Top 10 Best Refrigerators in India (2021)

LG (GL-I292RPZL.APZZEBN) is the best Refrigerator in India. It is compact on the outside yet spacious inside. Each shelf is thoughtfully designed to meet the needs of every user. It is affordably priced and suited for a family of 3 to 5 members.

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Best Single door Refrigerator in India

Godrej (R D EPro 225 TDI 5.2 PRL PRP) is the best 5-star single door Refrigerator in India. It saves your money at the time of buying as well as during its lifetime. The Fridge’s inverter Compressor ensures consistent cooling, low noise and more energy savings.

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Whirlpool 3-star, single door Refrigerator 


This Whirlpool GL-D201ASPX.ASPZEBN is a no-frills Refrigerator that gives you exactly what you want in a Fridge— space and cost savings. Whether you’re a bachelor living away from home or a family of 2 to 3, you will find this Fridge matches your needs.

The attractive door design stands out in any kitchen. While its compact body measuring 46 cm x 53.6 cm x 1.19 m fits in any corner.

Not wasting the space at the Fridge’s base (which is too narrow for a broom to sweep), you get a drawer for storing onions, potatoes, garlic and so on. This adds another point to this Refrigerator’s effective space utilization.

Too many shelves restrict how you get to use the space inside hence this Fridge keeps the number to a minimum. You can even change the height of the shelves as per your requirements.

Also, this Fridge has to be manually defrosted as soon as you notice the ice buildup. The defrost button is conveniently located, so you don’t need to bend or search for it.

The 3-star ratings by BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) are an assurance that the Fridge won’t rob you with high power consumption in the long term.

If you compare only its upfront price, this Fridge has one the lowest price tag among all Refrigerators. That is reason enough to consider buying this Fridge, if you’re looking for a budget Fridge.

Overall, this is the best budget single door Refrigerator in India under 15000 Rupees!

Are you looking for a Fridge that costs less and continues to help you save on electricity bills? A Fridge that is compact yet designed to hold those occasional soft drink bottles and large bowls? Anything else like a good warranty coverage, inverter technology and a stabilizer-free operation?

You’re in luck! This LG (GL-D201ASPX.ASPZEBN) Refrigerator has it all!

It doesn’t take much space (only 63.3 cm x 53.4 cm x 1.33 m) and comes with roomy racks and shelves. You even get a drawer at the bottom for storing dry veggies like onions.

The Fridge comes with an inverter Compressor which is known for its durability, better cooling and low power consumption. The 4-star ratings are further proof of this Refrigerator’s energy efficiency.

If your area sees frequent power cuts or fluctuations in voltage, the in-built stabilizer will protect the Refrigerator’s parts from damage. The Fridge can even switch to the inverter automatically in case of a power cut.

If there’s any issue in the Compressor (as it’s the core of the Fridge’s working), the warranty has you covered for 10 years.

Once you notice the frost formation, you will have to manually defrost the Fridge.  The defrost button is easy to locate while the process itself is simple, just press and forget. The Fridge will take it from there.

Without compromising on anything (be it savings or features), LG offers the best single door Refrigerator in India under 20000 Rupees!

Buying a Fridge is a long-term investment. So, if you want your new Fridge to last longer you should buy one that is not just feature rich but also durable.

Most Refrigerators last for about 10 years. But some, work smoothly even for 20 years!

Well, here’s one such Refrigerator that you can consider buying.

This Godrej (R D EPro 225 TDI 5.2 PRL PRP) Refrigerator comes fully prepared to outlive other typical Refrigerators. The Fridge’s longevity is ensured by three main factors— inverter Compressor, energy efficiency and a longer warranty coverage on the Compressor.

Standard Compressors are prone to early breakdown because of the way they function (see guide to know more). Inverter Compressor, adds years to the Compressor’s life with its advanced technology.

This is why, inverter Refrigerators like this Godrej Refrigerator, come with a longer (10-years) warranty coverage on its Compressor.

The inverter Compressor doesn’t just add to the Fridge’s durability but also reduces the noise output and contributes to energy savings. Hence it comes as no surprise that the BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) awards 5-stars to this Refrigerator!

Measuring 124.7 x 57.7 x 66.7 centimeters in dimensions, this Fridge will fit in any kitchen without looking out of place.

Suitable for a family of 2 or 3 members, this Fridge comes with thoughtfully designed interiors. The shelves are wide and spacious, while the side racks are designed to handle all kinds of bottles (like tall, 2.5 L soft drink bottles etc.)

If you’re looking for an economical, functional and durable Refrigerator that will save you money in the long term then look no more. This Fridge from Godrej is the best 5-star Refrigerator in India!

