BEST 32-inch LED TVs in INDIA (Smart/non-Smart)– 2020

For most users, Mi 4C PRO is the best 32-inch LED TV in India. In a price range where most TVs are either non-smart or basic smart, Mi offers an Android smart TV with voice control! You can now upgrade your TV to an Android smart one at a pocket-friendly price!

But if you’re looking for a TV of any specific brand or feature then check out my other recommendations below.

If you have any specific doubts, feel free to ask me in the comments. I will answer them within 24 hours.

Best 32-inch TVs in India under 15000Rs.

Best 32-inch smart TVs in India under 15000

Mi 4C PRO is the best 32-inch LED TV smart TV in India under 15000 as it offers Android smart features in a size and price segment where most TVs are either non-smart or basic smart. And while doing so, it neither compromises on the quality nor empties your pockets, making it an ideal choice for an upgrade.

But if you want to look at a few more options to see which one fits you best, then check out my other recommendations below.

Mi HD Ready Android TV (4C PRO)



If you’re looking for the best of the best TV under 15000 then look no more! Mi TV wins the crown hands down!

What you get is a 32” sleek TV with the latest in the smart technology. Once you connect the TV to the internet via a LAN cable or Wi-Fi, you can access loads of new content.

The Android patchwall gives you a smartphone like experience, making navigation easier.

The TV also comes with a voice-activated remote control that lets you use Google voice search and speak out search queries. You can even use the screen mirroring feature to cast your Smartphone screen on to the TV for better visibility and engagement.

The Bluetooth can be used to connect sound systems or headphones wirelessly. And you can use the multiple access ports to plug and play gaming consoles, X-box and so on.

This TV from Mi is definitely a full ‘paisa-vasool’!

This pocket-friendly smart TV from Kevin is backed by multimedia connectivity over a wide range of formats. With built-in Wi-Fi or a LAN cable, it can be easily connected to the internet to open the door to unlimited content! And if you get tired of the in-built Apps, you can download more from the PlayStore.

Along with HRDD powered graphics and an A+ grade panel, this TV ensures that every image has the highest color accuracy, contrast and clarity.

So, whether you’re watching StarGold or YouTube, your viewing experience will be consistently top-notch!

This TV also offers a unique Web-touch remote. With dedicated hot keys to popular Apps, this remote lets you control the TV and also functions as an air mouse. With the M-cast feature you can mirror your Smartphone screen onto the TV.

You can even pair this TV with an Amazon Fire TV stick, to broaden your content options. If you’re thinking of upgrading your TV to a smart one at a smart price– this TV is a great choice!

Best 32-inch non-smart TVs in India under 15000

Sanyo 32S7200H is the best 32-inch non-smart TV under 15000 in India. It offers the best combination of price, features and quality along with a sturdy build and attractive design. This makes it an ideal option to replace your old TV.

But if you want to look at a few more options to see which one fits you best, then check out my other recommendations below.

Kevin HD Ready TV (K56U912BT)


This TV from Kevin, is perfect for smaller living rooms or as a secondary TV in bedroom or offices. It’s A+ grade panel from Samsung, ensures you don’t get blinded by unnecessary glares from reflection of light. The high-quality panel also offers a wide viewing angle so you can enjoy your favorite shows from anywhere around the TV. 

The picture quality is backed by image enhancement technology to bring you most accurate color reproduction and contrast.

The speakers produce a 20W powerful sound to match the superior graphics.  But if you get bored of watching movies and dramas, you can switch to games for a-while. This TV comes with a couple of in-built games you can play for a break or for family-bonding!

You can also connect your gaming consoles or plug in a pen-drive to access even more content. All-in-all this TV is a value-packed deal with an attractive price tag!

BPL offers an A+ grade achromatic panel fitted into a sturdy frame for a long-lasting TV. Its 720p resolution is boosted by Vivid Color Controller technology, that reduces digital noise (graininess) and produces bright colors. 

Along with its 2 HDMI and 2 USB ports, this BPL TV also has a 3.5mm jack that you can connect to headset or soundbars. This TV has been designed in India with the Indian consumer’s needs in mind; hence offers a wide viewing angle and consumes lesser electricity.

This TV also supports various DVD and Video formats, letting you enjoy a variety of content from games to movies. If you’re looking for an affordable and durable TV, then look no further, this one is a good buy!

Reintroduced in 2016, by its parent company Panasonic, Sanyo has since climbed its way up to join the league of ‘reliable and quality’ consumer electronics brands in India.

The Sanyo NXT line-up of TVs have a sleek, elegant profile and an IPS LED Super bright display. This ensures optimum color reproduction and ambient light reflection. The in-built dual box speakers produce audio that surrounds you, adding an immersive aural experience to high-quality visuals.

