6 Best 24-inch LED TVs in India – Reviews, and Buying Guide

Are you looking for a secondary TV for your bedroom or shop? Then check out the 6 best 24-inch TVs in India to make sure you grab the best deal for yourself!

Do you frequently fight over who gets to decide the TV channel? You may prefer to watch a movie while your spouse wants to watch the next episode of his/ her favorite TV show.

Kids insist on watching cartoons while the senior family members may have their demands.

In such a case, having a second TV in the bedroom can help prevent such fights.

With a second TV, you can maintain the harmony at home. And enjoy some 'me' time cozying up in your bed and watching a movie on your bedroom TV.

24-inch LED TVs are the perfect choice as bedroom TVs or to install in a commercial shop.

LED TVs are slim and sturdy and give you a cinematic picture quality, thanks to their HD resolution.

But there are many TVs in the market that burden you with confusing features while claiming to be the best.

How do you find the best one for your home?

Don't worry. 

I have done the work for you by researching and compiling a list of the 6 best 24-inch LED TVs in India.

You can do the final analysis to find the TV that best fits your needs.

Top 6 24-inch LED TVs in India

Sony Bravia (24 Inches) HD Ready LED TV 

Sony sticks to its reputation for producing good quality TVs that last a long time.

This TV is just another proof of Sony's expertise in video quality, irrespective of the screen size.

This 24-inch TV is not just compact but is also lightweight. 

It measures 55.8 x 6.5 x 34.1 cm in dimensions and weighs only 3.9 kg.

The TV panel gives you a wide 178 degrees viewing angle. 

This means the video quality will not look distorted no matter which corner of the room you're sitting in.

The TV's 2 HDMI and 1 USB port are enough for connecting your set-top box and other multi-media devices.

For example, you can connect a gaming console for an action-packed fun-time. 

Connect your Laptop to practice for your office presentation, or to watch YouTube videos on a larger screen. 

You can also plug in a USB drive to play dance songs on a party night.

The TV comes with FM Radio feature built into the TV.    

To ensure the TV's durability, you get the X-Protection Pro guarantee.

This protects your TV from humidity, electrical surges, moisture, and dust.

Considering the brand value which Sony swears to hold, it is the best 24-inch LED TV you can find.


  • 720p resolution for high-quality videos
  • After-sale service provided
  • 1-year Warranty


  • No Bluetooth 
  • Non-smart TV

LG (24 Inches) HD Ready LED TV 

Backed by LG's brand value, this TV is another great pick if you're not a fan of Sony.

This 24-inch TV takes up only 5.3 x 55.6 x 38.7 cms of space and can either be wall-mounted or placed on a table.

It comes with a unique Bollywood mode, which makes your movie watching experience more fun and realistic.

There's another 'Cricket mode' for those who love sports.

This mode enhances your game-viewing by letting you hear it all- the commentator on the side, the pumping music, and the crowds cheering for their idols.

You even get a few games built into the TV that you can play with your kids during family time.

With just 1 HDMI port and 1 USB port, you might feel tied about choosing what device to connect to the TV. 

But the TV's cost-effective price more than makes up for this limitation.


  • 240 Watts on-mode power consumption
  • HD Ready (1366 x 768 pixels) Resolution
  • After-sale service provided
  • All-round safety against lightning, summer heat, humidity, dust, and shock
  • 1-year warranty


  • Single HDMI port 
  • Non – smart TV 


ADSUN (24 Inches) HD Ready LED TV 

ADSUN TVs are new entrants in the TV market. But they have quickly climbed up the popularity charts.

Why? Let's have a look.

The TV gives you an HDMI, a USB, and a VGA port, at par with most 24-inch TVs

The TV comes fitted with an A+ grade panel.

A+ grade indicates the TV's panel is transparent and damage-free. Thus, ensuring the videos look as they were meant to be seen- in 720p high-definition!

The TV dual, box speakers produce 20 W of loud and clear sound.

This matches perfectly with the HD Ready visuals.  

But this TV's highlight remains its jaw-dropping price.

Don't believe me? Click on the link and find out for yourself!  


