15 Best Bluetooth Speakers (under 1000) in India— Portable & Powerful

best bluetooth speakers under 1000 india

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 1000 in India

HP mini 300 is the best Bluetooth speaker under 1000 in India. It has powerful sound, and a long battery backup (giving you more than 8 hours of playtime!). It exceeds expectations in every aspect, including durability, multi-connectivity and brand reliability.

To explore other best Bluetooth speakers under 1000 in India, keep scrolling below.


HP mini 300


Sound output: 3 Watts

Connectivity: Bluetooth and AUX cable

Playtime: 8 hours

Warranty: 1-year

Add-ons: built-in mic, LED indicator light, dust-proof, splash-proof

Do you have a limited budget? And, are you also brand conscious?

This HP mini 300 will satisfies both your requirements.

Priced under 1000 Rupees, you get a loud, compact, and sturdy speaker from a top brand like HP.

The speaker has a plastic body that is covered with a silicone casing. This forms a protective layer over the speaker.

Also, making it dust-proof, shock-proof and splash-proof.

Clicky tactile buttons are located on the side panel of the speaker.

You get 4 controls in total. A power on/off button, 2 buttons for volume control and 1 for taking calls.

Once the speaker is powered on, the LED indicator light blinks on.

The speaker is ready to be paired. And you can connect it with a Smartphone, tablet or Laptop (or any Bluetooth compatible device).

Alternatively, you can also use an AUX cable to connect the 2 devices (via the 3.5mm port).

You can thus play your favourite songs either wirelessly or with a wired connection.

With just 2-3 hours of charging you can enjoy a playtime of about 12 hours (at 60% volume).

Owing to its brand value and budget price, the HP mini 300 is no doubt the best Bluetooth speaker under 1000 Rupees in India!


Portronics Bounce


Sound output: 5 Watts

Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB

Playtime: 5 hours

Warranty: 1-year

Add-ons: FM Radio, free string, LED indicator light

If you’re looking for a multi-purpose (but budget) Bluetooth speakers for home use, then consider buying this Portronics Bounce POR-939.

With a 5 W output, the audio is loud and clear, even at medium volume.

You also get a decent bass with a little jumpiness at full volume.

But you don’t just have to rely on good sound to make your decision.

Portronics tries to pack as many features as it can in this little cube.

Along with a wireless Bluetooth connectivity, you can stream songs from a USB drive or by tuning in to Radio.

Since the FM antenna is built into the speaker, the reception is not as great Radio transistors but passable.

You will have to look for the ‘best spot’ in your house or outdoors to get lag-free Radio connection.

The speaker itself is quite portable and sturdy.

It has a rubber covering with a plastic mesh which is sadly, neither dust-proof nor water resistant. (Hence more suitable for indoor use).

But this is compensated by the fact that this speaker produces loud and crisp sound in a category of budget speakers.

The speaker comes with a free string to make it easy to carry around or tie on your backpack.

The control buttons are very handy and functional.

While the indicator light gives you a visual guide to the speaker status. (For example, it blinks in blue when ready to pair with a Bluetooth compatible device).

Overall, this Portronics Bounce is a good option for budget Bluetooth speaker for indoor use in India.

Claw A2 Retro


Sound output: 3 Watts

Connectivity: Bluetooth only

Playtime: 4 hours

Warranty: 1-year

Add-ons: built-in mic, free sling, cute design, great for gifting

Resembling the TV sets from the 60s and 70s, this Claw A2 Retro merges nostalgia and cuteness in one tiny Bluetooth speaker!

Don’t go on its size though. The speaker is much louder than it looks.

You can enjoy 3 Watts of sound, listening to your favourite music or videos, for 4 to 5 hours non-stop.

With the speaker you also get a charging (USB to micro USB) cable and a sling to tie to the speaker.

As the speaker only has a single button on its side, its easy to figure out what it does.

Press and hold the button to turn the speaker on/ off.

The same button lets you play/ pause the music and answer/ reject phone calls. (There’s no volume control or buttons for changing the track though.)

You also get a little indicator light on the ‘charging port’ side of the speaker.

This tells you when the speaker is in ‘ready to pair’ state or ‘paired’.

This speaker is available in 4 colours and you can take your pick among white, black, blue and pink.

The speaker’s cute and classy design makes it an ideal gift option. All-in-all, this Claw A2 Retro is the best Bluetooth speaker under 800 Rupees in India!


PTron Sonor


Sound output: 3 Watts

Connectivity: Bluetooth, AUX-in, TF card

Playtime: 4 hours

Warranty: 1-year

Add-ons: in-built mic, touch panel, free AUX cable

This Bluetooth speaker from PTron offers something that is very unique— a feather-touch disc design!

The round speaker has a smooth finish and comes with down-facing speaker.

