Best 40-inch TV in India— 2019

So, you’ve decided to buy a 40” TV? But when you’re looking for the best 40-inch TV in India, you must also consider other factors. For example, should you buy a smart or non-smart TV? In what resolution? And can you avail any discounts and offers? To answer these questions, I’ve written a buying guide.

The buying guide will help identify what really matters to you and what you can ignore. Armed with this knowledge you can make an informed choice.

Also, I’ve picked out the best 40” TVs in India and reviewed each in detail. I’ve arranged them in price brackets too for ease of selection.

What’s more?

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Buying Guide— Best 40-inch TV in India, 2019

The display technology

All 40” TVs are fitted with LED display which is an upgraded version of the LCD technology. LED displays, just like LCDs, use liquid crystals capable of forming images on application of an electric current. When an electric current is applied the liquid crystals produce images which are illuminated by an external light source.

LEDs or Light-emitting diodes act as the source of light unlike the florescent lamp used in LCD TVs. This makes LED TVs slimmer and more compact than their LCD counterparts.

The terms LED and LCD are thus used interchangeably now-a-days.


Pixels are tiny squares responsible for producing color and thus the final image you see on the screen. The higher the number of pixels, the better and clearer your picture quality will be. The different screen resolutions are as follows:

(1366 x 768p): 720p or HD Ready

(1920 x 1080p): 1080p or Full HD (Optimum resolution for 40” screen size)

(3840x2160p) or 4K/ Ultra HD/ UHD

Refresh Rate

A good refresh rate is necessary for blur-free and lag-free videos. The values can range from 40-240 Hz while some TVs claim a refresh rate as high as 800 Hz!

Most 40-inch TVs have a refresh rate of 60 Hz which is enough for smooth video streaming; although some brands offer higher refresh rates.

To understand the importance of refresh rate, click here.

Smart vs. non-smart TVs

When it comes to a smart vs. non-smart TV debate, there is sadly no clear answer. The choice depends on your budget and needs.

The world of TVs itself is unclear about what a smart TV really is— and that is where the problem lies! Essentially any TV which can be connected to the internet via a LAN cable or Wi-Fi, is a smart TV.

But every smart TV differs in its level of smartness (although the TV industry doesn’t specify any levels). Some offer very few ‘smart’ features while some are loaded with ‘smartness.’

 So, to make things simple I’ve made three categories to understand the difference between smart and non-smart TVs as well as ‘how smart’ a TV really is.

Non-smart (Standard) TV

  • Standard TVs cannot be connected to the internet and perform the most basic function of a TV— showing you content from the set-top box. At most, these TVs can be connected to external hard disks, pen-drives, PC/Laptop, Smartphone via HDMI, USB or VGA ports.
  • SO, if you want to catch an episode of CID from 5 years back, you have to download the episode on a pen-drive and connect it to the TV (rather troublesome, don’t you think?)
  • Since non-smart TVs have limited features, they’re also easy on the pocket out of all TVs.
  • But what if I tell you even standard TVs can be turned smart? Surprised? Well, that’s true! All you have to do is connect an Amazon fire stick to your non-smart T.V. and it becomes smart. You then have access to tons of Apps, games and more!
  • Amazon fire stick connects to the internet to give you access to loads of Apps like Netflix, Hotstar, SonyLiv, YouTube and many more. It also comes with an easy-to-use remote which takes voice commands. Yes, just by connecting Amazon fire stick your humble non- smart LED TV suddenly becomes smart!

Basic smart TV

 Most of the 40” smart TVs are basic smart. In addition to offering all the features of a standard TV, basic smart TV can be connected to the internet via a LAN cable or Wi-Fi. Basic smart TVs are characterized by two main smart features:

  • More Content:

On connecting to the internet, basic smart TVs let you access a bunch of inbuilt Apps and games. The number and type of Apps varies from brand to brand but usually include all the popular trending Apps like Netflix, YouTube, Hotstar, Facebook, Twitter and so on.

