9 Best Bluetooth Speakers under 2000 (in India)— Powerful, Portable, and Trendy

JBL Go is the best portable Bluetooth Speaker in India. What you get are powerful, long-range speakers from a premium brand like JBL, as it delivers the most bang for the buck!

But if you prefer a more retro or funky style, then check out the other recommendations. Also, if you’re looking for a very specific type of speakers that you don’t see in the list below, just drop a comment and I’ll find them for you!

Best Bluetooth Speakers under 2000

boat Stone 650


Sound output: 10W

Playtime: 6-7 hours

Can connect with: Bluetooth, AUX cable, micro SD card

Range: 10 metres

Warranty: 1-year

Other: Water-proof, Shock-proof

boAt has emerged as one of the most preferred brands in the audio devices market within a few years. Known for thoughtfully designing their speakers, boAt products are funky, feature-rich and affordable.

Whether its movies or music, you’ll love playing it on this boAt Stone Bluetooth Speaker! This particular one comes with 2 stereo speakers inside, and with a powerful bass.

A good base (or bass) adds richness to male voices and music genres like pop, hip-hop & metal. The sturdy build further adds character and style, that matches the speaker’s high-quality audio.

You can connect these Speakers via Bluetooth and carry the phone with you anywhere in the range of 10metres.

What this means is the music keeps playing in the living room as you grab a bite in the kitchen, while texting on your phone all the time. Without losing the Bluetooth connectivity.

Alternatively, you can even use an AUX cable (to connect your phone directly) or an SD card to play your favourite playlist. Whether you’re indoors or outdoors, the 10W speakers are loud enough for any setting.

Try them during your dance practise or in a house-party. Or take it with you on a trek to a waterfall or a campfire-night.

Don’t worry about damaging them. The speakers are water-proof and can absorb shock from falling thanks to its protective diamond-cut design. And the 1-year warranty from boAt has you covered.

Overall, these are the best Bluetooth speakers with bass under 2000 in India!


Sound output: 10W

Playtime: 6-7 hours

Can connect with: Bluetooth, AUX cable, USB port

Range: 10 metres

Warranty: 1-year

Other: Water-proof, has FM

This cylindrical speaker from Portronics is a ‘chota packet, bada dhamaka’. The speaker is slightly heavy which is actually a good indicator of how sturdy the build quality is.

Considering its small size, the fact that this speaker comes with bass is impressive. Although the speaker does tend to shake because of it at full volume.

 And if you don’t have a playlist ready, you can tune into to the Radio with this speaker’s FM function.

You get multiple connectivity options with this Portronics speaker. You can easily switch between Bluetooth, AUX and USB options when tuning in to your favourite music.

Also, since this one’s water resistant you can even carry it with you on outdoor trips without hesitation. It will fit into the side pocket of any backpack or a hand bag.

Its economical price is just another reason to give this Portronics speaker a try!


Sound output: 3W

Playtime: 5 hours

Can connect with: Bluetooth, audio cable

Warranty: 1-year

Other: in-built mic, light-weight

At first glance, the vibrant colour of this JBL speaker will catch your eye. The next you’ll notice is its compact body, stylish design, and a finish that’s smooth to touch.

Connect it to a compatible device via Bluetooth and you can experience the 3W powerful sound for yourself. Thanks to the in-built mic, you can even take calls by pressing the ‘call button’ on the speaker’s control panel.

So, no need to rush back to find your phone, and disconnect it, to pick up a short call. In fact, you can answer calls right as you go about your morning routine or exercise session.

Put it anywhere and the speaker stands out in style while producing loud and clear audio. All-in-all this JBL speaker is a budget-friendly music companion that you shouldn’t miss out on!


Sound output: 6W

Playtime: 5 hours

Can connect with: Bluetooth

Warranty: 1-year

Other: in-built mic, great looks, water-proof, shock-proof

If you want the funkiest speakers in town, look no further. boAt Stone 260 has the best collection!

Available in more than 6 refreshing designs (includes one in Chennai Super Kings style), this speaker makes a great gift option. The connectivity panel is well hidden to not mess with the design.

The speaker can be charged with a regular Smartphone charging cable adding more convenience. The speaker produces decent bass and a loud audio output of up to 6 Watts.

You can even take calls directly on the speaker as it comes with an in-built mic. 

The speaker is water and dust resistant and can also absorb shocks from falling. This makes it a travel-friendly choice even if that means taking the speaker to the bathroom for a musical shower.

Out of all speakers, this one is the funkiest budget Bluetooth speaker in India!


Sound output: 3W

Playtime: 6 hours

Can connect with: Bluetooth, micro SD card, USB device

Other: in-built mic, FM Radio

These speakers from Muve Acoustics will take you on a trip down memory lane, especially if you’re an 80s or 90s kid.

Remember the portable Cassette players from back in the days? The design resembles those, while adding a modern touch.

More compact than those Cassette players, these speakers fit right into your hands. The press-on tactile buttons are another touch of nostalgia as you switch between modes, change tracks and volume.

