Best Home Air Coolers in India | For Every Budget & Need

Looking for the best air cooler for your home? Check out the top 3 picks if you’re in a hurry. Or, keep scrolling to see the whole list with in-depth reviews, pros and cons, to make an informed decision. 

Top 3 Air Coolers in India

Crompton Desert Air Cooler (Best Overall)
Symphony Personal Air Cooler (Best Portable Cooler)
Bajaj Personal Room Air Cooler (Best Budget Cooler)


If you have used air coolers before then you will know that Symphony is the best and most popular air cooler brand in India.

This is because Symphony offers a large variety of high-quality and durable coolers.

Each cooler is designed with the Indian user in mind and fulfils different criteria.

Consider this HiCool-i for example.

The Symphony HiCool-i is one of the bestselling air coolers on Amazon with more than 1000 happy consumers.

Why? Because of 3 main reasons.

It comes with an affordable price tag and is best suited for small rooms of up to 150 sq. ft.

The cooler has a compact design.

It comes with quick control buttons and a remote which you can figure out without reading the manual.

The water tank can hold 31 litres of water and the cooler’s lightweight body allows portability even when the tank is full.

The Symphony HiCool-i can easily handle hot climates with temperatures ranging between 35 to 45 degrees Celsius.

The Honeycomb pads used to cool the air add to the cooler’s long life (compared to wood wool pads used in other cheaper coolers).

The cooler also comes with a multi-stage air purification system that supplies fresh and cool air to your family all day long!


  • Air cooler + air purifier in one
  • Free remote control with timer
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Runs on operating cost of a fan
  • Easy to use
  • Water level can be easily checked


  • Ice chamber is small in size
  • Water has to be refilled after every 10 hours of heavy use

Bajaj Platini 36-litres | Budget Personal Room Air Cooler

Do you want to save money and stay cool this summer?

Then consider buying this Bajaj air cooler.

The cooler is best for home use, thanks to its small size and castor wheels.

Moving it from room to room is just a push away or you can pick it up and carry it to the next room.

Ideal for small rooms of upto 150 sq. ft., the cooler gives an impressive performance.

The water tank can hold 36 Litres of water including a few ice cubes (for an extra cool breeze).

The cooler works well even in humid climates of coastal areas and when temperatures go up to 45 degrees Celsius.

The Bajaj Platini has a very low power consumption of 100 Watts. Hence it saves your money even after you bring it home!

The cooler uses fan instead of a blower for efficient air circulation.

And the two control knobs don’t leave any chance for confusion as to which button does what.


  • Suitable for coastal regions (hot and humid climate)
  • Low power consumption
  • Also works on inverter
  • Budget buy
  • Comes with fan for better air circulation
  • Portable


  • No separate ice compartment (ice has to be added in the water compartment itself)
  • Needs water filling pipe to avoid spillage (as inlet is at the back)

Crompton Ozone 75-litres | Desert Air Cooler

Two main pain points with air coolers is their noise level and water refill frequency.

Especially when you’re looking forward to a heavy usage during the whole day and night; both noise and refill frequency matter more than anything else.

The Crompton Ozone has a large tank capacity of 75 litres which can be filled either with a bucket from the front or by attaching a pipe at the back.

It comes with a separate ice chamber to cool the air on extremely hot days.

Both these points reduce the frequency of refilling the tank to once a day or once in 2-3 days (depending on your usage).

The cooler’s 75 L capacity makes it ideal for medium to large rooms of upto 500 sq. ft.

But you can also use the cooler in smaller rooms at a low fan speed.

This ensures you can get unlimited supply of cool and fresh air without disturbing your sleep.


  • For hot summers with temperatures going up to 50 degrees Celsius
  • Uses fan for better air circulation and cooling
  • Inverter compatible
  • Large 75 litres of water tank capacity
  • Separate large ice chamber on top
  • Functions at Low noise
  • Best value for money


  • No remote control
  • Power cord is short (you may need an extension board)

Maharaja Whiteline Rambo 65-litres | Budget Desert Air Cooler

Do summers get unbearably hot in your area? Hitting 50 degrees Celsius or even higher?

Then get home the Maharaja Whiteline Rambo air cooler.

The cooler falls in the type of Desert air coolers which can handle scorching hot summers with ease.

No matter how dry the weather gets (e.g. if you live in central India like Madhya Pradesh), there’s no better cooler than this one, to deal with really high temperatures.

But the more a cooler has to work, the faster its tank gets empty.

This is because all the water gets evaporated by the hot air.

The air loses its heat to the water, evaporating it and comes out fresher and cooler.

This is why all the best performing Desert air coolers have a large tank capacity including this one at 65 litres.

Where do you spend most of your time in, the living room, bedroom or the balcony?

No matter what your answer is, the Maharaja Whiteline can beat the heat in any large room of about 600 to 700 sq. ft. (whether open or closed).

On top of that the air cooler is quite pocket-friendly.


  • Large tank capacity
  • Best for very hot and dry climate
  • Inverter compatible
  • For large rooms upto 600 sq. ft.
  • Uses fan for better circulation
  • Budget buy


  • Not very portable (no wheels)

Usha Frost 50-litres | Tower Air Cooler

Do you sleep on a height like a bed, sofa, or cot?

Do you often sit in the living room and want a cooler that can circulate air all over?

The problem with Desert air coolers and other Personal air coolers is they are short in height.

This limits the air throw and circulation to a smaller height.

Tower air coolers are a subtype of Personal air coolers with one noticeable feature— their height.

Consider this Usha Frost tower air cooler for example.

It has a slim and tall body which can fit in any small corner of the room between the wardrobe and wall.

If you sleep on a bed or spend time on the living room sofa, then this cooler will throw the air at just the right height.

The cooler’s height also allows it to hold a larger volume of water in its tank (50 L) thus reducing your job of refilling it daily.

The wheels make it easier to move the cooler from room to room.


  • Ideal for medium to large rooms
  • Better circulation and reach
  • Affordable price
  • Large water tank capacity of 50 L
  • Best for hot and dry region (with temperatures going up to 50 degrees Celsius)
  • Slim and tall body


  • No remote control



Q.1 Is air cooler worth buying?

Air cooler is the best option to bring home if you want to save money and also beat the heat.

Q.2 Which is best AC or air cooler?

Air cooler outdoes AC, in both air quality and price. This is because air coolers use outside air, filter it and supply cool, fresh air to you all day long. ACs keeps recirculating and cooling the same, stale air from the room. Air coolers are also priced significantly cheaper than ACs, with some costing below 6000 Rupees!

Q.3 Which air cooler is best for home use?

Personal Room air coolers are considered the best for home use. This is because they are compact, portable, and operate at lower noise compared to Desert air coolers.

Q.6 Which cooler is better blower or fan?

As the name suggests, blower coolers blow the air which gives you a shorter air throw. Coolers with fan, have a longer air throw and can better circulate the air in the room. So, purely from cooling performance point-of-view, fan coolers are better.

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