This TV comes with a 3.5mm headphone jack so that you can enjoy your favorite movie or game in isolation, without disturbing others.

Along with being functional, this TV is also energy efficient and will help you save on your electricity bills. If you’re looking for a budget but high-quality TV, consider your search over!

Best 32-inch TVs in India under 25000Rs.

Best 32-inch smart TVs in India under 25000

For most users, LG 32LK616BPTB is the best 32-inch TV smart TV in India under 25000. It is energy efficient, easy on the pocket, and has brand reliability. It also comes with LG’s latest TV technology that is, smart features and voice control.  This TV is perfect if you’re looking for a premium branded TV at a smart price!

However, if you would like to consider other options before making your final decision then keep reading.

Samsung TV comes endowed with rich features and technology in High Definition. Its High Dynamic Range, Ultra Clean View and PurColor technology, come together to give you clear, intricate and vivid images– recreating reality on-screen! In fact, this TV scores 400 points on Samsung’s Picture Quality Index.

Its 4-channel sound output creates a 360 degrees virtual surround sound experience, further enhancing the viewer’s experience.

And being a smart TV, you can connect it to the internet to access infinite content with a few presses of the remote buttons. You can also download the SmartThings App on your Smartphone to function as a remote and to facilitate screen mirroring among other features.

Samsung TV is the right one to have, if you’re always glued to your Smartphone and will accept no compromise on the visuals or sound.

‘Switch to Sony channel’, ‘Open Web browser, ‘Search Bollywood top playlist'– you can give many more of such commands and the TV will obey. How? Through LG magic remote’s Voice mode ofcourse!

A pioneer in the voice-activated control technology, LG brings an innovative ThinQ AI powered TV. You can now control and navigate through your TV with just your voice and scroll through the contents with LG’s unique ‘magic remote’.

This magic remote comes with a scroll button, dedicated keys for Netflix and Amazon, single click access button and universal control button.The remote can thus control the set-top box, speakers, and the TV while also functioning as an air mouse!

The 2-way Bluetooth allows you to connect your TV to soundbars and Home Theatre Systems while the multi-tasking feature lets you do 2 things at a time– watch TV and browse the web.

You can access unlimited content through LG’s content store and even stream your stored memories by launching the Cloud photo & video App.

All-in-all, this TV from LG is a feature and technology rich product at an economical price. By getting this one home, all other TVs will seem outdated and mediocre!

Best 32-inch non-smart TVs in India under 25000

Sony 32R202F is the best 32-inch non-smart TV in India under 25000. It comes with Sony’s premium brand value, latest features and at an affordable price. If you’re looking to replace your old TV then this is a good option.

However, if you would like to consider other options before making your final decision then keep reading.

This TV from LG comes fitted with an IPS panel having a 178 degrees wide viewing angle. And by teaming up with its Color Master engine and other image enhancement technologies– you get a picture quality unlike any other TV!

LG gives this one a rating of 300 on its Picture Mastering Index (PMI). The PMI score is based on three factors namely color, contrast and clarity. By evaluating its TVs on these three parameters, LG ensures that every picture you see on-screen resembles its life-like form in every aspect.

Also, LG’s surround sound technology pairs up the High Definition videos with an equally High Definition audio. And to add to it, you can choose among ‘Bollywood mode’ & ‘Cricket mode’ which tweaks the visuals and sound settings for a better movie or sports viewing.

In addition to this, the TV offers navigational support in multiple regional languages and also comes preloaded with games– to keep you entertained.

This is one feature-rich and premium branded TV, at a reasonable price!

This TV from Sony has all the features of a typical 720p resolution TV and more!

The Clear Resolution Enhancer and a high motionflow rate together make sure that the images are crisp and smooth. The ClearPhase Technology, on the other hand, ensures a powerful and deep sound for an immersive viewing experience. With these technologies working in tandem– high-quality visuals and audio are a given.


Without stopping there, Sony goes a step ahead to give this TV an edge over others. With its X-Protection Pro shields, the TV remains protected from dust, moisture and voltage fluctuations– thus lengthening its shelf-life.

It also has built-in option of FM Radio; you can now listen to your favorite radio channels as you go about your morning routine or when you’re too tired to watch TV.

Sony has been a trusted brand in India for decades. Hence you can rest assured that this TV will easily blend into your home and entertain you for many years!

Compared to other dearly priced TVs from Sony and LG, Panasonic offers a more reasonably priced option without compromising on the quality and features.

Its IPS LED panel combines with Dot Noise Reduction and Backlight dimming technologies to reduce digital graininess and improve contrast respectively.

Another plus point is the TV’s ample number of ports to connect external media devices like pen-drives, PC/Laptop, gaming console, digital camera etc. You can thus enjoy a wider range of content from movies to games and music to pictures on a larger screen.

