Best LED TV in India under 25000 - 2019

Mi 4C PRO is the best led TV under 25000 in India, as it offers Android smart features with voice control in a size and price segment where most TVs are either non-smart or basic smart. This, combined with its budget-friendly price makes it the ideal choice for an upgrade.

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Best 32-inch TVs in India under 25000Rs.

Considering factors like price, features and quality, Mi 4C PRO turned out to be the best 32-inch smart TV below 25000 in India. It offers the latest features in TV technology at an economical price without compromising on the quality. Its Android user interface makes it an easy-to-navigate TV, making it an ideal choice for an upgrade.

LG 32LK526BPTA, on the other hand, is the best 32-inch non-smart TV under 25000 in India. It offers one of the lowest prices in this category, and is powered by LG’s superior graphics and top-notch build quality. Combined with its unique Quick Access and FM Radio features, this TV is a good choice for replacing your old TV.

But if you want to look through more options before taking the final call, keep reading.

Best 32-inch smart TVs under 25000

Mi HD Ready Android TV (4C PRO)

This TV from Mi comes with all the latest features in the television market. Being a smart TV with Android patchwall Operating system, you get a Smartphone like experience while navigating the TV.

With the voice-activated control, your voice can be used as a remote to change channels, control volume or search for specific content. The Bluetooth facilitates easy connection with Home Theatre Systems and soundbars or even Bluetooth enabled headphones.

No other TV gives so many features in the ‘under 25000’ price bracket as this one. In fact, this Mi TV can also be crowned as the best Android TV under 25000.

With the right combination of Exchange and EMI offers, you can grab the TV for an even lesser price! So, if you’re looking to upgrade your TV without making a hefty purchase, then this TV is the perfect for you!

Samsung is a household name in India with their range of Smartphones, Microwaves, PCs and now even TVs. And here too, the Company makes sure the trust we have in the quality of its products, remains.

This particular TV offers superior video quality owing to Samsung’s team of image enhancement technologies like Ultra Clean View (for clarity), PurColor (for accurate color reproduction) and Micro Dimming Pro (for better contrast). The resulting picture quality is worth every Rupee!

Being a smart TV, you get to access more content in the form of games, movies and TV shows just by connecting the TV to the internet. The TV can be easily connected to the internet via a LAN cable or the built-in Wi-Fi support. However, the Apps are limited in number. But this drawback can be bypassed with an Amazon Fire TV stick.

You can even cast your Smartphone screen on the big screen with the screen mirroring feature. The high-quality visuals are complemented by an equally powerful audio output, so no need to invest in external sound system.

Overall, this TV offers good value for money!

LG goes all out to fulfill its motto— Life’s Good. And this TV sums it up for us. The TV from LG offers a 32” large screen at a reasonable price, complete with smart features!

It comes fitted with an IPS panel which ensures a wide viewing angle, accurate color reproduction and a durable TV. LG TV’s video quality is undoubtedly the best and even the sound quality matches it with a 20W output. You can experience a theatre-like effect with LG’s surround sound technology.

The TV also supports external sound systems like Dolby Digital and other DTS.

This TV’s smart features include MiraCast— casting your Smartphone or tablet screen on to the TV. Or you can connect the TV to the internet and access internet with the preloaded Apps.

For more content you can download Apps and games of your choice from the LG Content store.

The TV comes with a smart ‘magic remote’ that offers features like dedicated hotkeys to popular Apps, single click access, scroll button for ease of navigation and many more options. You can even give voice commands and search queries with LG’s voice control remote!

The Time Machine feature, on the other hand, lets you record shows to catch-up later. All-in-all it’s a value-packed TV with an attractive price tag!

Best 32-inch non-smart TVs below 25000

Sony Bravia 32” HD Ready TV (KLV-32R202F)

In the world of TVs, Sony is a premium brand and rightly so! The quality and sophistication of Sony TVs have given them a hardcore and loyal following. So, if your budget is under 25000 and you don’t want to compromise on brand, this is your TV.

As an elite branded product, you can rest assured the video and audio output will be excellent. You even get an FM Radio feature with this TV along with multiple Indian languages for ease of navigation.

The TV’s multimedia connectivity lets you easily connect various external devices like pen-drives, hard disk, PC/Laptop, digital camera and so on. What’s more? You can also turn it smart!

