Best LED TV in India under 15000 (2019)

Best 32-inch Smart LED TVs in India under 15000

Mi 4C PRO is the best 32-inch smart LED TV in India as it offers Android smart features in a size and price segment where most TVs are either non-smart or basic smart. And while doing so, it neither compromises on the quality nor empties your pockets, making it an ideal choice for an upgrade.

But if you want to look at a few more options to see which one fits you best, then check out my other recommendations below.

Mi HD Ready Android TV (4C PRO)


If you’re looking for the best of the best TV under 15000 then look no more! Mi TV wins the crown hands down!

What you get is a 32” sleek TV with the latest in the smart technology. Once you connect the TV to the internet via a LAN cable or Wi-Fi, you can access loads of new content.

The Android patchwall gives you a smartphone like experience, making navigation easier.

The TV also comes with a voice-activated remote control that lets you use Google voice search and speak out search queries. You can even use the screen mirroring feature to cast your Smartphone screen on to the TV for better visibility and engagement.

The Bluetooth can be used to connect sound systems or headphones wirelessly. And you can use the multiple access ports to plug and play gaming consoles, X-box and so on.

This TV from Mi is definitely a full ‘paisa-vasool’!

No other brand offers such a feature-rich TV at such an attractive price! In less than 15000Rs you get all the features of a regular HD Ready TV and a horde of smart features!

You can connect this TV to the internet through Wi-Fi or with a LAN cable. You can then access more content in the form of games, videos or web browsing, via the in-built Apps.


And since this one works on an Android Operating system, you can download unlimited Apps and games from the PlayStore. Kevin’s web-touch remote even comes with dedicated keys for YouTube, Netflix and functions as an air mouse.

The smart features also include M-cast which lets you cast your Smartphone screen onto the TV for better visuals and easy control.

As for the picture quality, Kevin’s HRDD technology ensures that every image produced is clear, sharp and vivid. The A+ grade panel boosts the image quality with a wide viewing angle and ambient light reflection.

If you’re looking for maximum features at a minimum price– your search ends here!

This smart TV from CloudWalker comes with a quad-core processor, 1 GB RAM and 8 GB storage— making it an effective smart TV. The TV offers a few preloaded Apps to get you started and more can be downloaded from the Play Store.

Its not just the TV that’s smart, the remote is too! Along with dedicated buttons for homescreen, Wi-Fi, subtitles, screeshot etc. the remote also functions as an air mouse i.e. you can simply point the cursor and click.

The 4K ready technology allows you to play 4K content on the TV, while the Xluminous display ensures every picture resembles its natural form. The audio too, is backed by front firing speakers, thus enhancing your viewing experience.

Now who wouldn’t love a TV so full of features, quality and a price that seems too good to be true!

Best 32-inch non-smart LED TVs in India under 15000

For most users, BPL080F2000J is the best 32-inch non-smart TV in India. It is energy efficient, easy on the pocket, and has brand reliability & value. This TV is perfect for the budget conscious and viewers who prefer to stick to broadcasted content rather than the world wide web.

However, if you would like to consider other options before making your final decision then keep reading.

TCL TVs are equipped with a dynamic picture enhancement technology that regulates skin tones and the brightness to give you a true-enough picture quality. In addition to this, the TV comes with smart volume features and amplified audio output, to give you richer, clearer sound.

The TV has an ergonomic design with a sleek frame that keeps your focus on-screen. Although this is a non-smart TV, you can easily turn it smart with Amazon’s fire stick.

Why pay more for a basic smart TV when you can turn any TV into a smart one?

You can even connect a range of multimedia devices to the TV like pen-drives, hard disk, PC/Laptop and so on. TCL’s latest ASIC system decoder supports various video and audio formats— mp3, wma, dolby, mpeg etc.

This TV is also energy efficient and will help you save up on your electricity bills. All-in-all this one’s a value-packed option at a budget price!

BPL TV combines high quality features and a smart price. For example, the TV offers a wide viewing angle letting you watch the TV from anywhere around it, without any distortion in the image quality. The Vivid Colour Controller takes charge of accurate colour reproduction, producing blur-free, crisp and bright images.