Best Double door Refrigerator in India

Whirlpool (IF 278 ELT) is the best double door Refrigerator in India under 30000 Rupees. It detects the load, temperature and usage, to adjust cooling. This results in a more personalized cooling and low energy intake. Thus, the food stays fresh longer without burning your money in electricity bills.

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LG 4-star, double door Refrigerator

Double door Refrigerators are a perfect fit for a family of 3 to 5. Their prices, however, range widely from cheap to expensive.

The problem with that is expensive doesn’t always mean it’s the best. And a cheap Fridge might end up costing you more in repairs and high electricity bills.

A Fridge can be called a value-packed deal only when it justifies its price tag. And this is exactly what LG’s (GL-I292RPZL.APZZEBN) Refrigerator does!

Without crowding your kitchen, this Fridge offers an intelligent storage space for all the commonly refrigerated stuff. For example, the freezer comes with extra racks on its door that can hold ice cream cups and bars.

The shelves in the Fridge compartment are arranged intuitively for items of different sizes like milk bags, & butter to large bowls & jars. Each section of the shelf has dedicated air vents that keeps the air circulating properly (this way food stays fresh for longer time).

Frosting is a natural phenomenon for Refrigerators. The moisture from air freezes and covers the Refrigerator’s side walls and back walls. If left unchecked it can damage the Fridge’s cooling system.

But not in this case. This Refrigerator from LG prevents buildup of frost. So, your Fridge stays frost-free all year round!

Additionally, this Fridge comes with an inverter Compressor that reduces the Fridge’s energy consumption and increases its durability. With a reliable brand like LG you can rest assured the Fridge will function without glitches for a long time.

In fact, this LG Refrigerator is the best double door Refrigerator in India!

Most double door Refrigerators have a typical design with the freezer on top and the Fridge below. However, have you ever stopped to think that it is the Fridge we use most and not the freezer?

In a typical Fridge, everytime you need anything from the vegetable drawer or the lowest shelf, you have to bend and search. Don’t you think the design should be flipped so you reach the lower shelf faster and without bending?

Haier seems to have read the mind of users like us, and introduced its ‘bottom freezer’ line of Refrigerators. With this Fridge from Haier, refrigerated food is right in front of you. All you have to do is extend your arm and reach out.

Having the Fridge section on top of freezer, brings day-to-day items within your view and reach. You can just see where the ketchup is, instead of moving stuff around.

Like other double door Refrigerators, this one too uses a frost-free defrost system. So, you don’t have to worry about any ice buildup.

The in-built stabilizer takes care of any voltage fluctuations, thus protecting the Fridge parts from damage.

The only aspect where this Fridge doesn’t come out with flying colors is its energy efficiency. Rated 3-stars by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency, this Fridge is a decent energy saver.

But considering how well it does in other areas (especially in ease of access and space utilization) this Fridge definitely deserves your attention. After all, this is the best double door bottom freezer Refrigerator in India under 30000 Rupees!

The basic purpose of any Refrigerator is to keep food fresh for as long as possible. This depends on the Refrigerator’s cooling ability.

Too much cooling will hike your electricity bills while too little cooling will spoil the food. However, this Refrigerator from Whirlpool is a smart one!

With the help of its IntelliSensors, the Fridge continuously detects and analyses the load of food, your usage pattern and the outside temperature. It then adjusts its cooling accordingly.

For example, the cooling is strongest during Summer, especially if your Fridge is always packed and you frequently open the door to access it.

This also means the Fridge will automatically reduce its cooling in Winter or if your usage is low or if the Fridge is half empty. All this translates into effective cooling and low power consumption.

The Fridge’s efforts at minimizing its energy consumption are aided by its inverter Compressor.  The inverter Compressor also contributes to cooling adjustment, durability and low noise output of the Fridge.

In addition to this, the Fridge’s frost-free technology at an affordable price, makes it ideal for a family of 4 to 5 members. And needless to say, in terms of cooling capacity this Whirlpool Fridge is the best frost-free double door Refrigerator for home use in India!

There are two ways a Fridge can save your money— a low price tag and low electricity usage. This Refrigerator from Samsung has both!

Without compromising on the features this Fridge comes with brand value and affordable price tag. The double door design keeps the Fridge and freezer separate for optimum cooling and preservation.

The shelves and racks are spacious and adjustable and come with a free pair of egg trays. Whether it’s a can of milk, jar of jam or an assortment of masalas, there’s just the ‘right’ place for each.

To solve the frosting problem which is common in Refrigerators, this one comes with auto-defrost. The auto-defrost prevents ice buildup on the walls of the Fridge, helping it maintain its cooling.

