Best 43 inch LED TVs in India (Smart and Non Smart)- 2019

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Best 43-inch non-smart LED TVs in India

Among the legion of non-smart TVs in the market, Samsung 43N5002 is the best non-smart 43-inch TV in India. Backed by Samsung’s fast processing and superior graphics, this TV works without lags & glitches, especially in fast action entertainment like Sports and movies. With this TV, you get a value-packed combo of features, quality and durability at a pocket-friendly price!

But if you want more options to choose from like different brands, features or price brackets, then keep reading.

BPL Vivid Full HD TV (BPL109F2010J)

This TV from BPL is an energy efficient, budget-friendly and feature-rich product– ideal for anyone looking to upgrade to a larger TV at a lower price!

Its full high definition graphics are backed by BPL’s Vivid Colour Controller technology and an A+ grade panel that facilitates ambient reflection of light.

The TV also has multiple access ports that let you connect a range of devices from Laptops & Smartphones to pen-drives & hard disk.

You can even plug in a headset, to enjoy an immersive and isolated experience. Alternatively, you can attach a set of soundbars via the 3.5mm jack, for an enhanced sound output.

Full HD visuals, ergonomic design, attractive price and good connectivity– what more do you want?

With a parent company like Panasonic, you can rest assured about Sanyo’s quality and service.  What makes Sanyo competitive is its consistency in offering maximum quality at minimum price. And that’s the reason Sanyo TV has bagged the ‘number 1 bestseller’ rank on Amazon.

This particular TV from Sanyo, has acoustics powered by surround sound technology, bass enhancement and box speakers that give an incredible audio output.

The IPS panel improves viewing angles and color reproduction, thereby giving a much superior video quality than non IPS panel TVs. This in turn is reinforced by Sanyo’s Dot-Noise Reduction and reduced motion-blur technology– producing clearer and detailed images.

The only drawback is, it’s not a smart TV.

But even that can be resolved with an Amazon fire TV stick or by connecting your Laptop/PC to the large screen.

The bottom line is, this TV from Sanyo is without a doubt the best 43-inch TV in terms of quality, price and reliability.


This beauty from Samsung has a stylish, sleek and ergonomic design, that is sure to appeal to anyone’s taste. Along with its good looks, the TV ensures a smooth transition to a world of full High Definition.

Samsung’s image enhancement technologies work hard to produce life-like colors and to bring out every hue & shade. The resulting image, is thus vibrantly colored, has a high contrast and is intricately detailed! With Samsung’s ‘ConnectShare’ feature you can easily plug your multimedia devices to enjoy movies, games and music on the big screen.

And these awesome graphics are powered by deep & rich sound, owing to the TV’s 2-channel down-firing speakers.

By pairing the TV with an Amazon fire stick, you can gain access to internet-enabled world of content and binge watch on your favorite shows!

This TV comes fitted with an IPS panel in a piano black frame. The IPS panel imparts the properties of ambient light reflection and a wide viewing angle. The superior picture quality thus obtained is thanks to the IPS panel and LG’s image enhancement technologies.

The next-to-life visuals are coupled with powerful and clear sound.


The TV also offers distinct features like Bollywood mode, Cricket mode, preloaded games, multi-language options for navigation and live zoom. The live zoom allows viewer to zoom in on a particular scene or area to observe the details in even more clarity. And the in-built games will keep you entertained when you want some action instead of passive watching.

This feature-rich TV is covered by LG’s all-round safety which protects the TV against dust, humidity, voltage fluctuations and heat– lengthening its shelf life.

Conclusively, it’s a good deal in this price range!

Panasonic TVs are known for their quality and reliability. And this TV is another of Panasonic’s 2018 line-up of TVs that offer high quality graphics and powerful sound.

The Hexa Croma drive technology, HDR and IPS panel ensure consistently good image quality. And the sound is taken care of with 20W output.

This TV comes with an in-built Bluetooth via which you can connect your sound system or headphones.