BPL’s latest sound technology produces powerful sound to match its high picture quality. But if you want to enjoy a movie in isolation or don’t want to disturb other members of your house, you can plug in headphones in the 3.5mm jack.

For more content options, you can connect your PC, Laptop, Smartphone, HDD or pen-drive through the connectivity ports– HDMI, USB and VGA. Another advantage of this TV is its low power consumption, especially useful in homes where TV usage runs into hours.

Overall this TV from BPL is a reliable, durable and functional product at a pocket-friendly price!

Every Sanyo TV goes through 24 stringent quality checks to deliver only the best to your doorstep. This TV’s 8.1 cm slim body gives it a compact and classic look while its IPS panel technology takes care that your viewing experience does not suffer due to colour distortion.

Along with a wide 178 degrees viewing angle, this TV also boasts a 4-star rating by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency. If your TV stays on almost the entire day, then Sanyo is a better option to bring home so that your electricity bills don’t hit the roof.

Sanyo’s audio technology is right next to its superior graphics. Its HDMI sound-out feature allows you to easily connect a Home Theatre system. And Sanyo’s in-built box speakers produce deep and powerful sound.  For an immersive experience you can even plug-in a pair of headphones into the TV’s 3.5mm port.

The TV also supports different multimedia formats which can be connected through the multiple ports the TV offers.

With such a long list of features and superior quality, the TV continues to hold its place in the list of the best TVs in India– 2018. Its affordable price is just another cherry on the cake.

Best 24-inch TVs in India under 15000 Rs.

Sony Bravia KLV-24P413D is the best 24-inch LED TV in India. Its attractive design and durable build backed by Sony’s well-known picture quality makes it stand out among others. Its low-price tag is another reason why this TV deserves your attention.

To find out which other TVs made it into my list of the best 24-inch TVs in India, keep scrolling below.

TCL HD Ready TV (L24D2900)

This cute TV from TCL Corporation, perfectly blends features, price and functionality into one worthy product!

The A+ grade panel ensures ambient light reflection and a wide viewing angle. The 720p images are processed by TCL’s image enhancement technologies like True Colour Reproduction and Dynamic noise reduction. The images you see are thus vivid, pristine and bright.

The TV’s audio setup consists of 2 frontal speakers, that simulate surround sound effect, producing deep and rich audio. The multiple HDMI, USB ports facilitate connection of various multimedia devices like PC/Laptops, pen-drive, hard disk etc.

The TV also helps you save up on your electricity bills by consuming low power. This compact and highly affordable TV is the best in 24” category!

Features? Check. Brand reliability? Check. Price? Double-check

The Samsung brand has been one the most trusted brands in India for more than a decade. And Televisions from Samsung are no less than their range of other appliances and gadgets.

With a Samsung TV, you will find yourself enjoying a cinema hall-like experience! At least that is what Samsung claims. And I do find good basis for their claims too!

Samsung’s wide color enhancer technology refines the images and brings out their details. The ‘Indian cinema’ and ‘Cricket’ modes adjust the aspect ratio, contrast ratio and the brightness to further improve the visuals.

You can even take screenshots or record a song playing on TV with the screen capture, sound capture and story replay features. As for durability, Samsung’s got you covered with their triple protector measures that protect the TV from humidity, lightning and power surges.

You will never be disappointed with a Samsung TV in the house!

Ideal for bedrooms, study-room, office or playroom— this TV from Sony is an elegantly designed and long-lasting product.

The clear resolution enhancer, processes and boosts the quality of images by heightening contrast, highlighting the details and widening the colour palette. This makes for a really good picture quality which is accompanied by an equally powerful audio. This 24” compact TV, produces a 20W audio output, at par with audio output of larger 32” or 43” TVs. 

And if you get tired of watching the same TV shows or typical movies then you can simply play the content of your choice by plugging in a pen-drive, hard disk or Laptop.

Although the brand of Sony is an assurance in itself— the X-Protection pro still has you covered with a TV that’s built to resist dust, humidity, voltage fluctuations and heat.

If I had to rank the best 24" TVs in India under 15000Rs, this would definitely win the gold medal!

LG has become a household name in India, owing to its product quality and after sales service. Even in the Television section, LG keeps coming up with innovative features making it one of the top TV brands in the country.