Since the speakers come with a mic, you can take calls directly without having to disconnect the phone. The music continues to play after you’re done talking.

The multiple connectivity options let you play your favourite music through a micro SD card, pen drive or any Bluetooth compatible device. Or you could tune in to the Radio for a change.

Whether its packing a tiffin to take away or winding down after a tiring day, these speakers will take the stress out of you. Their small size makes the speakers easy to carry around, in the backpack or a purse. Hence, they never leave your side.

These Muve Acoustics speakers offer a compact and classy option for a music companion!


Sound output: 3W

Playtime: 3 hours of music and light

Can connect with: only Bluetooth

Range: 10 metres

Warranty: 1-year

Other: selfie/video shutter, LED light

How do you ensure your gift lights up the face of a special someone? By gifting something they never dreamed of!

Candles and cakes are quite predictable. But speakers shaped like a little boy don’t come to mind when receiving gifts.

These Xoopar speakers don’t just rely on looks but deliver on the sound as well! The powerful speakers offer a decent bass and function over a long range of 30 feet or 10 metres.

The only Bluetooth option take out any confusion making connectivity simple and hassle-free. To charge the speakers you can use any of the commonly used Smartphone charging cable.

These speakers offer 2 more unique features. They come with a selfie button and an LED light.

With the selfie button you can remotely take selfies or shoot videos without a selfie stick. And every time the music plays, the Xoopar boy’s face lights upmaking it a good night lamp option.

In fact, it’s an ideal choice to play some bedtime podcasts or relaxing sounds as you lie down for the night. If you want a cuteness overload and a speaker that will turn heads, these Xoopar speakers make a great wing man!


Sound output: 10W

Playtime: 12 hours

Can connect with: Bluetooth, AUX cable, USB, TF card

Range: 39 metres

Warranty: 1-year

Other: in-built mic, LED light

These Clavier Supersonic speakers are a value packed deal that hard to come by. For a price well below 2000, you get high-quality speakers with a multitude of features.

The 10W sound output matches that of 32-inch and 40-inch TVs. In addition to that you get a long range of connectivity that covers 2 to 3 rooms without any distortion in the music.

The build quality is top-notch and the design oozes elegance!

You get a variety of options to stream music wirelessly or otherwise. The long battery life ensures you don’t suffer sudden power-lows putting a break to your party.

The built-in mic lets you attend to calls without switching back to the phone audio. While the light function creates a disco effect as you enjoy the music with friends and family.

Overall, these are the best Bluetooth speakers under 2000 in India!


Sound output: 3W

Playtime: 4-5 hours

Can connect with: only Bluetooth

Range: 10 metres

Warranty: 1-year

Other: in-built mic

This Claw A2 is another speaker that takes you back to the 70s and 80s. To the time of the antenna TVs. Only this one, is tinier, and cuter.

In fact, this speaker is so tiny, it almost feels like a keychain if you tie the sling you get along with it. If you, or someone you know loves miniature goodies, this speaker will make the perfect gift!

The speaker comes with a single port and a single button, taking any confusion out of the equation. You can use any basic Smartphone charging cable to charge the speakers and you won’t have to scratch your head over the where and how.

Having only button to operate the speakers actually makes your job easier. Just press and hold to turn the speakers ‘on’, connect your Smartphone via Bluetooth and you’re done!

Pressing the button while the music is playing lets you pause or play again. In case you get a call, just press the same button to receive it.

The microphone inside enables you to talk directly through the speakers.

To end the call, press the same button and there! No need to refer manual or tinker with the too many buttons.

All-in-all this one is the cutest budget Bluetooth speaker in India under 2000!


Sound output: 3W

Playtime: 3 hours

Can connect with: Bluetooth, AUX cable, TF card

Range: 10 metres

Warranty: 6 months

Other: in-built mic, LED light, FM Radio

This Photron speaker will fit anyone’s budget. But even for a price below 1000 this doesn’t skimp on the features!

What you get is a compact, fashionable speaker that will surprise you with its powerful audio. The design is unique and the buttons are intelligently placed below the speaker.

Like other upper end speakers, you get an in-built mic, and a speaker with bass. You can thus attend to calls and listen to music without touching your phone.

Photron gives you connectivity options as in you can play music through an AUX cable, a micro SD card and ofcourse Bluetooth.

You can even use the speaker as a night lamp owing to its blue LED light. You can also listen to the Radio as you get ready for the day.

If you want good quality speakers for a pocket-friendly price, then look no more. Most speakers just can’t compete with these Photron speakers in terms of price!


Speakers, too have personalities. Choose the one that brings out the inner you. If you’re an old-soul you’ll love the retro styled Muve Acoustics Box, Clavier Supersonic or the Claw.

If you prefer power and personality, you should consider going for the boAt Stone 650, or the Portronics Sound drum. Check out the Xoopar boy for a cuteness overload and the boAt Stone 260, Photron or JBL Go for a chic style.

Happy shopping!

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