Computer (PC), Laptop and as party speakers

Here’s a sound system that’s worth more than it costs!

For an economical price you get a trio of compact and cool 2.1 speakers from a popular brand like F&D.

The speakers come in a funky star-like design, that’s sure to turn heads.

You can play songs, movies or games from multiple media devices like PC, TV, Laptop, Smartphone, USB drive or an SD card.

For wired connections you get an RCA to RCA stereo cable and an AUX cable in the box.

Bluetooth and NFC make it easier to connect Smartphone or tablet wirelessly.

Along with an LED display the subwoofer also comes with multi-colour decorative lights. This can add an extra ‘oomph’ to your party nights.

Or just let them be, for some mood lighting as you listen to relaxing music. You can also turn these lights off from the remote if you don’t like them.

So as to not mess with the subwoofer’s cool look, the control panel is provided at the side.

The bass and treble control, on the other hand is located at the back with the wire connections.

The compact size of these 2.1 speakers make them easy to move around the house. Or to arrange them on your shelf and table as you like.

Overall, these 2.1 speakers from F&D offer the best in design, value and features.


Creative (SBS-E2800)


Sound output: 50 W

Connectivity: wired, USB, SD card

Warranty: 1-year

You also get: FM Radio, LED display, remote control

Best for: PC and TV

With its unique diamond-cut design, these Creative 2.1 speakers immediately attract attention.

You get a subwoofer that produces decent bass for a budget price making it an economical choice for casual listeners.

The feet of the subwoofer give it some breathing space and it also comes with an LED display.

A remote control is included to operate the sound system.

The side or satellite speakers complement the design of the subwoofer. However, there’s no provision to wall mount them.

You get multiple connectivity options and can connect to a variety of devices like PC, TV, mobile, tablet, DVD player, and Laptop.

However, there’s no Bluetooth feature which could be considered a drawback.

The only way to connect the multiple media devices is by RCA or AUX cable. Or you can insert a USB drive or an SD card instead.

The 50 W audio creates loud and clear sounds that make your movie or gaming experience more immersive.

In fact, there aren’t many speaker systems that offer such a high audio output for such an affordable price!

Most features found in other popular models are available in this Creative E2800. You also get a warranty for a year from the manufacturing Company.

If this is your first speaker system and you don’t want to take a risk spending too much, then this one’s an ideal choice.

Also, if you want a quality and easy-to-use home theatre system for an affordable price then consider buying this Creative SBS E2800.


iBall Tarang Classic


Sound output: 40 W

Connectivity: wired & wireless (Bluetooth, USB, SD card)

Warranty: 1-year

You also get: FM Radio, remote control, LED display

Best for: both TV and Computer

iBall brings a set of sturdy and functional 2.1 speakers at a budget price.

In the price segment of these iBall speakers, most speakers either drop convenience features like Bluetooth. Or compromise on the product’s build quality.

However, with its Tarang Classic, iBall has managed to offer budget speakers without making these sacrifices.

You get everything… Bluetooth, multiple connectivity options that connect to a wide range of devices and a high-grade build quality.

In fact, you even get bass and treble controls, common in the premium speakers.

The body of these Tarang Classic speakers is made of wood covered by a fabric layer. This ensures the sound produced is loud, clear and as it was meant to be heard when recorded at the studio.

The box design retains the woody and sophisticated look of the speakers that will go well with any modern home décor.

The Bluetooth you get is the 5.0 version. This means the track keeps playing even if your connected device is in another room (as you get a wider range coverage).

As you change the volume, mode, or tracks on the Tarang Classic, the LED screen gives you a visual guide to what setting you’re on.

Or you can also change the settings from the tactile buttons you get on the subwoofer.

The RMS output of these speakers, however is about 40 W. These may not stand strong against the Sony or Edifier speakers but are sufficient for daily TV watching or playing games on Laptop.

Overall, iBall Tarang Classic brings you high-quality speakers at a budget price!


F&D (A110)


Sound output: 35 W

Connectivity: wired only (AUX, RCA)

Warranty: 1-year

You also get: light-weight speakers (almost portable)

Best for: desktop Computer (PC), Laptop

Desktop Computers are quite bulky and have an elaborate setup due to the individual components like the computer screen, keyboard, CPU etc.

If you want to add a decent sound system to it, don’t go for a bulky one or it will eat up any remaining space on your table or shelf.

The extra powerful, extra punchy sound systems are usually the bulky kind.

Also, the sound output they offer is so high that its almost ridiculous for home use. (You might never use them at their full power anyways).

However, these 2.1 speakers from F&D merge powerful sound, compact build, and affordable price into 1 product- the A110!

The output of 35 W RMS hits the sweet spot of hearing for daily binging of TV shows and movie marathons.

You can control the volume and bass from the knobs provided at the side of the subwoofer along with other connections.

The speakers are very light-weight and compact, as if designed for Computers and smaller media devices.

It also makes them fairly portable, if you wish to take them to your native place or a friend’s house.

The price tag is what makes these speakers an attractive buy. Its difficult to find fine-quality speakers at such a budget price!

No doubt, these F&D 2.1 speakers are the best ones in India under 2000 Rupees!



2.1 speaker system is the most popular choice for TV and PC sound systems.

This is mainly because 2.1 speakers have, what a 2.0 system lacks— powerful bass. Also, a 2.1 system doesn’t bring with it a clutter of wires like the more sophisticated 4.1, 5.1 or 6.1 home theatre system.

Make your choice depending on what matters more to you, price, brand, features or simply the sound quality.

The list of recommendations above, has been prepared with all such preferences in mind.

For example, for purely top-notch audio go for the bigger brands like Edifier, Swans, Sony, Logitech, and Philips.

If connectivity (wired and wireless) is important to you, check out the 2.1 speakers from F&D, Philips, Artis, iBall etc.

You can also check out 2.1 speakers specifically suited for PC use (e.g. F&D A110) or TV use (e.g. F&D T200X).

In case you have any doubts, leave a comment below. I’ll be happy to help!


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