This amplifies the sound produced by the 3 W speaker.

What you get is thus, powerful performance paired with unique touch controls.

The speaker lets you connect a variety of external media devices in either of the 3 ways viz. Bluetooth, AUX cable or TF card.

These multiple connectivity options are especially useful when you’re travelling and want to save battery life. (Bluetooth connection drains the battery faster).

Other than the single power on/ off button, the rest of the controls are on top of the speaker and are touch-sensitive.

Whether you want to play the previous or next song, pause the music, or change volume, the touch panel is at your service.

However, this also means the speaker is defenceless against splashes of water, sudden drops or dusty shelves.

As long as you keep that in mind, this speaker will last you a long time and also comes with 1-year warranty.

Sold at a pocket-friendly price, this speaker is worth every Rupee. This is thanks to its smart design, and powerful performance.

What more do you want?


Digitek DBS-008


Sound output: 6 Watts

Connectivity: Bluetooth, AUX-in, USB

Playtime: 6 hours

Warranty: 1-year

Add-ons: FM Radio, in-built mic, splash-proof, dual connect, free AUX cable, free carabiner

This Digitek Bluetooth speaker will amaze you with its numerous features for a budget price of ‘under 1000’.

The speaker has an attractive triangular design. And is covered by a sturdy, silicone body.

This layer protects the speaker from sudden falls and dust.

But what if the speaker gets wet in the bathroom during a musical shower?

Don’t worry. The speaker is also IPX 5 certified.

What this means is the speaker won’t be affected by a few splashes of water or rain splatters.

So, as long as you don’t plan to dunk it in a pool, the speaker can survive almost any “life-threatening” situation it faces.

With the speaker you get a charging cable and an AUX cable for wired connections.

You also get a free carabiner to hook the speaker on to handbags or backpacks. Or simply hang it on a hook in your house.

The speaker delivers 6 Watts of powerful sound which can be doubled by connecting a second Digitek DBS-008 speaker.

The speaker’s dual connect feature lets you connect 2 speakers at a time, creating a surround sound experience.

Additionally, you get other features like an integrated FM Radio, and a microphone for attending calls.

The microphone makes it easier to receive or disconnect calls without having to reach for your phone.

For less than a 1000 Rupees you can bag this feature-rich Bluetooth speaker from Digitek.


Mivi Roam


Sound output: 5 Watts

Connectivity: Bluetooth, AUX-in

Playtime: 5 hours

Warranty: 1-year

Add-ons: built-in mic, water-proof, dust-proof, dual connect, free AUX cable

For a budget price, you get a stylish and sturdy Bluetooth speaker from Mivi.

In terms of indoor use, the 5 W sound produced by Mivi Roam is more than enough.

But if you’re travelling or partying outdoors, the sound may seem a bit lacking.

Recognising this, the Mivi Roam comes with a dual connect feature.

With this you can connect 2 Mivi Roams together and make your very own 10 W stereo system!

You can connect a wide range of devices like Laptop, Smartphone, gaming console etc.

Either via Bluetooth or with an AUX cable that you get free with the speaker.

Along with these, you also get a free string adding to the speaker’s portability.

The controls are smartly located at the side, hidden from view but easy to reach.

The speaker body is quite durable. It comes with a fabric-like coating on top and rubber layer below.

This gives a good amount of protection to the speaker against sudden drops and water splashes.

The cover is also quite dust resistant, so your speaker stays good-as-new for longer period.

If you’re looking for the best money can buy in a 1000 Rupees budget, then this Mivi Roam deserves your attention!


Mi Compact


Sound output: 2 Watts

Connectivity: Bluetooth

Playtime: 6 hours

Add-ons: in-built mic, free hand strap, LED indicator

Smartphones these days, are getting slimmer, smarter, and more stylish.

But in the sound department, they still lag behind.

You might own the latest Smartphone.

Yet playing an action movie or a workout playlist on it, just doesn’t carry that ‘punch’.

This is where the Mi Compact comes in.

Designed for personal and indoor use, this 2 Watts speaker may look tiny but is packed with powerful punch!

The free strap you get along with the speaker can be wrapped on your wrist as you move around the house listening to a podcast.

Or just hang it in your car or tie it on your backpack while going to office.

The Bluetooth only connectivity and a single button control make this one a ‘no-frills’ speaker.

In fact, you don’t even get a charging cable.

Just use any USB to micro USB cable to charge the speaker. (Most Android Smartphone cables fit this description).

The single button works as the power button and also lets you receive or reject calls.

There are no separate volume or track buttons which could be considered a drawback.

Overall, this is a compact but quality budget Bluetooth speaker under 1000, from a popular brand like Mi.