Some TVs even come with browsers for web surfing. For more content options you also get an AppStore which gives you select choices to download and watch. And here lies the catch. If you are expecting a range of options like the Google PlayStore, then go for a full smart TV. Basic smart ones have limited downloadable options.

  • Screen Mirroring

Screen mirroring lets you display your phone, laptop or tablet screen on the TV, wirelessly. You can thus play your ‘workout playlist’ as you do Yoga or stream your wedding photos for a little trip down memory lane. 

You can also access various supported Apps and games from your phone, to enjoy content on the big screen. Or you can mirror your laptop and use the TV as your laptop screen to work without straining your eyes.

Fully smart TV

These TVs are a class apart. They offer everything basic smart ones offer and so much more! But, 40” TVs only come with basic smart features. However some TVs from premium brands do offer a few full smart features like a smart remote or Bluetooth.

  • Smart Remote

The smartness of a remote too varies like a smart TV. Basic smart remotes come with dedicated buttons to popular Apps like Netflix and YouTube.

A smarter remote comes with an IR blaster, which lets you control the TV, set-top box and speakers. It may also come with a QWERTY keyboard (for ease of typing) or a scroll button (thus functioning as an air mouse).

The most advanced remotes are those that receive voice commands to control and navigate the TV.

  • Bluetooth

A built-in Bluetooth is another feature found in full smart TVs or the costlier basic smart TVs. With it, you can connect an external sound system or soundbar wirelessly to the TV or even a set of headphones. This reduces the number of messy cables around the TV and also simplifies audio connectivity.

Note the terms— non-smart, basic smart and fully smart are something I came up with to better understand and explain the levels of smartness.

Viewing distance

If the TV is placed too close, your head will hurt and eyes will water. Keep it too far and you may miss out on its detailed picture quality. Hence the right viewing distance should be noted before buying the TV.

For 40” TVs the ideal viewing distance is 5-8ft.

For detailed information on TV viewing distance check this guide.

Discounts & Offers

  • Buy-back value

Since buying a new TV almost always means discarding an old one, getting a good exchange offer helps reduce the cost of your new TV.

Many online and offline retailers help you get rid of your old TV while giving you a discount in the new TV’s price, in return.

The amount of discount you get depends on the following:

  • Your Pin code (exchange offer is available in select cities only)
  • Old TV’s Brand, type (LED/LCD), working condition and size

If you opt for the exchange and buy online, the old TV gets picked up at the time of delivery of the new one. Exchanging your old TV for a new one gives you the maximum benefit in terms of discount and convenience.

  • Bank offers and EMI

Many Banks give discount or cashback offers on their debit and credit cards that you can avail to get your new TV for even lower price! The discount or cashback is usually a small percentage of the TV’s cost and is a good way to get your TV at lower price.

But if your budget is tight, then you can opt for the ‘No cost EMI’ option.

With No cost EMI, you won’t have to pay the TV’s price upfront, you can instead pay in small monthly installments. The advantage of this facility is, instead of settling for a smaller or cheaper TV, you can buy the TV of your choice without spending a lump-sum amount at one go.

Best 40” Full HD TVs in India under 25000Rs.

BPL Vivid Full HD TV (BPL101D51H)

BPL’s 40” full HD TV is designed in a simple yet functional manner. Its vivid color controller technology is responsible for eliminating ‘picture-noise’ and improving the brightness to give you a realistic image on-screen.

The TV’s 178 degrees wide viewing angle ensures you don’t have to compromise on the image contrast and quality even as you move across the room. The superior image quality is accompanied by an equally powerful sound output for an immersive viewing experience.

The TV also comes with ample number of ports, letting you connect various multimedia devices. Thus, you can enjoy more content options or play games by attaching a gaming console.

Want to enjoy a surround sound experience without disturbing your neighbors? Just plug in your headphones in the TV’s 3.5mm jack and continue watching in comfort.

Conclusively, this product offers everything a basic 40-inch TV should have– resolution, connectivity, clarity, contrast and sound quality. And the budget-friendly price tag is another cherry on the cake!

