Top 9 OTG (Oven, Toaster and Griller) in India under 9000

Bajaj 22L is the best OTG in India under 9000 Rupees. Ideal for families of 3 to 4, the OTG is large, feature-rich and from a reliable brand like Bajaj. Its affordable price tag just adds another reason to a long list of benefits.

To check out other best OTGs in India, keep reading below. Feel free to drop a comment in case you have any questions or suggestions.

Best OTG in India under 9000 Rupees

Bajaj 16L, 1200 Watt OTG

Here’s an affordable, multi-purpose OTG (Oven, Toaster and Grill) from a reliable brand like Bajaj.

It has a stainless-steel body with a 16 L capacity. This means the OTG can easily fit a 1kg cake and you won’t have to worry about the space being too less for a 10-inch pizza.

Like most OTGs, the outer body heats up during use, so don’t be alarmed when it happens. You can set the cooking instructions with the 3 mechanical knobs on the control panel.

The top knob is for setting temperature up to 2500C. The middle knob lets you select the function i.e. whether you want heat to be radiated only from above the grill rack, or from below or from both sides.

With the 3rd knob you can select the time period up to 60 minutes. After running for the selected time, the OTG shuts off automatically.

You can even set it on ‘stay on’ to keep the food from going cold. The OTG also comes with free accessories like a grill rack, baking tray, crumb tray, tongs and skewer rods.

The glass door lets you easily see what’s going on inside so you can keep a watch on your tikkas and kebabs. The large volume yet compact size of this OTG makes it ideal for small kitchens and small families of 2-3.

Overall, this one is the best 16L OTG oven in India under 5000!

Lifelong 16L, 1200 Watt OTG

An alternative to the Bajaj OTG above, this one offers similar features at an even lower price than Bajaj’s OTG. If you want to extract more savings from your OTG and don’t insist on a premium brand, then this one will interest you.

With a 16L capacity, and 1200-Watt max power consumption, this OTG doesn’t fall short of space or energy efficiency.  The mechanical dials on control panel let you set the temperature, timer and function. So, you can bake, roast or grill with ease.

And while your grill is on, you can keep checking the progress through the transparent glass door. On completing its time cycle, the OTG shuts-off on its own adding to the product’s safety value.

This OTG from Lifelong also comes with its set of accessories. These include a wire grill, skewers for grilling, baking tray and a crumb tray for collecting the leftovers.

A pair of tongs is also provided to handle hot objects.

The OTG may get hot on the outside, so take precaution while handling it during use. All-in-all, this Lifelong OTG is the best budget 16L OTG in India under 5000.


Prestige 19L, 1380 Watt OTG

Prestige is a part of most Indian kitchens in the form of a Pressure cooker or mixer. Yours, might have had a Prestige appliance too.

Along with brand value Prestige offers robust and durable products at affordable prices. This gives Prestige products an edge over others.

By getting a Prestige OTG home, you get a reliable kitchen assistant that replaces 3 appliances (a traditional Oven, Electric grill and a toaster). So, it’s not just money you save but also space.

The 19L capacity ensures the appliance can hold larger dishes. While the 1380-Watt maximum power consumption helps the OTG reach high temperatures in short time (useful for preheating).

The control knobs let you choose the temperature, timer and function settings. The free Recipe book, on the other hand, helps you get started on some yummy dishes.

You can try out baking, roasting and grilling with the OTG’s accessories like the wire rack, baking tray, and tongs. You even get a Rotisserie for cooking restaurant style tandoori Chicken.

The 1-year warranty has you covered in case of any unexpected damage. Overall this Prestige OTG is the best 19L OTG in India!


Bajaj 22L, 1200 Watt OTG

If you feel a 16L OTG model is too compact for your cooking needs, then check out this 22L OTG from Bajaj. With just a small increment in price, this OTG offers more space and more cooking options.

The 22L large volume lets you bake half a dozen cupcakes at a time or grill 3 skewers of veg/non-veg barbecues. The stainless steel provides a sturdy build to the OTG while the glass door comes with a heat-proof handle.

The large space also makes room for a more controlled cooking experience.

For example, to bake pizza put it on a baking tray on the upper rack while turning on the lower heating element. This ensures your pizza stays soft on top surface and becomes crunchy as you go down.

The 3 control knobs offer minimal settings which are enough to get the job done right. You get a range of accessories from grill racks, and skewers to rotisserie with forks.