The inverter Compressor helps in long term savings by consuming less power. The inverter technology also adds to the Fridge’s long life and cooling ability.

The in-built stabilizer protects the Refrigerator parts from voltage fluctuations. And in case of load-shedding the Fridge can immediately connect to the inverter (if you have one at home) with its ‘smart connect inverter’ feature.

 Overall, this is the best double door Refrigerator in India under 25000 Rupees!

Best Triple door Refrigerator in India

Whirlpool triple door Refrigerator

When it comes to keeping food fresh, most Refrigerators only have one plan— cool the food and hope the decaying gets delayed.

 And inspite of having the best cooling mechanism, many Refrigerators end up underperforming. Why? Because they failed to consider factors outside their control like how many times the Fridge is opened, how hot it is outside and the type of food stored.

Food items are very sensitive to temperature changes and bacterial action. Every time you open the Fridge door, outside air rushes in and so do the micro-organisms.

This Fridge from Whirlpool tackles the problem head-on. First line of defense is the Refrigerator’s triple-door design.

Allocating a compartment each to freezer, Fridge and fruits/vegetables has three benefits. The odors don’t mix, and the space available to each section is more. But more importantly opening the door to one section will limit the exchange of air to that section, cutting down the entry of microbes.

The second line of defense is the Refrigerator’s technologies like Zeolite, microblock and moisture retention technologies. These work together to keep the food fresh for longer time.

This way you won’t have to restock the grocery every week.

You might think that so many benefits must definitely eat up a lot of electricity. You’ll be surprised to know this Fridge consumes lesser power than a CFL bulb. Now, isn’t that a shocker!

If you’re a stickler for eating healthy, and fresh food, consider buying this Fridge. Without doubt it’s the best triple door Refrigerator in India!

Best side-by-side door Refrigerator in India

BPL side-by-side door Refrigerator

If you’re someone who would prefer to stock up the Fridge and forget about it then consider this BPL Refrigerator.

The wardrobe-like design offers the most space among all Refrigerators. Everything is within view so you never miss an item and can easily reach for it.

The Fridge comes with an efficient cooling system that can make ice cubes in an hour and cool any food immediately, keeping it fresh for a long time.

The Fridge itself looks stunning with a glossy body, LED control panel and a water dispenser. The touch panel lets you control the temperature settings so you can curate the Fridge’s cooling as per your needs.

The water dispenser lets you fill a cool glass of water to quench your thirst, without having to open the Fridge for a bottle of water. All you have to do is keep the water tank filled for a continuous supply of water.

You can even replace the water with soft drink or juice during house party or get-togethers.

Most suitable for a large family of more than 5 adults, this Fridge is a great buy if you have the space and budget. Overall, this is the best side-by-side Refrigerator in India!

Best Mini Refrigerator in India

Godrej small/mini Refrigerator

Are you a bachelor living away from home? Or are you looking for a second Fridge for your bedroom, office, or mini bar?

Then consider buying this mini Refrigerator. At a budget price you get a Fridge that is almost portable.

Stylish is design, this Fridge serves the most basic purpose of a Fridge— cooling. In fact, this Fridge is meant to be used just for cooling and not for keeping fruits & veggies fresh (although it can do that too).

Since ‘preserving’ is not its main job, the lack of a freezer won’t be a problem.

The Fridge has enough space to hold a couple of water bottles, soft drink cans and milk packet. Its small size will fit in any corner of the room.

The Fridge doesn’t need any voltage stabilizer due to its low power consumption. It doesn’t need any defrost system to deal with frost (as it never reaches freezing temperature). In case of any breakdown, the warranty has you covered for a year.

All-in-all this Fridge from Godrej is the best mini Refrigerator in India under 10000 Rupees!

All about Refrigerators

What does a Refrigerator do?

A Refrigerator keeps food items cool.

But why do we need this cold storage at all?

Micro-organisms, especially Bacteria are present in all food items, whether cooked or uncooked. They slowly cause the food to decay, rendering it useless for human consumption (with a few exceptions like fermenting curd).

Like us, Bacteria too love a higher room temperature of around 25oCelsius and are the most active in this temperature (multiplying themselves and decaying food). So, if we want the food to last longer, the temperature must be lowered.

Here’s where Refrigerator comes to the rescue. Since a fridge has two compartments— fridge and freezer, it serves two purposes.

The temperature in the fridge area (0-4oC), decreases bacterial activity, slowing down their decaying and stopping them from multiplying. The freezer (at about -18oC) goes a step further to pause both multiplication and decay action of bacteria; this way the food can last for months!