Micromax is already a familiar and reliable brand in India, thanks to their budget but quality Smartphones. Hence my expectations were naturally high. However, this TV leaves nothing to complain—-be it picture quality, sound, features, or design.

The Full HD resolution graphics are backed by Micromax’s AVEA technology (Audio-Video Entertainment Architecture).

AVEA takes control of image processing and enhancement, ensuring the final image you see resembles reality!

Due mention is also deserved by the TV’s latest sound technology. With the SRS surround sound effect, you can experience a deep, rich audio that envelopes you from all sides. The 5-band equalizer, on the other hand, lets you adjust the sound frequencies to suit your preference.

Additionally, the ample access ports let you connect various multimedia devices like the hard disk, pen-drive, PC/Laptop, etc. to the TV— opening up your content options. But if connecting these devices seems tiresome to you, then turn the TV smart with an Amazon fire stick.

And to top it all off, the TV also consumes low power, helping you save on your electricity bills. This TV doesn’t just cost less but also helps you save money!

Kevin gives you what others couldn’t– a smart, full HD TV at an unbelievable price!

The TV’s smart technology is based on Android operating system which makes it easier to understand and navigate. Since most of the Smartphones we use today, are based on Android operating system, this TV seems like an extension of our Smartphone itself.

By connecting the TV to the internet by Wi-Fi or via a LAN cable, you immediately get access to tons of new content. To get you started, the TV comes with in-built Apps like Facebook, Browser, Gmail, Hotstar, Netflix, YouTube and so on. For more, you can simply download the App or game of your choice from the Play Store.

The TV’s smart features also include the M-cast, which lets you cast your Smartphone screen onto the TV wirelessly.  And all of these exciting features can be controlled with Kevin’s unique web-explorer remote.

Kevin’s remote is a compact device, equipped with QWERTY keyboard for ease of typing thus increasing its utility.

All of these smart features need an equally smart and hi-tech image enhancement technology to bring out an image in full HD glory. Kevin’s HRDD picture quality and wide viewing angle of 178 degrees fulfills this agenda. And the 20W sound output makes sure every dialogue and syllable are clear and deep.

With this TV from Kevin, what you get is a feature-rich TV at an attractive price!

This slim bezel TV from TCL produces 1080p graphics that are processed and produced by its image enhancement technologies. The true color technology, noise reduction, dynamic contrast, micro dimming and a wide viewing angle combine to form images that almost come alive on-screen!

The audio setup includes integrated box speakers with Dolby technology, 5-band equalizer and various sound modes— ensuring excellent acoustics.

To enjoy watching TV without disturbing others, you can plug in a set of headphones into the 3.5mm jack.

Once internet-enabled, you can access the TV's smart features like the preloaded Apps (Netflix, YouTube) and screen casting. To expand your options, you can download more Apps and games from the App Store.

This TV also comes with a sleep timer, so that you don’t have to worry about falling asleep in-between a movie. All-in-all, this TCL TV is a value-packed deal!

This Android Nougat TV from CloudWalker has a sturdy build and slim body. Its quad-core processor, 1GB RAM and 8GB storage make sure the TV’s performance and utility is maximized.

The Android Operating system lays the base for a user-friendly interface so you don’t have to refer complex manuals. The content discovery engine gives personalized suggestions regarding Apps and content while the in-built Apps help you get started with limited content options.

To avoid tiring out your fingers by repeated pressing of buttons, the remote functions as an air mouse and has dedicated hotkeys for home-screen, sub-title, screenshot and more.

This TV, like other smart TVs, supports screen mirroring and also offers options to choose a regional language for navigating the TV. This TV is a sound choice if you are looking for a functional and affordable smart TV.

Best 40” Full HD TVs in India under 50000Rs.

Sansui Full HD TV (SKW40FH11X)

This TV has a simplistic design and sturdy frame, built to last a long time. Sansui manages to merge together all the basic features of a 40” TV at an unbelievable price!