Oraimo SoundGo


Sound output: 3 Watts

Connectivity: Bluetooth, AUX cable, TF card

Playtime: 4 hours

Warranty: 1-year

Add-ons: built-in mic, free AUX cable

Fitting snugly in the palm of your hand, this Oraimo SoundGo will surely surprise you with its quality build and sound output.

The speaker comes with a fabric-finish and a silicone base giving it a high-grade feel.

The controls and connections are all located at the bottom.

This way the speaker itself looks very minimalistic and classy.

Bluetooth is the most obvious choice to connect your media device to the speaker.

With Bluetooth version 4.2, you can rest assured the connection will stay strong over a 10-metre radius.

But, if you forgot to charge the speaker or your phone battery is low, you can use the free AUX cable instead.

In case your favourite playlist is on a TF card, just insert it in the given slot and play.

In the control panel you can turn the power on/ off, change tracks and volume, or change the mode (from Bluetooth to TF and vice versa).

Thanks to the built-in microphone you can even attend to calls amidst a grooving session.

The Oraimo SoundGo will make a great gift for yourself or your near and dear ones.


Akai Tokyo Groove


Sound output: 3 Watts

Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB, TF card

Playtime: 3 hours

Warranty: 6 months

Add-ons: built-in mic, FM Radio

Akai Tokyo Japan brings you an eye-catching, budget Bluetooth speaker under 1000.

This Akai Groove exudes richness from its looks, to its feel, and even its performance.

Designed like a mini transistor or tape-recorder (but funkier), this Akai Groove is an ideal companion for your musical mornings or bed-time video series.

The speaker comes with Bluetooth version 4.1 which ensures lag-free connectivity over 10 metres or 33 feet.

Want to play your old favourites from a pen drive?

No worries, just plug in and play.

You can also use a TF card for the same.

Although you get these various options to play your music from, there’s no AUX connectivity in this speaker.

This could be inconvenient in case you frequently forget to charge your speaker.

The FM Radio adds a convenient alternative when you’re in the mood for something different.

The built-in mic, on the other hand, lets you attend to calls without having to switch back to Smartphone.

If you’re looking for a Bluetooth speaker that delivers on what it promises while adding to your personal style, then consider buying this Akai Groove.




Sound output: 3 Watts

Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB, TF card, AUX cable

Playtime: 5 hours

Warranty: 3 months

Add-ons: FM Radio, built-in mic

Are you a music junkie? Or the occasional listener?

How frequently do you plan to use your speakers?

For daily use, go for a 900- or 1000-Rupees speaker from a well-known brand.

(These come with a longer warranty, more Wattage and water-proof, dust-proof certifications).

For occasional in-frequent use, however, why spend 1000 Rupees?

Instead, why not get a functional and durable speaker for an even lower price?

Here’s where Tirumi comes in.

Priced below 800, you get a cylindrical speaker with the maximum connectivity options.

Unlike other Bluetooth speakers in the ‘under 1000’ segment, you get all possible ways to connect the speaker to any external media device of your choice.

Want to stream music wirelessly? Connect your Smartphone via Bluetooth.

Watching a movie on your Laptop?

Just connect the speaker with an AUX cable for the best acoustics.

Is your favourite playlist on a USB drive or a TF card?

Plug it in the speaker and start playing.

Want to tune in to some Radio? That’s in-built too!

You can also accept or reject calls directly on the speaker. No need to disconnect your phone first.

So many connectivity options, a portable design, and rugged build make this speaker an attractive buy.


Clavier (A60)


Sound output: 3 Watts

Connectivity: Bluetooth, AUX-in, TF card

Playtime:  8 hours

Warranty: 1-year

Add-ons: free AUX cable, microphone, bass mode, EQ effects

This Clavier Bluetooth speaker gives you more control over the music you listen. How?

Just adjust the bass or Equalizer controls according to your liking and you can change your whole audio experience!

The speaker itself, is designed very thoughtfully.

A metal grid covers the speaker section, while a wooden-like finish surrounds the rest of it.

The speaker can either lie flat on a surface or keep it standing on the small base you get in it.

The control buttons are quite ‘clicky’ and tactile.

On the panel you get a power button along with ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons for changing the tracks.

Press and hold the same buttons to change volume.

To adjust the Equalizer to your liking, press and hold the play/ pause button. You can then switch between the 4 available types.

The speaker produces loud and crisp audio with good bass for a speaker of this size and price.

It also comes with a good battery backup.

With a full charge you can expect the speaker to play non-stop for about 8 to 10 hours!

The built-in mic lets you attend to or reject calls when the speaker is connected to your Smartphone.

All-in-all, if you’re looking for the best Bluetooth speaker under 700 in India, consider your search over!


Muzili Axloie (BT2405)


Sound output: 4 Watts

Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB, TF card, AUX-in

Playtime: 5 hours

Warranty: 1-year

Add-ons: splash-proof, free AUX cable, free carabiner

This Muzili Axloie BT2405 is one more alternative to a budget Bluetooth speaker under 1000, and you will definitely love it!