But what if you want to stream a video from YouTube or Netflix? Well, instead of going through the hassle of connecting a Laptop, and then playing a video from YouTube; you can simply plug in an Amazon fire tv stick and enjoy unlimited content!

If you’re looking for a functional and quality TV at a great price— your search ends here!

The ultimate BUYING GUIDE for 32-inch TVs in India– 2020

The Display technology– LED and LCD are one and the same!

The display type of all the TVs available today are based on the LED technology– it’s the mother of LED variants, OLED, and QLED technologies. The LED is derived from the LCD (Liquid Crystals display) technology and can best be understood with a sandwich.


The bread loaves at both ends in TV terms, are the LED panel and cover glass. The Sandwich fill, consists of a layer of liquid crystals enclosed within electrodes, polarizing film and glass filters. When you switch on the TV, these liquid crystals produce the images you see on-screen.

Unlike the LCD TVs which used fluorescent lamp, LED TVs use Light Emitting Diodes as a source of light. This upgrade brought a number of benefits to LED TVs like slimmer body, and better picture quality. And soon the terms LCD & LED merged into one– ‘LED’.

Another display technology doing the rounds these days is OLED and QLED. However, these are not available in 32” screen size, but if you’re still curious then check out my guide and reviews on the best OLED TVs in India.

Are you wondering why I haven’t mentioned Plasma TVs at all? Well, it’s because they’re out of fashion and out of stores or to put it bluntly– they are dead!


The virtual images we see on TV are made up of tiny pixels. These square-shaped dots determine the sharpness and quality of the picture. Hence more the number of pixels, the clearer will be the image.

 The different screen resolutions available today are as follows


(1366 x 768p): 720p or HD Ready (The optimum resolution for your 32-inch TV!)

(1920 x 1080p): 1080p or Full HD

(3840 x 2160p) or 4K/ Ultra HD/ UHD

To test out the difference for yourself, check out any video on YouTube and watch it at different resolutions by following these steps:

Settings> Quality> choose from 144p to 1080p

Refresh Rate

So, you’ve got yourself a nice HD ready or FHD TV, but what if the content keeps ‘flickering’?

What we see on TV is a string of still images appearing so fast one after the other, that we believe the action is actually taking place. The refresh rate indicates the value of how many times the image you see on TV is updated in a second.

The refresh rate ranges from 40-240 Hz, with super-premium TVs claiming as high a rate as 600Hz! This article explains what is the refresh rate,  in depth.

For a 32” screen size, however, a refresh rate of 50-100 Hz is more than enough to ensure ‘blur-free video streaming. Anything above that will go undetected by our eyes anyway.

Some TVs come with an additional feature, even allowing you to switch between refresh rates for a better movie or sports watching experience. You may find such features under the ‘Movie mode’ or ‘Sports Mode’.

Smart vs. Non-smart TVs

The moment you connect your TV to the internet it becomes smart. However, how smart is the main question.

All the smart TVs offer some basic features like:

  • Screen Mirroring: Casting your Smartphone/ PC/ Laptop screen onto the TV.
  • In-built Apps: A limited number of Apps are preloaded in the TV to help you access a wide array of content.
  • AppStore: Every smart TV has an AppStore from where you can download more Apps and games.

Most 32” smart TVs offer the above features. Some TVs may even supply a basic smart remote– with few shortcut buttons to popular Apps like Netflix and YouTube. All these TVs are still considered to be only basic smart, as they don’t do what full smart TVs do.

Although there is no clear distinction between the level of smartness in TVs (basic smart and full smart are terms I came up with), smarter TVs offer more internet-enabled features like more selection of Apps, web browser, social media connectivity, voice-activated control, Bluetooth and so on.

These features do cost more though.

Alternatively, you can bypass the expensive ‘smarter’ TVs by going for an Amazon Fire TV stick.

Amazon’s Fire TV Stick

Amazon’s Fire TV bridges the gap between a non-smart and smart TV. With a small pen drive and a sleek remote, you can carry your watchlist and favorites anywhere with you! You can even turn your 32” HD ready or Full HD TV into a smart one at a marginal price!

You can stream a selection of movies (Bollywood, Hollywood, Regional), TV dramas (Hotstar, Netflix, YouTube etc.), Games, Prime music and so much more for free! Some apps may demand a minor subscription fee or a fee to upgrade to Premium content. 

What you get:

  • Access to a wider collection of movies, dramas, games and music
  • Personalized recommendations
  • Voice search– ‘Say it and Play it’ (saves you the hassle of typing and browsing)
  • Continuity– carry your personalized collection anywhere with you to continue where you left off
  • Web browsing service– Firefox and Silk

What you need:

  • An HD TV with an HDMI port, at any location (hotels, in-laws house, friend’s place anywhere will do)
  • An active high-speed Wi-Fi internet connection (the Fire TV stick connects to the Wi-Fi)
  • Your Fire TV combo– Fire TV stick (pen drive), Remote, Power adaptor, HDMI extender



  1. Input/output Ports:

High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI), USB and VGA ports facilitate transmission of audio/video data from Laptops, DVD players, PlayStation/XBOX or Home Theatre systems.

