15 Best Bluetooth Speakers under 3000 (in India 2020)— Compact, Powerful & Smartly Designed!

JBL Clip 3 is the best Bluetooth speaker under 3000 in India. It is powerful, portable and eye catching. With a premium brand like JBL you can rest assured the speaker is top-notch and worth every Rupee!

To check out other top speakers in the ‘under 3000’ segment, keep reading below. In case of any doubt, just leave a comment and I’ll answer it within 24 hours.

Best Bluetooth Speakers under 3000 in India

Lumiford Stereo Blue Log


Audio output: 10 W

Range: 10m (33 ft)

Bluetooth version: 4.2

Play time: 12-14 hours (at medium volume)

Warranty: 1-year

Connectivity: Bluetooth, AUX in, micro SD card

Others: microphone, splash proof (IPX 4), Alexa built-in

Shopping for speakers can get really expensive. Setting a budget, however, helps narrow down your choices without overspending.

But does that mean you must compromise on the features and performance by settling for an average speaker? Of course not.

This Lumiford speaker makes sure you get your money’s worth! Costing just below 3000 Rupees, this one is powerful enough to give tough competition to costlier speakers.

The ‘log-like’ design gives off a cool vibe that will blend into any event whether it’s a quite dinner night or a groovy house party!

The speaker is easy to carry around and connects to the phone without any trouble. Just press and hold the power button which also functions as the Bluetooth button.

Alternatively, you can use an AUX cable or micro SD card to stream your playlist.

Other than the power button, you even get buttons for ‘play previous’, ‘play next’, and volume up & down.

The speaker produces 10W strong sound and has bass enhancer on both sides. What this means is the music gets loud even at medium volume.

At medium volume, the speaker can play non-stop for up to 14 long hours! And even if you turn the volume to 100% you can get a playtime of up to 9 hours.

With this Lumiford speaker you can also attend to calls and interact with Amazon Alexa, thanks to the built-in microphone.

You can even take this one into the shower for some energizing music. Water splashes or rain showers won’t damage the speaker (as guaranteed by its splash proof IPX 4 certification).

If you’re looking for a good quality Bluetooth speaker that is portable, powerful and pocket-friendly then look no more. This Lumiford blue log deserves your attention!


JBL Clip 3


Audio output: 10 W

Bluetooth version: 4.1

Play time: 4 hours (at full volume)

Connectivity: Bluetooth, AUX-in

Warranty: 1-year

Others: Water proof (IPX 7), integrated carabiner (easy clipping to bags and clothes), built-in mic

Others: Water proof (IPX 7), integrated carabiner (easy clipping to bags and clothes), built-in mic

JBL is a renowned brand in the audio industry. Not many brands can catch up to JBL in terms of quality, durability and performance.

With JBL Clip 3, you can now bag this premium brand for less than 3000 Rupees!

The speaker’s lock-shaped design brings a touch of elegance. The lock’s handle, on the other hand, is a carabiner that can be clipped on to a belt loop or a backpack.

The carabiner makes the speaker travel-friendly while the speaker itself delivers on what it was meant to do— play music loud and clear!

And as you dance to the tunes with the speaker in hand, don’t worry about dropping it. It’s shock proof.

You can also submerge the speaker in up to 3 feet of water, as guaranteed by its IPX 7 certification

The speaker can easily handle splashes of water, and also survive a dive in the pool (remember the 3 feet limit though).

 If you’re playing the speaker at full volume at an outdoor party, the speaker battery will support you for about 4 hours (use an AUX cable for longer play time).

Indoors, the speaker will seem very loud even at medium volume. With the Clip 3 you can binge watch an entire series for up to 10 hours at medium volume.

The Clip 3 also comes with a microphone. So, you can pick up calls right from the speaker and speak in to it without reaching for your phone.

All-in-all, JBL Clip 3 is the best portable Bluetooth speaker under 3000 in India! If you want nothing but the best in your budget you shouldn’t miss this one!


MuveAcoustics A-star


Audio output: 6 W

Range: 10m (33 ft)

Bluetooth version: 4.1

Play time: 8 hours

Connectivity: Bluetooth, AUX cable (built-in)

Others: Water proof (IPX 6), built-in mic, integrated buckle strap

In today’s fast and changing world, you need to be ready for anything. And shouldn’t your Bluetooth speaker also reflect this?

You’ll be glad to know, this MuveAcoustics speaker does its part by adapting to your needs.

Want a speaker that connects hassle-free via Bluetooth? Sure. This speaker’s 4.1 Bluetooth version makes sure the connection stays strong in a 10m zone.