  • 40 Watts on-mode power consumption
  • HD Ready (1366 x 768 pixels) Resolution
  • Premium finish
  • 1-year warranty


  • No free installation
  • Non-smart TV


Blaupunkt (24 inches) Family Series HD Ready LED TV 

Blaupunkt is already a known brand in the audio segment.

Blaupunkt speakers, earphones, and other audio solutions are among Amazon's bestsellers.

Blaupunkt has now entered the Television segment with its budget LED TVs.

This 24-inch TV, for example, makes for a good buy as a bedroom, study room or shop TV.

The TV measures 55.8 x 3 x 33 cm in dimension and has a slim body. 

It comes with 1 HDMI, 1 USB, and 1 VGA port that supports connectivity to several multimedia devices.

Like most durable TV, this one too comes fitted with an A+ grade panel.

This adds to the picture quality as A+ grade panels are considered to be the best in industry standards.

 The sound quality is decent at 10 Watts of output. It is good enough for small bedrooms or living rooms.

 All these features are packed into a sturdy and stylish TV, at a too-good-to-be-true price!

You gotta see it to believe it!


  • 10 Watts of loud and clear sound
  • HD Ready (1366 x 768 pixels) Resolution
  • Slim design
  • 1-year warranty


  • No free installation
  • Non-smart TV


Kevin (24 Inches) HD Ready LED TV With Inbuilt Soundbar

This 24-inch Kevin TV may look small but has impressively loud sound!

With 50 Watts of RMS output, this TV's sound quality is even better than most large-screen TVs.

This ability is thanks to the TV's built-in Soundbar.

Unlike most other TVs, Kevin TV has a front-firing Soundbar at the lower end of the screen.

This allows the TV to produce booming sound and create a surround sound effect due to its unique position.

The TV also gives you a wide viewing angle and many connectivity ports.

You can connect a variety of devices like Laptop, Smartphone, DVD player, gaming console, etc. via the 2 HDMI, 2 USB, and 1 VGA ports.

In addition to these features, the TV comes with an A+ panel.

This indicates the TV's panel top quality (from its A+ grade) and adds to the high-definition video quality.

If you're looking for a budget-friendly TV with great visuals and sound, then look no more!

This Kevin TV has everything you need.


  • HD Ready (1366 x 768 pixels) Resolution
  • Free installation 
  • Built-in soundbar
  • 50 Watts of powerful sound
  • Auto-sleep feature
  • 1-year warranty


  • Non-smart TV


Sanyo (24 Inches) Full HD LED TV 

Owned by a parent Company like Panasonic, you can rest assured that a Sanyo TV will deliver on what it promises.

Thanks to the TV's Full HD resolution, you get the best video quality in all of the 24-inch TVs!

This is because most 24-inch TVs come with an HD Ready or 720p resolution. 

This Sanyo TV, however, gives you a Full HD or 1080p resolution.

Its 10 Watts of sound output does a decent job of matching the TV's video quality.

Other than that, the TV has a slim body and a black elegant frame.

It can either be wall-mounted or placed on a table.

It comes with 1 HDMI, 1 USB, and 1 VGA port.

Just one port of each type limits your connectivity options and could be considered a drawback.

Additionally, the TV is fitted with an A+ grade panel.

This ensures the picture quality continues to be the best.

Great visuals, loud sound, and a reputed brand at a budget price!

What more do you want?


  • Full HD (1080 pixels) Resolution
  • Free installation and demo
  • 1-year warranty


  • Non-smart TV

Buyer’s Guide

There are a couple of things you should keep in mind before buying your TV. They are as follows - 

  1. Resolution –  

The images we see on a TV screen are made of tiny dots called pixels.

These pixels are arranged horizontally and vertically. 

The total number of pixels a TV holds is called resolution. 

More the number of pixels, the higher is the TV's resolution.

And higher the resolution of a TV, better is its video quality.

Therefore, you can expect a clearer and brighter picture from a TV with high resolution.

Resolution is calculated by multiplying the number of horizontal pixels to the number of vertical pixels.

For example- 

High definition (HD) or HD Ready – 720p (1280 x 720p) 

Full HD – 1080p (1920 x 1080p) 

UHD or Ultra HD or 4K – 2160p (3840 x 2160p). 

The world of high definition video quality begins at HD Ready.