Sansui’s series of image enhancement technologies work on every pixel, producing images that resemble life-like form! This is possible due to Sansui’s superior contrast, accurate color reproduction from a wide color gamut and high clarity. In fact, each pixel is capable of producing 16.7 million colors in different hues and shades!

The ample number of access points facilitate connection of multimedia devices like pen-drive, hard disk, PC/Laptop, set-top box, speakers and so on. You can thus input a variety of content to watch or receive output in the form of fine acoustics and graphics.

Alternatively, you can also plug in an Amazon fire stick for unlimited content.

Overall, Sansui’s Full HD TV is a right buy if you’re looking for features and a good price.

Sony has long been a household name when it comes to TVs and continues to be so. This full HD TV from Sony, comes in a sleek and sophisticated design that is easy on the eyes. Sony ensures you get a holistic viewing experience with its image processing and built-in subwoofer.

The image improvement technologies take charge of image processing and enhancement to display only pristine, crisp and vividly detailed images. 

Pictures appear almost alive especially with a sound to match the superior visuals.


Sony’s audio setup consists of a complex algorithm that refines sound output to produce deep and rich audio. 

Additionally, the TV also has FM Radio feature and the option to browse & control the TV in the regional language of your choice.

Since, TV for any home is a long-term investment, wouldn’t you want some kind of assurance before you buy one? Sony’s X-Protection Pro protects the TV with a primary capacitor, anti-humidity coating on wires and a lightning protector. This keeps the TV safe from power surges, dust, moisture and lightning.

You just can’t go wrong with a Sony in the house!

Nicknamed as ‘Joiiii’, Samsung truly attempts to deliver joy to our homes! This TV has an elegant and stylish design that will instantly make you fall for it.

The TV can also be given a makeover by changing the unique metallic legs for a fresh look!

But this TV is not just good-looking, its picture quality is even better! Samsung’s advanced image processing and digital noise reduction technologies produce sharp, clear and bright images that will make you love the TV even more.

Accompanied by its refined acoustics, the TV creates an engrossing experience for all, no matter what you’re watching.

If you feel that its non-smart nature is a problem then it can be quickly resolved with an Amazon fire stick. With this little device you can connect to the internet and watch unlimited content, anytime, anywhere.

Samsung TV, is thus an obvious choice if you want the best of the best.

With a Sony TV, you can rest assured you will never have complains about the image clarity and quality. Its X-reality pro technology makes sure of that!

Sony’s ClearAudio+ technology and built-in subwoofer keeps up with the high picture clarity by matching it with refined sound.

Being a smart one, this TV seamlessly connects to the internet– giving you access to content from a wide range of preloaded Apps like Netflix, YouTube, SonyLiv, web browser, FM Radio and many more.

You can download more Apps from the Opera Store and keep the content coming in, always. With the TV’s smartness, comes another feature– screen mirroring! Instead of squeezing your eyes into your Smartphone’s tiny screen why not watch the contents on the big screen? The screen mirroring lets you do just that!

And to save you the trouble of navigation, the remote comes with YouTube and Netflix buttons. Playing your favorite TV shows and movies has never been so easier!

Additionally, Sony’s X-protection pro provides all round protection to your TV with its strong and durable design. Your TV will thus be safe from dust, humidity, lightning and voltage fluctuations.

Panasonic brings innovative features to the table like personalization and content sharing. The Home Screen feature lets you personalize your TV screen with quick links to your favorite content– and every family member can have their own personalized home screen.

The content sharing feature allows you to ‘swipe and share’ your smartphone content with a finger swipe. In addition to this, Panasonic offers a wide viewing angle with the Hexa chroma drive technology.

The colors produced are more natural-looking and thus enhance your viewing experience.

Its high refresh rate is ideal for streaming fast-motion content like sports, games and movies. And when combined with Panasonic’s fine audio output make for an immersive viewing!

Overall, if money is not a factor, then this one’s a sweet deal!

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