Whenever you buy your 32” TV look for the number and type of ports available and remember– the more the better.

Normally 32” TVs come with 2 HDMI ports, 1 USB port and 1 VGA port.

To know more about the types of TV ports, check this out.


Some TVs even come with a 3.5mm jack that lets you plug in your headset, soundbars or speakers, for a focused and exclusive audio experience.

  1. Ethernet and Bluetooth

Smart TVs come with LAN port in the rear which lets you tap into your internet connection. Some TVs offer Bluetooth feature, that allow you to wirelessly sync your phone and play music or radio.

Viewing Distance

Have you tried watching a 240p YouTube video on full screen mode?

It looks hideous!

But minimize the screen and the video will be bearable, at the very least.

The same works for viewing distance in case of a TV. A full HD 1080p TV can be enjoyed from a closer distance while a 720p is better experienced from further away.

For a 32” TV, the ideal viewing distance is 4ft-6ft (Full HD) and 5ft-7ft (HD Ready).

Buying online vs. offline

Unlike buying stationary or books, TV is a significant and a costly purchase, and as consumers, we all want the best deal in terms of price and exchange offer. 

So  WHERE should you buy your new TV from, to ensure that you get the best price, better variety and not feel cheated after making the purchase?— online or offline? For this, you need to consider just three things:

  1. Delivery
  2. After sales service (i.e. installation and future repairs)
  3. And Exchange of your old TV


  1. Delivery

Many consumers misunderstand the seller’s role. The job of any seller whether online or offline, is only to SELL and DELIVER the new TV. Installation and repairs are NOT the seller’s responsibilities.

Keeping this in mind, if you want your new TV to be delivered within the next 24 hours, going to your nearest electronics store is a better option.

However, if you’re willing to wait, then buying online will give you so many more options and deals to choose from!

When buying from Amazon, you can also select your preferred delivery slot, so your TV reaches you when you’re available. You can also return or replace the TV, if you find any issues with the delivered one.

  1. After sales service

Once the TV is delivered, the seller’s job ends. To get the TV installed, you have to contact the customer care center of the TV Company.

You can schedule a suitable time to get your TV installed by contacting the customer care. (When you buy offline, generally the retail store executives make that call for you).

Similarly, for repairs, it is the customer care you need to call and not the seller. This is why the brand of the TV becomes important, as the quality of the after sales service depends on it.

  1. Exchange of old TV

Buying a new TV almost always means discarding an old one. But wouldn’t it be better if you could scrape some value out of it?

Both online and offline sellers, let you get rid of your old TV with a small discount in the price of the new one.

When buying on Amazon, you’re asked for the brand, screen size and condition of your old TV. You’re then given a discount that you can avail on your new TV.

The exchange procedure is simple. If you’ve opted for the exchange, the old TV gets picked up during the delivery of the new one. Convenient and transparent.

Another point to note is that salesmen in retail electronics stores get high commission on certain products. And hence they may aggressively ‘push’ those products on you. Don’t fall for it!

In conclusion, if you’re in a hurry then buying a TV from your nearest electronics store is the best option.

But if you want more variety, more offers and a good exchange rate for your old TV, buying online is the way to go. All from the comfort of your home!

Discounts and Offers

  1. Exchange value

Since buying a new TV almost always means discarding an old one, getting a good exchange offer helps reduce the cost of your new TV.

Many online and offline retailers help you get rid of your old TV while giving you a discount in the new TV’s price, in return.

The amount of discount you get depends on the following:

  • Your Pin code (exchange offer is available in select cities only)
  • Old TV’s Brand, type (LED/LCD), working condition and size

If you opt for the exchange and buy online, the old TV gets picked up at the time of delivery of the new one. Exchanging your old TV for a new one gives you the maximum benefit in terms of discount and convenience.

  1. Bank offers and No cost EMI

Do you carry a lot of plastic money?

Or are you thinking of going cashless now?

Many Banks give discount or cashback offers on their debit and credit cards that you can avail to get your new TV for even lower price! The discount or cashback is usually a small percentage of the TV’s cost and is a good way to get your TV at a sweet price.

But if you want to expand your choices with a limited budget, then you can opt for the ‘No cost EMI’ option.

With No cost EMI, you won’t have to pay the TV’s price upfront, you can instead pay in small monthly installments. The advantage of this facility is, instead of settling for a smaller or cheaper TV, you can buy the TV of your choice without spending a lump-sum amount at one go. How awesome is that!

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