This way you can try the same food in multiple recipes (e.g. Chicken puff, Chicken tandoori and Chicken kebabs). If you’re looking for a budget-friendly OTG for a family of 4 to 5, then this one is an ideal choice!


Tefal Delicio 24L, 1400 Watt OTG


An alternative choice to the Bajaj OTG above, this one offers slightly more features and space. In fact, this OTG from Tefal Delicio is best suited for a family of 4 to 5 adults, with a preference for grilled and baked food.

If your OTG is going be in frequent use, then a free Recipe book will help you start experimenting. The skewer rods, wire rack, Rotisserie and other accessories you get along with the OTG will ensure you don’t need to spend extra on add-ons.

The OTG itself is made of durable material, with a see-through glass door and cool-to-touch handle. The cavity light provided inside the OTG chamber is an exclusive feature that can be of great help.

The OTG’s 24 L volume and high Watt capacity indicate 2 things. You can cook large batches at a time and the OTG can reach higher temperatures quickly.

This ability is especially useful while baking, which needs preheating the Oven. The smooth control dials let you set the temperature, timer and cooking function.

This 24L OTG is a good option if you want a spacious OTG at pocket-friendly price! No doubt, it’s the best 24L OTG in India under 10000.


Agaro 25L, 1600 Watt OTG

This Agaro OTG is the most budget-friendly OTG in India! At a capacity of 25L you might expect this OTG to cost you a couple of thousand Rupees. But its price tag will definitely surprise you!

 No other OTG at this price range offers such a large volume and Wattage capacity. Hence this one is perfect for someone who loves to bake, grill and roast, and also loves feeding it to others.

Barbecues and brownies can be cooked in large batches at one go, instead of smaller batches one at a time.

With such a large capacity and attractive price, you might think there’s a catch. Maybe the price is compensated with lack of other features. But, no, this Agaro OTG’s features will give other OTGs a run for their money!

The build is sturdy, with a glass door and robust handle. The control panel has sleek knobs for setting timer, temperature and heating function.

The 5-stage heating ensures optimum cooking that you can track in the cavity light of the OTG chamber. Once the timer finishes its cycle, the alarm dings and your dish is ready to be served.

This OTG is full of features making it a value-packed deal. No wonder it’s a bestseller on Amazon! This Agaro OTG is the best budget OTG under 5000 in India!


Impex 28L, 1600 Watt OTG

This Impex OTG has 2 unique features— convection heat distribution and 2-years warranty. In case of convection, the OTG’s heating system is more elaborate and includes a 5-stage function.

This 5-stage function lets you choose between upper heating, lower heating, upper and lower heating, upper heating with Rotisserie, and, upper and lower heating with Rotisserie. These different functions give you more control over the cooking process and how your final dish turns out.

Whichever function you choose, a fan helps distribute the heat uniformly inside the 28L chamber. This is what makes the OTG a convection one.

The 2-years warranty, on the other hand, has you covered for a longer period unlike other OTGs that have just 1-year warranty.

In terms of other features, this OTG is no different from others. You get 3 control knobs for temperature, timer and function respectively.

Also, a couple of free accessories to help you bake, roast and grill. You even get a cavity light inside the OTG and glass door with a heat-proof handle.

Even in the price category this OTG has an advantage over others. This is because even some 24L and 25L OTGs are more expensive when compared to this Impex OTG.

Hence, if you want to make the most of every Rupee you spend why not get a spacious OTG like this one from Impex? Overall this Impex OTG is the best 28L OTG in India under 9000.


Singer 40L, 1600 Watt OTG

If you frequently host parties or bake professionally, you’ll love this OTG from Singer! The 40L capacity ensures you get more than enough space for baking a 2 or 3 kg cake or a dozen cupcakes.

The ample space is even convenient to cook up quick but tasty recipes that are not on your guests’ everyday menu.

The 1600-Watt maximum power consumption indicates the OTG can heat up quickly and fast. Whether you’re baking, roasting or grilling, the 4 control dials simplify setting the temperature, time and cooking functions.

Once the grilling starts you can see what’s going on inside with the cavity light. The alarm beeps when the cooking is done while the OTG automatically shuts-off.

The 40L volume might make you think this one will cost you atleast 10 grand. But this OTG’s price will surely leave you surprised.

With this Singer OTG you can buy a 40L large OTG at the price of a 24 or 25L one! In fact, out of all other choices this one is the best 40L budget OTG under 10000 in India!