Refrigerators help us preserve food that otherwise would have gone spoilt in a few days. Just imagine what we would do if the fridge broke down?

Source: Giphy
Source: Giphy

How does Refrigerator work?

The moment you open the Refrigerator door, you are hit with a draft of cool air. The soft drink you had placed inside an hour ago is already cold and ready for consumption.

But how did the drink go from room temperature to cold? Where did the cold air come from? And what if I tell you the fridge doesn’t produce any cold air of its own?

Instead, a Refrigerator removes the heat from the air and food, turning everything inside it ‘cold’.  

To understand how a fridge works, lets recollect two concepts we learned in school:

  1. The concept of heat transfer &
  2. Evaporation and Condensation


  1. The concept of heat transfer

Leave a hot cup of coffee on the table and come back after an hour. You’ll notice the coffee has gone cold (or atleast room temperature cold). This is because heat from the coffee has escaped to its surroundings i.e. the surrounding air, the surface of the table etc.

Nothing has moved, neither the cup nor the table. Only the heat has moved (or transferred) to its surroundings. This is the concept of heat transfer.

When heat is transferred from one object to another, the object which loses heat becomes cooler and the object which gains heat becomes hotter.

In case of Refrigerators, heat is absorbed from the air or food items stored within it. The heat collected, is thrown out and the cool air is released back into the refrigerator.

  1. Evaporation and Condensation

Water, when heated turns into steam or gaseous state. We call this evaporation. Thus, evaporation is the process of converting liquid into gas by applying heat to the liquid.

Condensation is the reverse of evaporation. Take out the heat from steam (gaseous state) and it’ll turn to water (liquid state). Hence, condensation is the process of converting gas into liquid by removing heat from the gas.


Let’s see how these two concepts apply in the context of the Refrigerator.

Understanding how Refrigerators work

Refrigerators consist of 5 main components that work continuously to absorb heat from foods and release the same cooled down air back inside.

These functions can be divided in two types— front-end and back-end.

The front-end comprises of two components the Refrigerant and the Evaporator.

The Evaporator is a coiled structure made of heat-friendly metals. In some models, these coils are visible if you open the fridge and look at its back (they look like fins or pipes). For aesthetic purposes, however, modern Refrigerators hide the Evaporator.

The job of this evaporator is exactly what its name suggests, to evaporate.

But what does it evaporate?

The evaporator evaporates a liquid called as refrigerant or coolant. Using the concepts of both heat transfer and evaporation, this coolant or Refrigerant absorbs the heat from the box (i.e. the Refrigerator and its contents).

The coolant is a liquid with a very low boiling point. So, even the food items stored at room temperature are enough to evaporate this coolant once you put the food item in the fridge.

On evaporating, the Refrigerant travels through a series of other components like Compressor, Condenser and Expansion valve to lose the heat it absorbed and become cool again.

The cool air is then released back into the Refrigerator compartments, through vents (You can clearly see the vents at the back of your fridge alongside temperature controls). You can even feel the cool air blowing into the fridge if you place your fingertips at the entrance of the vent.

Now that you know what happens at the front-end of the Refrigerator (removal of heat and release of cool air) let’s understand what happens at the back-end.

The back-end involves three components— Compressor, Condenser and Expansion valve.

The backend process of a Refrigerator is involved in cooling down the gaseous coolant to its liquid state, so it can continue to absorb heat from within the Fridge compartments. In order to keep this cycle going, three components play a major role namely the Compressor, Condenser and Expansion valve.

The evaporated liquid coolant (now in gaseous form due to the heat absorbed) is sucked in by the Compressor. The Compressor is a small device that compresses (or increases pressure) of the Refrigerant.

Now, this highly-pressurised hot Refrigerant passes through the Condenser.

The Condenser is another coiled structure made of heat-loving metals like Aluminium or Copper. The highly pressurized hot gaseous coolant loses its ‘hotness’ to the condenser (because the Condenser loves heat) and becomes a highly pressurized gas.

This highly pressurized gas then travels through an expansion valve that reduces its pressure. This expansion valve is also called as a throttling device.

The lowering of its pressure, turns the Refrigerant back to its liquid state.

This now cool and liquid Refrigerant returns to the evaporator coil (the starting point of its journey) to absorb heat again from within the Refrigerator. And the cycle repeats.

Check out the articles by howstuffworks or realsimple to know more about how Refrigerators work.

Refrigerator Compressor: Inverted vs. Standard

Before beginning to understand the difference between the two, let me clear a common misunderstanding— ‘inverter Refrigerator’ DOES NOT mean that the Fridge will work when there’s no electricity.

With that clarified, let’s begin.