Didn’t get time to charge your speaker? Connecting your phone to speaker with an AUX cable will help you save the battery.

And the good thing is, you don’t need to keep a separate AUX cable with you. It comes attached to the speaker on its back. Just pull it out and plug it into the 3.5mm port of your Smartphone.

Need your speaker to be compact, so it fits even in your pocket?

Well, this speaker’s disc-like design is aimed at making it as compact as possible.  

Are you on the move and in the mood for some music?

This speaker comes with a buckle strap, smartly built in to it. Twist the speaker and the strap pops out. Buckle it on to belt loops, handbags or backpacks whichever is convenient.

Once you’re done, just twist the strap back in to the speaker edge, so it continues to remain compact.

Additionally, the speaker also offers a microphone for attending calls and is water proof (IPX 6 certified).

This is one flexible speaker that becomes what you want it to be. Each feature is smartly built so it doesn’t mess with the speaker’s design or compact body.

If you want a smart, functional speaker at an affordable price, this MuveAcoustics A-star is a great pick!


TAGG Sonic Angle 1


Audio output: 10 W

Range: 10m (33 ft)

Bluetooth version: 4.2

Play time: 8 hours

Connectivity: Bluetooth, AUX cable

Warranty: 1-year

Others: Splash proof (IPX 5), bass radiator, in-built microphone, dual stereo (connect 2 speakers at a time)

TAGG Sonic Angle 1 is an ideal speaker to pair with your Personal Computer (PC) or TV.

The single Bluetooth speaker produces 10 W audio that is crisp and clear. You can also pair it with another TAGG speaker to make your own stereo system.

This way the speaker (whether paired or alone) can be a good addition to your PC or TV set up.

The speaker comes with bass enhancer which ensures certain genres like hip-hop, metal, and pop music sound even better!

The triangular speaker stylishly sits on any flat surface, looking good as new always. This is because the speaker body is dust proof and also shock proof (so no worries if it falls from the shelf or table).

The Sonic Angle 1 is IPX 5 certified which makes it splash proof. It may not survive a dive in the pool (like IPX 7 speakers) but can avoid damage from water splashes.

What this means is you can take the speaker along for a musical shower or a trek on a rainy day. But avoid taking it to a pool or waterfall or any deep water bodies.

Like other speakers in this price range, Sonic Angle 1 too comes with an in-built mic and an additional connectivity option.

You can thus take calls, control Google Assistant (or Siri) while using an AUX cable to connect the Smartphone to save battery.

If you’re looking for a quality speaker to complement your PC or TV, then TAGG Sonic Angle 1 is a great speaker to bring home!


boAt Stone 650


Audio output: 10 W

Range: 10 m (33 ft)

Bluetooth version: 4.2

Play time: 6 hours

Connectivity: Bluetooth, AUX cable, micro SD card

Warranty: 1-year

Others: Water-proof (IPX 5), Shock-proof

A rising star in the audio industry, boAt has established itself as a reliable, quality and affordable brand! Even in this Stone 650, you get everything you might expect from a good Bluetooth speaker.

The main selling point of a speaker— its sound quality, is taken care of by its powerful drivers producing 10 W audio with no distortions of any sort.

No matter what you’re listening to- music, movies, or TV shows; the sound is always loud and clear.

However, just having a powerful sound isn’t good enough. What about its durability?

Well, that is covered by the speaker’s IPX 5 rating.

This guarantees the speaker will remain unaffected even if it drops from a height or water splashes on it (in the form of rain or bathroom shower).

The 1-year warranty adds another layer of protection to an already sturdy speaker.

The speaker’s user interface is kept simple by the easy to understand buttons on the control panel. The connectivity panel is right at the side and supports both AUX cable & micro SD card.

In addition to the many features, the speaker’s design is unique and eye catching. This boAt Stone 650’s popularity has grown so much that it’s even recommended as ‘Amazon’s choice’!


Saregama Carvaan Mini


Audio output: 5 W

Play time: 4 hours

Connectivity: Bluetooth, AUX-in, USB

Warranty: 6 months

Others: FM Radio, AUX-out, 351 preloaded Hindi songs

Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosale, Mohammed Rafi, Kishore Kumar and Mukesh. These are some of the legendary singers of 20th century Indian cinema and frankly, need no introduction.

My point is, if you or someone in your house is a fan of these legends, then this speaker will be a perfect addition to the house! Why?

Well, because this one is not just a Bluetooth speaker. It also comes in-built with a playlist compiled of 351 songs by these singers!

If that’s not enough, you even get an AM/FM feature in the speaker.

Got your favourite songs in a pen-drive? That’s cool. Just plug in and play!