The TV also supports screen mirroring that is you can watch content from your phone or PC on the big screen.

And if you want more out of your non-smart TV, simply plug-in an Amazon fire stick and your TV becomes smart!

The fire tv stick connects to your home Wi-Fi and lets you access a huge content store in the form of games and Apps. You can even carry around your personalized content home screen wherever you go.To resume watching, all you need is a good TV with high-speed Wi-Fi.

Overall, this TV offers a good combination of price, features and brand!

Best 43-inch smart LED TVs in India

Sony Bravia KD-43X8200E is the best 43-inch smart TV in India. It offers the maximum value in terms of features, functionality and durability. This TV stand outs among others owing to its superior image quality and lag-free user interface.

However, if you want to browse more of the best 43-inch smart TVs, then keep scrolling below.

LG Full HD Smart TV (43LJ554T)

This one belongs to LG’s fleet of affordable smart TVs that offer great sound, unparalleled image quality and unique smart features.

The score of 1000 on LG’s self-developed Picture Mastering Index (PMI), is another evidence of this TV’s better color, contrast and clarity. These are backed by an equally high quality and clear audio processing algorithms, to complete an engrossing experience!

The smart features include a webOS based user interface with few built-in Apps and the option to download more from the AppStore. The TV also comes with a unique magic remote that lets you control the set-top box, speakers and the TV, while also functioning as an air mouse.

The MiraCast feature facilitates easy screen mirroring while the time machine ready feature lets you record shows to catch up later. Now this is what I call an ‘all-rounder’ TV– good price, great functionality and awesome features!

LG TV offers a unique ThinQ AI technology that uses Natural Language Processing to receive voice commands. By speaking into the remote you can control and navigate the TV and give search queries like ‘Suggest me some action movies’ or commands like ‘Open YouTube’.

The magic remote comes with a scroll button– which functions as an air mouse. The ‘magic’ lies in its 3-in-1 ability to control the TV, set-top box and the speakers.

The Bluetooth feature lets you connect the TV to headset/HTS wirelessly. Whereas, the DTS Virtual X sound processing technology produces multi-dimensional, surround sound effect.

LG’s multi-tasking feature also allows you to surf the net while watching your favorite TV show/movie simultaneously. The active HDR technology and wide color palette takes responsibility for the TV’s superior color reproduction, contrast and blur-free motion.

This TV makes other TVs look outdated and boring!

This TV from Sanyo offers two attractive features— 4K Ultra HD visuals and Android Operating system.

Unlike other smart TVs which have limited downloadable Apps, the variety of Apps on Google PlayStore you get in this TV is more. You can thus enjoy a lot more content including your favorite games and Apps.

To get you started the TV is pre-loaded with trending Apps and fun games that you can immediately start playing.

With the TV, you also get a voice activated remote that further improves convenience. Now you can simply speak your commands and queries into the remote and the TV will obey. You also don’t need to tire your fingers pressing buttons to type in long words and movie names.

4K visuals ensure you get the best of picture quality while the Dolby Audio makes sure the sound quality doesn’t lag behind.

The TV also has a sturdy and stylish build and comes fitted with an IPS panel.

All-in-all if you’re looking for a smart 43-inch TV then this Sanyo TV, is one of the best out there!

Sony TVs pride themselves in their detail oriented and vibrant picture quality. Their 4K HDR teams up with X-reality pro technology, to reconstruct every shade and contrast to perfection.

A shadow doesn’t just appear black but resembles the different shades we see in our shadow as we walk down a road at night. This is just one of the infinite examples of what Sony’s technology is capable of. Taking advantage of this image clarity and contrast, playing games on the TV becomes even more fun!

But if you are a movie buff like me, this TV’s ClearAudio+ suite of technologies will make you feel as if you are a part of the movie! The surround sound audio gives a realistic feel while the Digital sound enhancement engine corrects any lags in the sound.

By connecting the TV to the internet, you can enjoy a wider range of content. In fact, the remote comes with exclusive buttons for YouTube and Netflix, simplifying navigation.