American Micronic 42L, 2000 Watt OTG

If a sleek touch panel is more to your liking than mechanical dials or knobs, then check out this OTG from American Micronic. What this one brings to the table is large volume, brand value with a touch of modern design that will fit any kitchen.

This OTG, unlike others, lets you set the time for up to 90 minutes and preheats faster than any other (thanks to its 2000-Watt power consumption).

You also get other features common to all OTGs like a transparent door, free accessories and an alarm when the cooking is done. American Micronic, however, adds-on to its OTG with a convection system that evenly heats-up the OTG chamber.

The 2-years warranty is another reason to consider buying this one, especially if you’re going to use the OTG frequently.

Conclusively, this one is the best 42L OTG in India under 9000! And with a brand like American Micronic you just can’t go wrong.

What is an OTG? Why you should get one?

OTG stands for Oven Toaster and Griller. And as the name suggests, it is a kitchen appliance that lets you cook a large variety of dishes using dry heat (like baking, grilling, roasting and reheating).

Instead of buying a separate Oven, Toaster, and a Grill, buy an OTG to save space and money.


OTG and Dry-heat cooking

Any basic cooking involves the use of heat. Depending on the medium of heat transfer, cooking can be categorized as dry-heat or moist-heat cooking.

When moisture is used to transfer heat (via water, steam etc.) it is called moist-heat cooking. This includes cooking methods like boiling, steaming, simmering, stewing and so on.

For example, cooking Paneer with moist-heat can give you Paneer makhanwala but not Paneer tikka (as it requires dry-heat).

When hot air, hot fat, hot metal, or radiation is used to transfer heat it is called as dry-heat cooking. This includes cooking methods like baking, grilling, frying, roasting etc.

For example, dry-heat cooking (more specifically grilling) can give you Chicken tandoori but not Chicken Handi (which needs moist-heat technique).

In terms of an OTG, you can try a variety of dry-heat cooking recipes like baking, broiling, grilling, and roasting. Stir fry and deep fry are the only 2 dry-heat cooking techniques you can’t do in an OTG.

If you dismantle an OTG, you’ll find 2 heating elements (or metal rods), one above and one below the cooking chamber. These rods heat up when electric current is applied and radiate the heat to the food being cooked.

Let’s have an in-depth look into how this helps you cook:



The spongy yet firm bite of a pizza or cupcake is only possible with an Oven. Baking requires a thermally heated enclosed space that can reach high temperatures in short time.

This is important as Caramelization (or Maillard Reaction) can begin only above 1550C. It is this reaction that gives dry-heat cooked items their distinct browning and flavour.

OTG ensures higher temperatures are reached within shortest time spans, giving you more control over the baking process and the outcome.


Putting together simple recipes with bread toast becomes easier with an OTG. Whether you stick to a humble chaai-toast or cook up a sandwich, snacks will no longer be boring.

But toasting is just one form of roasting food. Roasting requires cooking food from all sides with hot air. Once the food reaches high temperatures, Maillard reaction brings out the crisp-on-the-outside, soft-on-the-inside ‘roasted’ taste.


The Rotisserie that comes with an OTG helps turn the food 360 degrees for even cooking. Unlike baking, you don’t need to be a great cook to try roasting.

For example, to roast potatoes all you need is cut potatoes, salt, pepper and oil.

Compared to deep fried recipes, roasted dishes like potato wedges or a stick of roasted vegetables is a healthier option if you want to keep your weight in check.


Both roasting and grilling are used to make bland and undigestible foodstuffs more interesting to eat. The result is a softer, tastier dish with an inviting aroma.


We commonly associate grilling with the ‘grill-marks’ on the final dish. But grilling also includes other cooking techniques like barbecuing.

Similar to roasting, Grilling can be done in a variety of ways.

You can either provide heat just from the top or just from the bottom. Or from both above and below the food being grilled.

OTG gives you all these options and a few more, for better control on how the dish turns out. OTGs also offer specialised grill racks that can be used for grilling along with a Rotisserie for grilling kababs.

Tarla Dalal has some great Oven-based recipes that you can try at home. You can give one of those recipes a try or experiment on your own.

Defrosting and reheating

OTG increases your cooking options simply with its dry-heat based cooking mechanism. When desired, OTG can reach temperatures as high as 2500C and fast!

But what if you just want to reheat last night’s dinner or defrost frozen Chicken? Well, OTG does that too.

But the question remains, why buy an OTG when you could buy one the many appliances like a Microwave Oven, Electric grill, Toaster and so on? Let’s address this too in the next point.