With this Carvaan mini, the possibilities to stream songs are many.

You can easily switch between the preloaded song collection, FM Radio, Smartphone playlist (via Bluetooth) or songs from your USB device.

If need be, you can skip the Bluetooth part and connect your Smartphone with an AUX cable instead.

The speaker itself will remind you of a Cassette player from the 90s. It snugly fits in your hand, with easy-to-access controls on top and operating modes on the side.

The ports to connect external devices are at the back. There’s even an AUX-out port at the side if you want to connect headphones to the speaker.

The price alone makes this speaker an attractive buy. (It’s a bestseller on Amazon). In fact, this one will make the perfect gift item for parents or other older relatives.

The sturdy build, portability, and a long list of features makes Saregama Carvaan mini the best retro Bluetooth speaker under 3000 in India!




Audio output: 3 W

Range: 10 m

Bluetooth version: 4.1

Play time: 5 hours

Connectivity: Bluetooth, AUX cable

Warranty: 1-year

Others: in-built mic, light-weight

If I had to describe this JBL Go speaker in 1 line, I would definitely say this one’s a ‘premium brand at budget price’.

At first look, the bright colour of this speaker catches your attention.

And once the music starts playing, you’ll find out what all this fuss about owning a JBL speaker is. Its that good!

The speaker may look compact but produces powerful sound. With just an hour or two of charging, you can play songs or movies for up to 5 hours.

From the speaker’s control panel, you can quickly change the volume. Two other buttons are provided for turning Bluetooth on/off and for power on/off.

The 5th button lets you take calls on the speaker, thanks to the built-in microphone.

 So, the next time your phone rings while you’re grooving to some music, you can attend it right there without reaching for the phone.

To save battery, you can use an AUX cable instead of Bluetooth to connect your phone to the speaker. The AUX port is right beside the micro USB charging port, at the speaker’s side.

The speaker’s build quality is durable and can absorb shocks from sudden drops. It can also be considered dust proof as the speaker’s surface is smooth and not dust-friendly.

Other than its obvious merits, the speaker is very light-weight and portable. It can easily fit into handbags or backpacks without taking much space.

All-in-all, if you’re looking for a budget JBL Bluetooth speaker, then consider your search over!


Xoopar Splash


Audio output: 5 W

Range: 10 m

Bluetooth version: 4.2

Play time: 4 hours

Connectivity: Bluetooth, SD card, AUX cable

Warranty: 1-year

Others: suction cup (removable), microphone, carabiner (removable)

This Xoopar splash can become your morning companion as you get ready for the day.

How? Well, ask yourself this.

Do you often take your phone or speaker into the bathroom for a musical shower? (I’ve lost a phone like that as it slipped from the towel rack in to the water).

Or do you listen to songs in the kitchen or bedroom as you pack your tiffin or groom in front of the mirror? (Seriously, masalas and speakers don’t mix).

Having a speaker or Smartphone around water, food ingredients or a dressing table can suddenly turn into messy accidents (especially if you usually get ready in a hurry).

So, that you never have to worry about your daily dose of music as you’re doing stuff, consider buying this Xoopar splash.

Other than just placing it on some surface (and risking a water spill or kitchen accident) why not stick it to some surface?

To help you do this, the speaker comes with 2 modes of attachment— a removable suction cup and a removable carabiner.

With the suction cup ‘on’ you can stick the speaker right on the bathroom wall, glass cabinet or mirror as you move from room to room.

The carabiner lets you hook the speaker on to your handbag or backpack as you step out of the house for office or college.

You can even stick the speaker on your car window while driving.

Along with its thoughtful design for easy handling, the speaker delivers well on the sound output, Bluetooth connectivity, playtime of 4 hours and a microphone for attending calls.

This is one speaker that will blend in to your routine instead of making you adjust to it. In 3 words, this Xoopar splash is sticky, functional, and a budget-friendly speaker!


Infinity (JBL) Fuze 100


Audio output: 4 W

Play time: 7 hours (at medium volume)

Connectivity: Bluetooth

Warranty: 1-year

Others: water proof (IPX 7), dual speaker (connects to 1 other Infinity Fuze 100), in-built mic, dual equalizer

This tiny little drum of a speaker is a pocket-friendly alternative to the costlier ones, especially if you plan to pair it with a second speaker for better sound.

Made by Infinity (a JBL brand) you get nothing less than the best at an economical price!

The speaker body is built to sustain sudden falls and drops; and is also dust resistant.

Its size makes it easy to carry around, without taking much space.

The speaker is also rated IPX 7 which indicates that it is water proof.