This particular TV from LG, offers a unique mosquito-away technology that uses ultrasonic waves to drive away mosquitoes. Now, you have another reason to stick to the TV, every time you see a mosquito buzzing around.

This TV comes in a metallic frame– imparting shine and a rich look to your TV. You also get a couple of games built-into the TV, adding to the entertainment factor. The regional language option, allows you to navigate the TV in the language of your choice.

The Cricket mode and Bollywood mode will ensure you enjoy every match and movie as if you were a part of it! Which other TV gives you all that? I can only think of one– LG.

Buying Guide

  • Display:

LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display. The screen of an LCD TV consists of a panel filled with liquid crystals. These liquid crystals have the ability to pass or block light as it passes through them. And this passing or blocking of light can be controlled by applying electric current through the crystals.

Since Liquid Crystals don’t produce any light of their own a fluorescent lamp is placed behind this panel of liquid crystals. The light passes through the liquid crystal panel, and when the electric current is applied, the result is what you see on screen— images and videos. 

LED TVs have the same Liquid Crystal panel but instead of fluorescent lamp, Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are used to illuminate the Liquid Crystal panel. This doesn’t just improve the images you see, but also allows the TVs to be made slimmer and compact.

Since the LED technology is an upgraded version of LCD technology, both terms are used interchangeably now-a-days.

All the TVs below the 15000Rs mark come equipped with LED display technology.

  • Resolution

The images we see on TV are made up of lakhs of tiny dots called pixels. Each pixel can display different colors in varying levels of brightness. And the number of pixels the TV screen can show is called the resolution of the screen.

Higher the number of pixels, higher will be the screen’s resolution and better will be the video quality. A high resolution thus translates into clear, and colorful videos.

And how do you find out the resolution?

Well, the format used to describe the resolution of a screen is– (the number of pixels shown horizontally) X (number of pixels shown vertically).

So, a screen with (1366 X 768) resolution shows 1366 horizontal pixels multiplied by 768 vertical pixels or a total of 10,49,088 pixels.  Such a screen is commonly called a screen with resolution of 720. The world of High Definition starts at 720.

Most commonly available resolutions and the terms used to describe them are as follows:

720p (1366x768p)— High Definition (HD) or HD ready TV (Optimum resolution for 24” and 32” TVs)

1080p (1920 x 1080p)— Full HD TV

2160p (3840 x 2160p)— UHD or Ultra HD or 4K.

TVs ‘under 15000Rs’ segment are available in 720p or HD Ready resolution. This resolution is quite good for screen sizes up to 32”. For larger screen sizes full HD or 1080p is a better option.

  • Viewing distance

The distance between the sofa and the TV (also called as viewing distance) is important to prevent straining your eyes and neck; and also, to enjoy an immersive viewing experience. The recommended viewing distance according to screen size is as follows:


I know calculating viewing distance seems like a hassle, but I recommend you it, so that you can know exactly where to make you kids sit while watching T.V. so that they don't damage their eyes.


To know more about viewing distance, check out this article by rtings on size to distance relationship.

  • Smart vs. Non-smart TVs

When it comes to a smart vs. non-smart TV debate, there is sadly no clear answer. The choice depends on your budget and needs.

The world of TVs itself is unclear about what a smart TV really is— and that is where the problem lies! Essentially any TV which can be connected to the internet via a LAN cable or Wi-Fi, is a smart TV.

But every smart TV differs in its level of smartness (although the TV industry doesn’t specify any levels). Some offer very few ‘smart’ features while some are loaded with ‘smartness.’

 So, to make things simple I’ve made three categories to understand the difference between smart and non-smart TVs as well as ‘how smart’ a TV really is.