And last but not the least, the TV’s unique stand allows you to hide the messy cables within, so that your TV looks just as it was made to look– stylish and elegant.

By paying a little extra now, you get a TV that will last you many ‘New Years’.

This TV from Samsung comes is a basic smart one that is backed by Tizen Operating System. You can access a load of content through the interactive remote or by downloading the SmartThings App.

The App also facilitates screen mirroring and lets you navigate the TV among other things. All these smart features are powered by Samsung’s suite of image enhancement technologies like Ultra Clean View, PurColor, Micro Dimming Pro and High Dynamic Range. 

This translates into vivid and engaging image quality that never lets you down.

Samsung TV’s four channel 40W sound output ensures the audio quality is in line with the TV’s excellent visuals. You can thus enjoy your favourite movie, game or TV show in its full HD glory!

What you get is a large 43” smart TV with good image and audio quality at an affordable price!

Buying Guide– Know your TV inside out!


The pictures we see on a TV screen, are made of tiny dots called pixels. The number of pixels a screen can show is called the resolution of the screen. Naturally higher the number of pixels, higher will be the screen’s resolution and higher the resolution of the TV screen, the better is the video quality.

Most commonly available resolutions and terms used to describe them are-

720p – 1280x720p also referred to as HD or HD ready

1080p- 1920 x 1080p also called Full HD

2160p- 3840 x 2160p also called UHD or Ultra HD or 4K

At 43-inch screen size, full HD or 1080p is the optimum resolution. Anything below it will affect the video’s quality and rob you of an immersive & satisfying viewing experience.  4K is a good resolution to go for if you’re into fast-paced action like movies, sports or gaming. To know more about resolution, check out this article by rtings— what is resolution and its aspects.

The Display technology– LCD/LED/Plasma

LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display. It has a panel filled with liquid crystals. These liquid crystals have the ability to pass or block light passing through them and this passage or blocking of light can be controlled by applying electric current through the crystals.

Hence each pixel is controlled by applying current through it. Since Liquid Crystals don’t produce any light of their own, a fluorescent lamp is placed behind the panel of crystals. The light from this source, passes through the liquid crystals, and the panel lights up, creating the beautiful images you see on-screen.

LED differs from LCDs in the source of light; the fluorescent lamp is replaced with Light Emitting Diodes (LED) and thus the name– LED TV. Since LEDs are compact, TVs today have become slimmer. In fact, the two terms LCD and LED have now merged into one and are simply referred to as LED TVs.

But what about Plasma TV? There is only one answer to that question. Plasma TVs- they are DEAD, out of fashion and no longer in the market.

There is another technology doing the rounds these days– OLED and QLED. But for 43” sized screens its irrelevant as both technologies are not available in this range.

For more information on LED vs. LCD, read this article.

Smart vs. non-smart TVs

When it comes to a smart vs. non-smart TV debate, there is sadly no clear answer. The choice depends on your budget and needs.

The world of TVs itself is unclear about what a smart TV really is— and that is where the problem lies! Essentially any TV which can be connected to the internet via a LAN cable or Wi-Fi, is a smart TV.

But every smart TV differs in its level of smartness (although the TV industry doesn’t specify any levels). Some offer very few ‘smart’ features while some are loaded with ‘smartness.’

So, to make things simple I’ve made three categories to understand the difference between smart and non-smart TVs as well as ‘how smart’ a TV really is.

Non-smart (Standard) TV

  • Standard TVs cannot be connected to the internet and perform the most basic function of a TV— showing you content from the set-top box. At most, these TVs can be connected to external hard disks, pen-drives, PC/Laptop, Smartphone via HDMI, USB or VGA ports.
  • SO, if you want to catch an episode of CID from 5 years back, you have to download the episode on a pen-drive and connect it to the TV (rather troublesome, don’t you think?)
  • Since non-smart TVs have limited features, they’re also easy on the pocket out of all TVs.
  • But what if I tell you even standard TVs can be turned smart? Surprised? Well, that’s true! With an Amazon fire stick, all you have to do is connect Amazon fire stick to your non-smart T.V. and it becomes smart. You have access to tons of Apps, games and more!
  • Amazon fire stick connects to the internet to give you access to loads of Apps like Netflix, Hotstar, SonyLiv, YouTube and many more. It also comes with an easy-to-use remote which takes voice commands. Yes, just by connecting Amazon fire stick your humble non- smart LED TV suddenly becomes smart!