The speaker can avoid damage from water up to a depth of 3 feet. (Try it for yourself: Put the speaker in a bucket of water and hear it play songs without distortion).

As a PC or TV speaker, a set of two will be more suitable as it creates 360 degrees surround sound effect.

However, in this price segment, not many speakers support the dual connect speaker. But with this Infinity Fuze 100 you can connect 2 speakers with the press of a button.

And if you press the volume buttons together, you can switch between the dual equalizer modes for impactful music!

For a budget speaker, this one’s quite loud and connects wirelessly over a range of about 10 metres.

At medium volume (or indoor use) the speaker plays for 6 to 7 hours, while at full volume (outdoor use) it works for about 4 hours.

The package also comes with a string to help you sling it around or tie it on your backpack.

Overall, this one’s a good alternative if you want branded speakers at an affordable price.


boAt Stone 260


Audio output: 6 W

Bluetooth version: 5.0

Play time: 5 hours

Connectivity: Bluetooth only

Warranty: 1-year

Others: in-built mic, great looks, splash proof (IPX 5), shock proof, carabiner

If you love the funky and cool, then there’s no speaker that can beat the boAt Stone 260!

‘Portable yet powerful,’ the speaker is travel-friendly and does not skimp on the sound.

For just half of the 3000 Rupees budget, you can own a stylish, strong, and loud speaker, as your musical sidekick!

The speaker has a unique shape with printed funky designs on top that is quick to catch attention.

It is also built to survive drops or falls, and splashes of water.

The IPX 5 rating gives the speaker a safe-pass for beaches, bathroom showers, and rainy treks.

What’s more? You also get an in-built mic so you can attend calls from the speaker itself.

With just an hour and half of charging you can stream music for about 5 to 7 hours (depending on what volume you’re playing at).

And are you a fan of Mumbai Indians, Kings XI Punjab or the Chennai Super Kings?

Among the many designs, the boAt Stone 260 is also available in these 3 themes. So, grab one while stocks last!

The carabiner attached to the speaker makes it easy to hook the speaker and go.

The controls are intelligently placed at the side so they don’t mess with the ‘cool’ look but remain accessible too.

All-in-all the boAt Stone 260 is the funkiest and coolest speaker in India under 3000 Rupees!


Xoopar Boy Mini


Audio output: 3 W

Range: 10 m

Bluetooth version: 4.2

Play time:  3 hours

Connectivity: Bluetooth only

Warranty: 1-year

Others: selfie/video shutter, LED light

The Xoopar boy mini makes a great gift option for an affordable price.

As the name suggests, the speaker is designed like a mini boy with the sound coming out from the speaker’s head.

You can either make the mini boy stand on the table or tie it with the free sling on your backpack or handbag. Without taking much space, the speaker even fits in your pocket!

The unique design gives off a cute yet cool look, and is sure to grab attention wherever you take it.

But don’t go on its cuteness. The speaker delivers powerful 3 W sound, more than enough for indoor use.

So, whether you’re relaxing or exercising at home, the Xoopar boy can be your music assistant.

For outdoors, the sound may feel lacking especially if you’re in a crowded place like a bus or party.

But the speaker’s other features make up for it.

With the Xoopar boy mini, you get a button that functions as a selfie or video shutter. You can thus click pictures or shoot videos from the speaker itself.

What’s more? The speaker also serves as a night lamp.

The Xoopar boy’s face lights up due to the LEDs inside, making it a nice little lamp or torch.

The speaker is available in half a dozen colours and you can choose from pretty pink to bold black.

To stream songs, you get only 1 connectivity option— Bluetooth, which is active over a range of 33 feet.

Overall, in terms of cuteness and price, this Xoopar boy mini is the best buy!


Clavier Supersonic


Audio output: 10 W

Range: 39 m

Bluetooth version: 5.0

Play time: 12 hours

Connectivity: Bluetooth, AUX cable, USB, TF card

Warranty: 1-year

Others: in-built mic, LED light

This Clavier Supersonic is a value-packed speaker at a too good to be true price!

Costing well below 3000 Rupees (it’s under 1500 in fact) the speaker gives a tough competition to the costlier 3000 to 5000 Rupees speakers.

Why? Let me explain.

All the features you get in a speaker after spending entire 3000 Rupees, can be found in this Clavier Supersonic for less than 1500

For example, the speaker produces 10 W powerful sound that’s loud and clear wherever you are (whether indoors or outdoors).

The Bluetooth range is about 39 metres. So, the phone won’t disconnect even if there’s a wall in-between the speaker and your Smartphone or tablet.