Why should you get an OTG?

Here are 4 reasons why an OTG could be a perfect addition to your home:

  1. Budget-friendly kitchen assistant

OTGs (Oven, toaster and griller) offer an economical alternative to Microwave Ovens. Even the most premium OTGs cost below 10000 Rupees!

In fact, features like grill aren’t even available in all Microwaves.

It is only Convection Ovens that come with all 3 of OTG’s functions of baking, roasting and grilling. But the price of these is double that of upper-end OTGs.

Shelling out 10 or 20 thousand Rupees just to reheat leftovers or to cook simple recipes doesn’t make much sense. If you’re a newbie cook or a busy professional you might never use a lot of Microwave oven’s features like auto-cook menus.

OTGs, however, keep you from over-spending on a non-essential appliance while making available essential dry-heat cooking techniques.

  1. Saves space by merging 3 appliances in 1

Indian kitchens are already crowded with a number of appliances. Buying a separate appliance for baking, and grilling food (which is not on the daily menu) can eat up even more space.

Say, you just need a regular supply of bread-toast every morning. An electric toaster or Sandwich maker can do that job for you.

An electric grill can serve you on party nights, while an Oven can help you bake cookies. But an OTG combines all these appliances into 1, freeing up much needed space and doing the job even better!

With an OTG you can cook larger batches of sandwiches and tikkas, cutting down your cooking time.

  1. More cooking options

An OTG lets you bake, roast and grill. All 3 of these dry-heat techniques can be made on the gas stove.

But it consumes too much gas and time to even bake a small plum cake. Grilling kebabs one-by-one on a tiny grill rack, too becomes tedious.

An OTG, on the other hand, lets you use all three cooking techniques effectively. OTGs come with minimal settings for quick selection, an insulated chamber that provides optimum cooking conditions and there your recipe is done just right!

Many OTG makers provide a recipe book with the product. Or you can use trial and error to perfect and personalize your recipes.

How to use an OTG oven?

  • Find a steady surface to place your OTG on and plug it into the nearest electric socket. (Ensure the air vents of the OTG are not blocked for effective air circulation).
  • If you open the OTG door, you’ll observe there are 3 shelves inside for placing the tray or grill depending on what type of cooking technique you’ll be using.
  • The control panel has 3 or 4 knobs each dedicated to a specific setting like temperature (0-2500C), timer (either 60 or 90 minutes) and heating function (which heating element should be on while cooking).
  • More on heating functions:

OTG comes with heating elements or rods placed above and below the heating chamber. The function knob asks you which one you want to keep on when the food is getting cooked.  

You can choose one from upper heating, lower heating, both upper and lower heating, rotisserie with upper heating, rotisserie with both upper and lower heating.

  • More on accessories provided with the OTG

Baking tray:


OTGs come with a baking tray like the one above, that’s very useful for baking. You can even line with butter paper so the batter doesn’t stick to it. You can even use the baking tray to collect crumbs when grilling veg or non-veg items.

Crumb tray and Tray holder:

This is like the OTG’s dustbin. The only purpose of a crumb tray is to collect whatever falls off during the baking, roasting or grilling.

You can later just pull the tray out and dump the contents or it may need a soapy wash in case of greasy stains.

Some OTGs even come with tongs (1 or more). These can be used to pull out the hot grill rack or rotisserie or skewers. Tray holder is one such accessory that lets you take out the hot trays and grill.



Skewers are used to roast small cut pieces of vegetables or meat to make dishes like kebabs, tikkas and so on. You must keep watch when using skewers and turn them once-in-a-while to ensure even cooking.


This too is like a skewer but thicker and may come with forks for grilling heavy item like Chicken.

Grill rack or Wire rack:

Responsible for the vertical marks grilled foods are commonly associated with, grill racks offer a sturdy base for grill and roast cooking.

  • Beginner tip: Start with the free Recipe book you get with the OTG to avoid mistakes. As you get more comfortable using the OTG you can experiment more and more.
  • OTGs get hot from the outside when in use. Be careful when handling the OTG soon after the alarm dings.

To summarise, as long as you stick to the Recipe and are willing to understand how your OTG model works best, you’ll soon be a master at cooking up yummy dishes. Knowing at what temperature to preheat your OTG and what time will be best for which Recipe differs from OTG to OTG.

But once you get a hang of it you can be a pro at dry-heat cooking techniques like baking, roasting and grilling. That too in quick time!


Happy cooking!

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