Basic smart TV

Most of the smart TVs that fall in the lower price range are basic smart. In addition to offering all the features of a standard TV, basic smart TV can be connected to the internet via a LAN cable or Wi-Fi. Basic smart TVs are characterized by two main smart features:

  • More Content:

On connecting to the internet, basic smart TVs let you access a bunch of inbuilt Apps and games. The number and type of Apps varies from brand to brand but usually include all the popular trending Apps like Netflix, YouTube, Hotstar, Facebook, Twitter and so on.

Some TVs even come with browsers for web surfing. For more content options you also get an AppStore which gives you select choices to download and watch. And here lies the catch. If you are expecting a range of options like the Google PlayStore, then go for a full smart TV. Basic smart ones have limited downloadable options.

  • Screen Mirroring

Screen mirroring lets you display your phone, laptop or tablet screen on the TV, wirelessly. You can thus play your ‘workout playlist’ as you do Yoga or stream your wedding photos for a little trip down memory lane.

You can also access various supported Apps and games to enjoy content on the big screen. Or you can mirror your laptop and use the TV as your laptop screen to work without straining your eyes.

Fully smart TV

These TVs are a class apart. They truly are premium products. They offer everything basic smart ones offer and so much more!

Notable features of fully smart TVs include:

  1. Even More Content

The new Android based TVs, offer content options similar to those of your Android Smartphones. However, there is a significant difference between Android based and Google certified Android TVs.

Android based TVs are cheaper as they come with their own features and interface. Some may even fall in the basic smart category. But Google certified Android TVs are truly premium products complete with artificial intelligence based voice search.

  1. Smart Remote

The smartness of a remote too varies like a smart TV. Basic smart remotes come with dedicated buttons to popular Apps like Netflix and YouTube.

A smarter remote comes with an IR blaster, which lets you control the TV, set-top box and speakers. It may also come with a QWERTY keyboard (for ease of typing) or a scroll button (thus functioning as an air mouse).

The most advanced remotes are those that receive voice commands to control and navigate the TV.

  1. Bluetooth

A built-in Bluetooth is another feature found in full smart TVs or the costlier basic smart TVs. With it, you can connect an external sound system or soundbar wirelessly to the TV or even a set of headphones. This reduces the number of messy cables around the TV and also simplifies audio connectivity.

  1. Voice-activated control

Developments in Artificial intelligence is disrupting various industries including the Television industry. And everyone is loving it! With fully smart TVs backed by Google certified Android (Sony) and ThinQ AI (LG)technology, a new era in TV industry has begun— of voice commands and search!

You can now speak into the remote instructions like, ‘Open browser’, ‘go to StarPlus’ or search queries like ‘Suggest me some romantic comedy movies’ and the TV will obey.

Such TVs, obviously come with a hefty price tag. However, if you’re looking for the latest and the best TV then these are worth every Rupee!

Due to the lack of an official distinction between the smartness of a TV, you may find some full smart features (like smart remote, Bluetooth) available in basic smart TVs. However, the really advanced features like voice commands, air mouse smart remote etc. are exclusive to fully smart TVs.

Note the terms— non-smart, basic smart and fully smart are something I came up with to better understand and explain the levels of smartness.


Additional features

Curved TV and 3D TV– What is worth the extra price and what is absolutely worthless?

Curved TVs

Curved TVs are designed to create a more immersive TV viewing experience. But should you buy one?

Short answer is NO.