Most 24-inch TVs are available in HD Ready resolution.

  1. Refresh Rate - 

The refresh rate is the rate of change in images per second by your TV screen. 

The refresh rate is measured in Hz or frames per second. 

Higher the refresh rate, smoother is the picture quality (video plays without any lags). 

Blurriness in the video is also eliminated due to this. 

The maximum refresh rate available in LED TVs is 120 Hz (the smoothest video quality). 

But a refresh rate of 50-60 Hz is enough to watch movies and enjoy fast-action sports. 

This is because movies are usually shot at 24 Hz (which is well below the normally available refresh rates in LED TVs). 

What this means that even at a refresh rate of 50 to 60 Hertz, your movie experience will continue to be good and without any lags.

The standard refresh rate found in most TVs is 60 Hz. 

Most TVs adjust themselves to the 24 Hz refresh rate of the movies, so the quality of the movie is not lost. 

  1. Contrast Ratio - 

Contrast ratio is the ratio of brightest light emitted on-screen to the darkest light emitted on-screen. 

There is no specific standard for the measurement of contrast ratio.

So, it is recommended to look at the contrast ratio only when you're comparing TVs from the same brand e.g. when comparing Sony to Sony. 

  1. Connectivity - 

 Connectivity in a TV is achieved through different ports. 

Ports give you the ability to connect your TV to external media devices. 

The different types of input ports available in a TV are HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface), USB (Universal Serial Bus) and VGA (Video Graphics Array), RCA (phone connector), ethernet or LAN, and Bluetooth. 

And the output ports are 3.5 mm Audio out, RCA Audi out, and HDMI Arc. 

Your TV may have all or some of these ports, depending on the make and model.

HDMI cable, as well as USB ports, let you transfer audio and video data to be displayed on the TV screen. 

Whereas VGA ports only support video content. 

RCA is used to transfer audio and video content too but through VCRs and DVD players. 

With the help of the HDMI port, you can connect devices such as HD set-top box, gaming console, Blu-ray player, fire TV stick, etc. USB supports internet dongle, pen drive, hard drive, and digital camera. 

VGA is used to connect laptops. 

The different audio outputs are used to connect to external devices such as speakers, headphones, etc. 

When it comes to ports, use a simple formula- The more the better.

  1. Sound - 

Sound output is expressed in terms of RMS output or Watts. 

Higher the number of Watts, louder is the sound quality.

(The detailed explanation, however, is much more complicated). Some TVs come with the ability to adjust their volume according to the content you're watching. These specific 'modes' have to be turned on manually most of the time.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Should I buy non-smart or a smart TV? 

 When it comes to a smart vs. non-smart TV debate, there is sadly no clear answer. The choice depends on your budget and needs. 

Essentially any TV which can be connected to the internet via a LAN cable or Wi-Fi is a smart TV. 

Even when that is true, the various features included in a TV decide its level of smartness such as the ability of voice-activated control or whether it provides support to Bluetooth technology. 

  1. Can I convert my LED TV into a smart TV? 

Yes, it is possible to convert your LED TV into a smart TV. All you have to do is connect an Amazon fire stick to your non-smart TV. and it becomes smart. You then have access to tons of apps, games and more! 

Amazon fire stick connects to the internet to give you access to loads of apps like Netflix, Hotstar, SonyLiv, YouTube and many more. It also comes with an easy-to-use remote which takes voice commands.

  1. What must be the viewing distance from my 24-inch LED TV? 

In the case of a 24-inch LED TV, the most suitable viewing distance is 3-6 feet. 

  1. What is the difference between HD ready and full HD TV? 

The difference in HD Ready and Full HD TV lies in the number of pixels available on the TV. 

High definition (HD) or HD Ready TV [720p (1280 x 720p)] has 9,21,600 pixels and supports SD (Standard Definition) videos. 

While a Full HD TV [1080p (1920 x 1080p)] has more pixels and thus a better video quality.

HD Ready TVs however, are cheaper than Full HD TVs.

  1. Is the 60 Hz refresh rate good? 

Yes, 60 Hz is a good refresh rate as it returns 60 images per second. 60 Hz is the ideal recommended refresh rate to have on your TV. 


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