Yes, you read it right! You can turn your non-smart HD Ready TV into a smart one by connecting it with an Amazon fire tv stick. The fire tv stick when plugged into the TV, connects to the Wi-Fi, allowing you access to tons of content— Apps, Games and more. With this, your TV truly becomes an entertainment center!

And last but not the least, this TV’s long life is secured by Sony’s X-Protection Pro. It safeguards the TV from voltage fluctuations, lightning and moisture.

This TV has everything— features, brand value, looks and a sweet price. What more do you want? 

Compared to other dearly priced TVs from Sony and LG, Panasonic offers a more reasonably priced option without compromising on the quality and features.

Its IPS LED panel combines with Dot Noise Reduction and Backlight dimming technologies to reduce digital graininess and improve contrast respectively.

Another plus point is the TV’s ample number of ports to connect external media devices like pen-drives, PC/Laptop, gaming console, digital camera etc. You can thus enjoy a wider range of content from movies to games and music to pictures on a larger screen.

But what if you want to stream a video from YouTube or Netflix? Well, instead of going through the hassle of connecting a Laptop, and then playing a video from YouTube; you can simply plug in an Amazon fire tv stick and enjoy unlimited content!

If you’re looking for a functional and quality TV at a great price— your search ends here!

This TV will definitely make you a proud owner! Not just because it’s a ‘designed in India’ and ‘Made in India’ product but also because of what it has to offer.

This TV comes fitted with an IPS panel which basically translates into a wide viewing angle and vivid display. A wide viewing angle ensures there’s no image distortion no matter where you’re sitting in the room. Next, the TV comes with in-built entertainment options like FM Radio and games.  



You can tune in to your favorite channel as you get ready for office. Or have a friendly match with your kids.

The TV also lets you set-up Quick Access to various content and connections, with direct hot keys on the remote control. And all of these features are backed by a vibrant video quality and powerful sound.

But if you want to enjoy a movie in silence without disturbing others, the 3.5mm jack lets you plug in a set of headphones.

No other TV offers so many features at this price! What are you waiting for?

Best 40-inch TVs in India under 25000Rs.

Kevin KN40S is the best 40-inch smart TV under 25000 in India. It offers the maximum utility in terms of features, functionality and durability. In the price of a small screen TV, you get a 40-inch one with Android user interface and a smart remote. Also, its low energy consumption and simple design make it an attractive upgrade option in this size segment.

To find out which other TVs made it into my list of the best 40-inch TVs under 25000, keep reading below.

Best 40-inch smart TVs under 25000

TCL 40” Full HD Smart TV (40S62FS)

In the segment of 40” TVs, this TV has everything— 1080p resolution, smart features, stylish design and all of this for a price below 25000Rs! If you’re not a stickler for premium brands then this could even be considered the best TV in 40” segment!

This TV comes packed with a horde of features to keep you entertained all the time. On connecting to the internet, you can access various content through the limited preloaded Apps. For more options you can always download Apps and games from the TCL App Store.

Screen mirroring is another smart feature that lets you cast the Smartphone or tablet screen on to the TV with a few clicks. You can even control the TV via your phone by downloading the T-cast App. These smart features in addition to the multimedia device compatibility, opens up multiple ways to enjoy content on TV.

But what good would features do without a good display? Well, TCL makes sure you have no complains whatsoever with its range of image enhancement technologies. The resultant display is clear, crisp and colorful.

What’s different about this TV compared to the ones above is it’s based on Android operating system. This makes it easier to understand and navigate. Since most of the Smartphones we use today, are based on Android operating system, this TV seems like an extension of our Smartphone itself.

By connecting the TV to the internet by Wi-Fi or via a LAN cable, you immediately get access to tons of new content. To get you started, the TV comes with in-built Apps like Facebook, Browser, Gmail, Hotstar, Netflix, YouTube and so on.

For more, you can simply download the App or game of your choice from the Play Store.

The TV’s smart features also include the M-cast, which lets you cast your Smartphone screen onto the TV wirelessly. The TV comes with a web-touch remote, with air-mouse control and hotkeys to popular Apps— YouTube, Netflix & Facebook.

All of these smart features need an equally smart and hi-tech image enhancement technology to bring out an image in full HD glory. Kevin’s HRDD picture quality and wide viewing angle of 178 degrees fulfills this agenda. And the 20W sound output makes sure every dialogue and syllable are clear and deep.