Non-smart (Standard) TV

  • Standard TVs cannot be connected to the internet and perform the most basic function of a TV— showing you content from the set-top box. At most, these TVs can be connected to external hard disks, pen-drives, PC/Laptop, Smartphone via HDMI, USB or VGA ports.
  • SO, if you want to catch an episode of CID from 5 years back, you have to download the episode on a pen-drive and connect it to the TV (rather troublesome, don’t you think?)
  • Since non-smart TVs have limited features, they’re also easy on the pocket out of all TVs.
  • But what if I tell you even standard TVs can be turned smart? Surprised? Well, that’s true! All you have to do is connect an Amazon fire stick to your non-smart T.V. and it becomes smart. You then have access to tons of Apps, games and more!
  • Amazon fire stick connects to the internet to give you access to loads of Apps like Netflix, Hotstar, SonyLiv, YouTube and many more. It also comes with an easy-to-use remote which takes voice commands. Yes, just by connecting Amazon fire stick your humble non- smart LED TV suddenly becomes smart!

Basic smart TV

 Most of the smart TVs that fall in the lower price range are basic smart. In addition to offering all the features of a standard TV, basic smart TV can be connected to the internet via a LAN cable or Wi-Fi. Basic smart TVs are characterized by two main smart features:

  • More Content:

On connecting to the internet, basic smart TVs let you access a bunch of inbuilt Apps and games. The number and type of Apps varies from brand to brand but usually include all the popular trending Apps like Netflix, YouTube, Hotstar, Facebook, Twitter and so on.

Some TVs even come with browsers for web surfing. For more content options you also get an AppStore which gives you select choices to download and watch. And here lies the catch. If you are expecting a range of options like the Google PlayStore, then go for a full smart TV. Basic smart ones have limited downloadable options.

  • Screen Mirroring

Screen mirroring lets you display your phone, laptop or tablet screen on the TV, wirelessly. You can thus play your ‘workout playlist’ as you do Yoga or stream your wedding photos for a little trip down memory lane. 

You can also access various supported Apps and games from your phone, to enjoy content on the big screen. Or you can mirror your laptop and use the TV as your laptop screen to work without straining your eyes.

Fully smart TV

These TVs are a class apart. They offer everything basic smart ones offer and so much more! However, TVs under 15000Rs only offer basic smart features.

Note the terms— non-smart, basic smart and fully smart are something I came up with to better explain the levels of smartness.

Buying online vs. offline

Unlike buying stationary or books, TV is a significant and a costly purchase, and as consumers, we all want the best deal in terms of price and exchange offer. 

So  WHERE should you buy your new TV from, to ensure that you get the best price, better variety and not feel cheated after making the purchase?— online or offline? For this, you need to consider just three things:

  1. Delivery
  2. After sales service (i.e. installation and future repairs)
  3. And Exchange of your old TV


  1. Delivery

Many consumers misunderstand the seller’s role. The job of any seller whether online or offline, is only to SELL and DELIVER the new TV. Installation and repairs are NOT the seller’s responsibilities.

Keeping this in mind, if you want your new TV to be delivered within the next 24 hours, going to your nearest electronics store is a better option.

However, if you’re willing to wait, then buying online will give you so many more options and deals to choose from!

When buying from Amazon, you can also select your preferred delivery slot, so your TV reaches you when you’re available. You can also return or replace the TV, if you find any issues with the delivered one.

  1. After sales service

Once the TV is delivered, the seller’s job ends. To get the TV installed, you have to contact the customer care center of the TV Company.

You can schedule a suitable time to get your TV installed by contacting the customer care. (When you buy offline, generally the retail store executives make that call for you).

Similarly, for repairs, it is the customer care you need to call and not the seller. This is why the brand of the TV becomes important, as the quality of the after sales service depends on it.

  1. Exchange of old TV

Buying a new TV almost always means discarding an old one. But wouldn’t it be better if you could scrape some value out of it?

Both online and offline sellers, let you get rid of your old TV with a small discount in the price of the new one.

When buying on Amazon, you’re asked for the brand, screen size and condition of your old TV. You’re then given a discount that you can avail on your new TV.

The exchange procedure is simple. If you’ve opted for the exchange, the old TV gets picked up during the delivery of the new one. Convenient and transparent.

Another point to note is that salesmen in retail electronics stores get high commission on certain products. And hence they may aggressively ‘push’ those products on you. Don’t fall for it!

In conclusion, if you’re in a hurry then buying a TV from your nearest electronics store is the best option.

But if you want more variety, more offers and a good exchange rate for your old TV, buying online is the way to go. All from the comfort of your home!

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