The Clavier supersonic has one of the longest playtimes of about 12 hours; at par with the costlier speakers.

You also get multiple connectivity options. That is, you can stream your favourite playlist via Bluetooth, an AUX cable, a USB drive or a TF card.

The in-built mic lets you take calls without reaching for your phone. And the LED light lets you use the speaker as a night lamp.

The speaker itself has an elegant design that’s pleasing to the eyes.

The 1-year warranty from Clavier ensures you’re not left hanging in case of any unexpected damage.

If you want double the value you’re paying— in quality, performance and design, then consider buying this Clavier supersonic Bluetooth speaker.


Mivi Roam


Audio output: 5 W

Bluetooth version: 4.2

Play time:  6 hours (at 70% volume)

Connectivity: Bluetooth

Warranty: 1-year

Others: dual connect (connect with 1 other Mivi Roam), splash proof (IPX 5), microphone

The Mivi Roam brings to the table a budget speaker without compromising on the features.

Looking chic and stylish the speaker snugly fits in your pocket or any bag or backpack. You can even hang it with the string you get along with it.

The sound produced is good enough for a house party or a mountain trek.

If you intend to use this as a PC or TV speaker, then pair it with another Mivi Roam with the dual connect feature.

This way you can get an extra powerful left and right speaker, making your very own home stereo system!

Once its fully charged you can play your favourite movies or TV shows for about 5 hours (at full volume) or 7 hours (at 50% volume).

As for its durability, the IPX 5 certification indicates the speaker is dust proof and splash proof. A few splashes of water from rain or bathroom shower won’t affect the speaker.

There’s even an in-built microphone that lets you attend calls in the middle of a grooving session. The control panel is right at the side and easy to access.

Similar in design to the boAt Stone 260 (check the 10th recommendation), the Mivi Roam offers a more sober and economical speaker.

If you’re looking for a good speaker at a great price then check out this Mivi Roam.


Infinity (JBL) Fuze Pint


Audio output:2.5 W

Play time:  5 hours

Connectivity: Bluetooth only

Warranty: 1-year

Others: dual equalizer, microphone, literally pint sized (very compact)

This little nugget is literally a pint-sized speaker that will leave you impressed.

The speaker comfortably fits in anyone’s pocket, and budget (it’s under 1000). It also makes a great gift option.

Infinity is a JBL brand which is further proof of the speaker’s high quality and reliability.

Due to its tiny size there’s only 1 button at its base— the power button. But even with this button you can do a lot.

For example, press the power button thrice to activate the ‘deep bass’ mode and thrice again to turn it off.

Pop, metal, hip-hop songs and male voices sound even better with the deep base mode on.

Or you can double press the power button to activate voice assistant (like Siri or Google Assist). Ask them the weather or tell it what song to play next.

You can also answer calls right on your speaker without looking for the phone.

Since there are no volume buttons, you will have to change volume from your PC, Laptop or Smartphone.

The 1-year warranty has you covered in case of unexpected damage. And the speaker itself is built to resist dust and falls (shock proof).

If you’re looking for a tiny but powerful, and branded but budget speaker in India under 3000 then you really shouldn’t let this one slip by!


Claw A2 Retro


Audio output: 3 W

Range: 10 m

Play time: 4 hours

Connectivity: only Bluetooth

Warranty: 1-year

Others: in-built mic

This Claw A2 retro will take you back to the 70s and 80s. To the time of the antenna TVs.

Only this one, is tinier, and cuter.

Small enough to fit in your fist, the Claw A2 retro makes a lovable gift option.

The speaker body is sturdy and smooth. And the control panel starts and ends with a single button.

Since there’s only 1 button on the speaker and just 1 port, using the speaker is easy-peasy.

Any micro USB cable will fit the port and charge up the speaker.

Pressing the button and holding it, turns the speaker ‘on’. It immediately goes into ‘Bluetooth’ mode waiting to be paired with a Bluetooth-compatible device.

Once connected, the 3 W sound entertains you as you relax, exercise or get ready for the day. (The speaker may not seem loud enough when outdoors).

The battery lasts for about 4 hours before you need to charge the speaker again.

You can just press the button to pause the playlist and press it to resume playing.

In case you get a call, the same button will let you attend the call on the speaker itself.

The small size already makes the speaker very travel-friendly.

But the sling you get along with it, lets you show it off by hanging the little retro TV on your handbag or backpack or even your belt loop.

You can also choose from a palette of 3 colours depending on your taste. Any colour you pick, whether white, black, or pink; won’t affect the speaker’s cuteness level.

All-in-all this one is the cutest budget Bluetooth speaker in India under 3000!


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