All-in-all, this TV offers maximum features at a minimum price!

This Android Nougat TV from CloudWalker has a sturdy build and slim body. Its quad-core processor, 1GB RAM and 8GB storage make sure the TV’s performance and utility is maximized.

The Android Operating system lays the base for a user-friendly interface so you don’t have to refer complex manuals. The content discovery engine gives personalized suggestions regarding Apps and content while the in-built Apps help you get started with limited content options.

To avoid tiring out your fingers by repeated pressing of buttons, the remote functions as an air mouse and has dedicated hotkeys for home-screen, sub-title, screenshot and more. Or you can simply download the CShare App and turn your Smartphone into a remote.

This TV, like other smart TVs, supports screen mirroring and offers options to choose a regional language for navigating the TV.

Also, this TV is 4K ready i.e. you can watch 4K content on it without losing out on the video quality!

The X-Luminous Display ensures stunning visuals while the box speakers deliver deep and rich sound— a perfect setting to watch your favorite movie!

Best 40-inch non-smart TV under 25000

BPL Vivid 40” Full HD TV (BPL101D51H)

BPL celebrates its 56 years anniversary this year, as one of the first world-class consumer electronics brand in India. Keeping the needs of Indian consumers in focus comes naturally to the TV makers at BPL.

This can be seen in the TV’s low power consumption, as certified by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency. If your TV stays on for hours in a day, then this TV is the perfect choice to save up on electricity bills.

The TV’s ergonomic style has been designed in India itself and it offers high quality visuals with clear sound. The quality of this TV is further reinforced by certification from the Bureau of Indian Standards.

The TV also comes with ample number of ports, letting you connect various multimedia devices. You can thus enjoy more content via PC/Laptop etc. or play games by attaching a gaming console.

Want to enjoy a surround sound experience without disturbing your neighbors? Just plug in your headphones in the TV’s 3.5mm jack and continue watching in comfort.

Conclusively, this product offers everything a basic 40-inch TV should have– resolution, connectivity, clarity, contrast and sound quality. And the budget-friendly price tag is another cherry on the cake!

Best 43-inch TVs in India under 25000Rs.

Sanyo XT-43S7100F is the best 43-inch LED TV under 25000 in India. It offers a good combination of low price, many features and attractive design. These, along with its low power consumption and consistently good performance, make it an ideal choice in this category.

For more recommendations like this, keep reading below.

Sanyo 43” Full HD TV (XT-43S7100F)

Normally, as the screen size goes up the TV’s price goes up too. But Sanyo has found a way around it— it offers a 43” large screen at an unbelievable price!

This TV unveils the world of entertainment in its full high definition glory! The images produced are brighter and sharper compared to HD Ready TVs. The Dot Noise reduction technology further reduces graininess to give crisper and detailed images.This TV also comes with different picture modes viz. Sports mode and Movie mode. 

These modes tinker with the contrast, color and audio settings to bring you a more curated display and sound.

The TV comes equipped with a built-in bass system that produces deeper and richer aural experience. In addition to this, you can connect a variety of input devices– PC, Laptop, hard disk, pendrive, and so on to expand your content options. You can even plug in an Amazon fire tv stick and turn your TV smart!

And if there’s too much background noise or if your family members are sleeping; you can simply plug in your headphones for an immersive and exclusive viewing!

This TV is a complete package of sturdy design, awesome features and a reliable brand— at a price that seems too good to be true!

Micromax Smartphones are already members of various Indian households and now its TVs are gaining traction too!

This TV from Micromax comes with a unique AVEA (Audio-Visual Entertainment architecture) technology which produces life-like images with an enhanced clarity and contrast! Whether you’re watching a movie, a daily show, sports or playing a game the visuals will ensure an immersive experience.

The audio set-up consists of an SRS sound system that produces loud and deep sound. You can even connect these with external sound system for a theatre-like audio.

But this TV’s expertise lies in its low power consumption. Despite having a large screen size, the TV helps you save up on your electricity bills.

Overall, this TV offers a good deal for anyone looking for quality merged with functionality.

This TV from BPL is an energy efficient, budget-friendly and feature-rich product– ideal for anyone looking to upgrade to a larger TV at a lower price!

Its full high definition graphics are backed by BPL’s Vivid Colour Controller technology and an A+ grade panel that facilitates ambient reflection of light. The TV also has multiple access ports that let you