Resembling car tyres, its unique design quickly catches attention and the rest is done by its impressive sound quality.

The speaker produces 4 Watts of strong sound with a decent bass.

The round speaker is travel-friendly thanks to its size and shape.

And you can also hang it on your backpack or belt loop with the free carabiner.

Most budget speakers don’t offer much protection against sudden falls, water splashes and dust.

But that’s not the case with this Muzili Bluetooth speaker.

It’s hard-silicone shell keeps the speaker safe from shocks, dust and water splashes.

The control buttons are at the back of the speaker.

From there, you can turn the speaker on/ off, change the volume or tracks.

In addition to Bluetooth, you also get a variety of connectivity options.

Connect any device having a 3.5mm port with the free AUX cable you get with this speaker.

Memory cards or USB drives can also be used to plug and play a stored playlist.

Multiple connectivity, funky design, and robust build, is what you get with this Bluetooth speaker from Muzili.

All at a budget-friendly price!


Portronics Pico


Sound output: 3 Watts

Connectivity: Bluetooth only

Playtime: 2.5 hours

Warranty: 1-year

Add-ons: dual connect, weighs just 50 grams, free sling

This Portronics Pico is one of the tiniest and most light-weight speakers out there!

Weighing just 50 grams, you won’t even know its there in your pocket!

The 3 Watts sound is good enough for personal use like watching a web series or playing games and music.

But if you want louder sound, you can add another Portronics Pico to make it a pair of stereo speakers.

This ‘dual connect’ feature lets you turn the 2 connected speakers into a left channel and right channel speaker.

Bluetooth is the only way to connect this speaker to a media device.

This could be considered a limitation, but the speaker’s budget price more than makes up for it!

With just an hour of charging you can watch an entire 2.5- or 3-hours movie with this Portronics Pico.

And if you’re travelling, just attach the free sling to the speaker and wrap it around your wrist or backpack.

To charge the speaker, use the USB to micro USB cable you get along with it. Or you can use your Smartphone’s cable if it uses a similar charger.

There’s a single button for control at the back of the speaker.

It functions as the power button, play/ pause button and can be used for dual connect.

This cute little speaker is the best budget Bluetooth speaker under 600 in India!


Clavier Pluto


Sound output: 5 Watts

Connectivity: Bluetooth, TF card, AUX cable

Playtime: 8 hours

Warranty: 1-year

Add-ons: LED flashing light, mic, free AUX cable

The brand Clavier is well known for making affordable, functional and cool-looking speakers.

This Clavier Pluto is no different.

The speaker’s eagle-eye design is quite refreshing in a legion of standard square or circular speakers.

Its 5 W audio is very loud for a budget speaker of under 1000 Rupees.

But this speaker also has a surprise for you.

When the music starts playing, your eyes will remain glued to the speaker’s ‘dancing lights’.

The Clavier Pluto, comes with different LED light modes, perfect for some mood-lighting.

 Irrespective of the source of your music, you can connect it with the speaker in one of the 3 options.

Bluetooth makes connectivity easier, wireless and less messy.

The speaker supports Bluetooth version 5.0 which connects over a wide range of over 100 feet.

The free AUX cable facilitates wired connection to Smartphone or Laptop and also helps you save the battery.

Or you can insert a TF card instead.

Although not splash-proof the speaker has a rugged and smooth build.

The speaker is functional and feature-rich and will make a great addition to your home!


Artis (BT08)


Sound output: 3 Watts

Connectivity: Bluetooth, AUX-in, TF card

Playtime: 4 hours

Warranty: 1-year

Add-ons: mic, LED indicator

This Artis Bluetooth speaker gives you the most bang for the buck in the ‘below 1000’ category.

Available in 2 common colours— white and black, the speaker gives off a very classy vibe.

The body of the speaker is made of hard plastic with a glossy finish that’s smooth to touch.

The speaker comfortably fits in your grip and is quite light-weight.

Unlike other speakers that cover their connectivity ports, this speaker ensures you don’t have to spend extra efforts just to insert a cable or memory card.

The multiple connectivity ports for the charging cable, AUX cable and a TF card are located along the speaker’s length.

The control buttons, on the other hand, are placed at the bottom in a circular arrangement.

Considering its almost too-good-to-be-true price, the speaker produces impressive bass.

In fact, at high volumes, the speaker may become jumpy.

Once fully charged, the speaker gives you a playtime of about 4 to 5 hours.

This is at par with some of the higher end speakers in the ‘under 1000’ segment.

Artis even has you covered with a 1-year warranty which is another reason to consider buying this speaker.

This Artis BT08 gives you the most value for money among the budget Bluetooth speakers in India!

Happy shopping!


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