6 Best Drones in India under 5000

Want to make amazing travel videos for your YouTube channel?

Or maybe just try your hand at being a pilot? Or does your kid want to drone-race with his friends?

No matter why you're looking for the best drone in India under 5000, I can help.

From avid photographers to kids who love new toys, drones are quickly gaining popularity irrespective of your age.

To find the right drone for your budget and needs, keep reading below. 

Although drones are fun to fly there are some rules and regulations you need to follow before you fly one.

Flying a drone, even a toy drone, needs a crash course of about an hour or two. 

(However, if you've operated toy helicopters or remote-controlled cars before, then you're already qualified to fly a drone). 

Another thing about drones is that they need to be handled delicately.

As any type of misjudgment while flying will lead to a crash and might damage the drone. 

Again, damages can be easily repairable. Or they may need total replacement of the parts. This depends on the build quality of the drone. 

A budget drone (under 5000) is thus a great way to practice your pilot skills so you can eventually move on to more hi-tech and high budget drones.

So, I recommend you first try out these simple versions of drones before you scale up on your drone's features. 

This will ensure you lose the least amount of money, even if your drone gets damaged beyond repair.

Check out my list of the best drones in India under 5000 before taking your final decision. Use this list to grab a drone today.

6 Best Drones in India under 5000 

Lesgos Gesture and Hand Sensor Control Mini RC Quadcopter Drone with Altitude Hold, HD Camera and App Control.


Gesture and mobile app control

6 Mins Flight Time

Foldable drone

Propeller guards

4 additional propellers provided      

Made of plastic material

Lightweight – 200 gm

This drone can fly and take pictures along the way!

Best suited for trekkers and destination travelers, this drone is a cost-effective way to record your journey from unique angles.

'Aerial shots'- a drone's strongest point, gives you picturesque views of landscapes, crowds, and events.

 This particular drone from Lesgos, come with gesture control and hand sensor control.

Thanks to an HD camera, this drone flies off to come back with memorable pictures.

You can do both, high definition photography and videography with this drone. 

And you can even control this with an App! 

Various Apps are dedicated to helping drone flyers such as AirMap, UAV Forecast, Google Earth, Hover, etc. 

These apps give you information regarding the various locations you can and cannot fly your drone, to prevent any unwanted incidents.

These Apps also tell you if the weather is good to fly or not. (You don't want your drone blown off by a strong wind or rain right?)

This drone can also be controlled using hand gestures, which act as a cool trick to play on your friends. 

Owing to its foldable nature, you can carry your drone easily in a backpack or handbag.


DotCom HX 750 Drone Quadcopter without Camera for Kids


360-degree rollover

Headless mode available

Durable build quality

Batteries are included

2 additional propellers provided       

Made of plastic material

Lightweight – 99.8 gm

This drone is best for kids and teens to begin their new hobby of drone flying.

It is lightweight, made of plastic, and easy to steer. 

This makes the drone travel-friendly, sturdy, and fun past-time.

You can buy 2 of these drones and have a drone-race with your kid for some great bonding time. Or you can gift one to your nieces and nephews.

This drone, however, lacks a camera so it cannot be used for aerial photography.

But this makes a good practice drone thanks to its budget price and durable plastic body.

Since its meant for low flying heights you don't have to go to a garden or mountain to fly it.

You can fly it at home or in your building's play area as well.

Also, this drone can do some cool stunts like a 360-degree flip that you can show off to your friends and family.


TALREJA ENTERPRISES Super Toys Flip & Rotation Drone


Flying height – 20 meters and above

Takes 40 mins to charge it

6-8 mins flying time

4 additional propellers provided        

Made of plastic material

Lightweight – 405 gm

This drone is helpful for beginners who wish to get used to drone flying skills. 

This drone is especially suitable if you want the drone to be more than just a hobby. 

For example, if you plan to enter drone racing leagues or want show off your drone stunts in college festivals, then this drone will be a perfect companion.

The drone is lightweight which makes it very portable.

It also comes with a headless mode ability. 

Owing to this ability you don't have to worry about checking whether the drone is facing the right direction or not. 

Once its air-borne no matter where its 'head' is facing, the drone will only fly in the direction you steer it in. Hence the 'headless' mode.

This drone comes with a slot provided for holding a camera. You can thus get a camera installed on a later date if you want one.

Another method for using this drone for photography is by mounting a phone camera.

But the phone must be lightweight or it will affect the height of flight and the drone's stability.


SME Multicolour - HX 750 Drone Quadcopter Toy for Kids (Without Camera).


Fine-tuned and calibrated before dispatch by Vip Gadgets

2 additional propellers provided        

Made of plastic material

Lightweight – 372 gm

This is another toy drone with a cute design and compact build.

It comes with a remote control you can use to steer and fly the drone with.

How about taking the drone to your office? You can fly the drone in the short breaks you get between meetings and presentations.

This way you can relax and move your legs a bit.

So you can de-stress and exercise at the same time.

Let others see a different, adventurous side of you!

You can even get others on-board your drone-club and organize drone competitions.


Super Toy Drone Professional Quadcopter Without Camera


Sturdy and shockproof

The flying range is up to 40 meters

Takes 35-45 mins to charge

7-8 mins flying time

2 additional propeller blades provided along with 4 drone legs        

Made of plastic material

Lightweight – 411 gm

One Key Return Without Camera (Multi-Color)

This compact and pocket-friendly drone is another great gift option for the little kids in your family. 

It is easy to get a hang of so it does not take much learning time.

You can quickly get to the fun part of flying the drone in open skies.

Although the drone doesn't come with a camera, you can perform many stunts in the air with it.

It also gives you one of the longest flying times (of about 7 to 8 minutes) compared to other budget drones.

And even if it falls when mid-air, its plastic body protects the drone from shocks.


Whether you're buying a drone to get your kid interested in science or just for a good playtime. For kids, young adults or adults. A drone under 5000 is the right way to get started especially if you're a new flyer.

So, which drone from the list has caught your eye? 

Can you think of any other innovative ways to use your new drone?

Tell me in the comments below.

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