Why? Simply because curved TVs may manage to keep your focus on-screen, but the improvement is only slight and not worth the exorbitant price. Another thumbs down is the restricted viewing angle which limits the number of people who can enjoy this ‘immersive’ experience at the same time.

Simply put they are not worth the extra cost.

3-D TVs

These were quite the rage a few years ago, but have now fallen from grace.

This is because of the scarcity of 3D content available in the market and the excess baggage of buying more accessories like 3D goggles, which don’t justify the total amount you must spend for an occasional 3D experience.

And with the advent of 4D, 7D theatres, 3D has become an outdated thing.

Buying online vs. offline

Unlike buying stationary or books, TV is a significant and a costly purchase, and as consumers, we all want the best deal in terms of price and exchange offer. 

So  WHERE should you buy your new TV from, to ensure that you get the best price, better variety and not feel cheated after making the purchase?— online or offline? For this, you need to consider just three things:

  1. Delivery
  2. After sales service (i.e. installation and future repairs)
  3. And Exchange of your old TV


  1. Delivery

Many consumers misunderstand the seller’s role. The job of any seller whether online or offline, is only to SELL and DELIVER the new TV. Installation and repairs are NOT the seller’s responsibilities.

Keeping this in mind, if you want your new TV to be delivered within the next 24 hours, going to your nearest electronics store is a better option.

However, if you’re willing to wait, then buying online will give you so many more options and deals to choose from!

When buying from Amazon, you can also select your preferred delivery slot, so your TV reaches you when you’re available. You can also return or replace the TV, if you find any issues with the delivered one.

  1. After sales service

Once the TV is delivered, the seller’s job ends. To get the TV installed, you have to contact the customer care center of the TV Company.

You can schedule a suitable time to get your TV installed by contacting the customer care. (When you buy offline, generally the retail store executives make that call for you).

Similarly, for repairs, it is the customer care you need to call and not the seller. This is why the brand of the TV becomes important, as the quality of the after sales service depends on it.

  1. Exchange of old TV

Buying a new TV almost always means discarding an old one. But wouldn’t it be better if you could scrape some value out of it?

Both online and offline sellers, let you get rid of your old TV with a small discount in the price of the new one.

When buying on Amazon, you’re asked for the brand, screen size and condition of your old TV. You’re then given a discount that you can avail on your new TV.

The exchange procedure is simple. If you’ve opted for the exchange, the old TV gets picked up during the delivery of the new one. Convenient and transparent.

Another point to note is that salesmen in retail electronics stores get high commission on certain products. And hence they may aggressively ‘push’ those products on you. Don’t fall for it!

In conclusion, if you’re in a hurry then buying a TV from your nearest electronics store is the best option.

But if you want more variety, more offers and a good exchange rate for your old TV, buying online is the way to go. All from the comfort of your home!

Discounts and Offers

  1. Exchange value

Since buying a new TV almost always means discarding an old one, getting a good exchange offer helps reduce the cost of your new TV.

Many online and offline retailers help you get rid of your old TV while giving you a discount in the new TV’s price, in return.

The amount of discount you get depends on the following:

  • Your Pin code (exchange offer is available in select cities only)
  • Old TV’s Brand, type (LED/LCD), working condition and size

If you opt for the exchange and buy online, the old TV gets picked up at the time of delivery of the new one. Exchanging your old TV for a new one gives you the maximum benefit in terms of discount and convenience.

  1. Bank offers and No cost EMI

Do you carry a lot of plastic money?

Or are you thinking of going cashless now?

Many Banks give discount or cashback offers on their debit and credit cards that you can avail to get your new TV for even lower price! The discount or cashback is usually a small percentage of the TV’s cost and is a good way to get your TV at a sweet price.

But if you want to expand your choices with a limited budget, then you can opt for the ‘No cost EMI’ option.

With No cost EMI, you won’t have to pay the TVs price upfront, you can instead pay in small monthly installments. The advantage of this facility is, instead of settling for a smaller or cheaper TV, you can buy the TV of your choice without spending a lump-sum amount at one go. How awesome is that!

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