A Refrigerator’s Evaporator removes heat from within the Fridge (and the foods stored inside) and returns the same batch of air (but cooler this time) to the Fridge.

It is the refrigerant or coolant that removes the heat, which travels as a hot gas to the Fridge’s outer part and dumps the heat outside via condenser. It then travels back inside and repeats the cycle.

But how does the coolant dump this unwanted heat so easily? Well, that’s because of the compressor.

Compressor is the first device to receive the coolant, after it has absorbed heat from the Fridge and turned gaseous. The Compressor increases the pressure on the Refrigerant and sends the highly-pressurized hot gas to the Condenser coil to be cooled.

Every time this cycle repeats, the standard Compressor starts and stops, again and again to do its job. This repeated starting and stopping wears down the Compressor over time and may even be responsible for its early breakdown.

But not anymore.

Because it’s here, in conjunction with the compressor that the inverter comes into play. Normally, the compressor can work with or without an inverter. So why does the inverter matter?

A compressor running without an inverter, operates only in two modes— ON and OFF. On the other hand, compressor with an inverter can run at regulated speed thereby controlling the flow rate of coolant.

Inverter Compressors, instead of starting and stopping like standard Compressors, remain ‘On’ all the time. Depending on how much effort it has to put in to ‘compress’ the Refrigerant, the inverter Compressor adjusts its speed accordingly.

Thus, what you get is a Compressor that can function at variable speeds on an as needed basis.

This doesn’t just ensure the Compressor’s durability but also helps save on the electricity costs in the long run. (Because repeated ‘start’ consumes more energy than a Compressor that’s always ‘on’).

An inverter Refrigerator has higher upfront price, but it is more durable and economical in the long term. Inverter compressors also contribute to consistent cooling and quieter working in Refrigerators

One other home appliance where you’ll find the inverter compressor is the Air conditioner. Jump to see which are the best ACs in India. 

Defrosting: Direct cool vs. Frost free Refrigerators

You might have noticed the ice forming on the back walls and side walls in your Fridge. This ice or frost forms due to the moisture in the air.

Moisture from the air, on coming in contact with the very cold surfaces inside the Fridge, freezes immediately. Over time this ice forms a thick layer that looks like snow. It may look pretty and exotic, but is harmful to the Refrigerator.

This formation of icy layer inside the Fridge is called as frosting.

Heavy frosting (especially around the Evaporator coils, vents and settings) reduces the Fridge’s cooling capacity. And if ignored for long, the Refrigerator will break down.

This is why Refrigerators come with their defrosting solutions which are either manual or automatic.

Turning off the Fridge, taking out all food items and letting the ice melt, is the outdated way of defrosting any Fridge.

Modern Refrigerators now do the defrosting themselves either with the press of a button or on their own.

Single-door Refrigerators especially, have to be manually defrosted (LG calls this Direct cool), with the press of a button. The Fridge melts the frost without turning off so that your food doesn’t go spoilt.

Higher range Refrigerators like double-doored, triple-doored and so on, take even that out of the equation. As its quite common to forget defrosting the Fridge (since it has to be done atleast once a week), having an automatically defrosting Fridge really helps.

Frost-free Refrigerators prevent build-up of ice. These Refrigerators come in-built with temperature sensors and other tools, so that you never have to worry about frosting.

Food stays fresh for a longer period in a frost-free Fridge than a Direct cool one. This is because Direct cool technology melts the ice by reducing the Fridge’s cooling (so basically heating the Fridge).

Subjecting the stored food to such temperature fluctuations makes it vulnerable to bacterial action. Result is, the food decays sooner than a frost-free Fridge.

However, the frost-free Refrigerators are costlier and consume more power. But that is not a bad trade-off, considering you can free yourself from manually defrosting the Fridge every time.

How to find the best Refrigerator for your home

  1. Family size & Fridge Capacity
fridge size
  1. Type

Single door Refrigerator

Best for: Fresh food consumers, bachelors, buyers on a budget, space savers

Single door Refrigerators are compact and shorter than other residential Refrigerators. Hence these are ideal for someone on a shoestring budget or having space constraints.

These do a decent job of keeping the food fresh for a week or two. And then you must manually defrost the Fridge to ensure optimum performance.

With a tiny space for a freezer, this type of Fridge will suit only those who don’t eat a lot of frozen food. If you’re a health freak who insists on eating fresh veggies or if the grocery store is nearby, this Fridge will fit well with your needs.

Also, if you’re a busy bachelor who mostly eats at the office or in a mess outside, a single door Fridge is a good choice.

Double door Refrigerator

Best for: Small families (2-3 adults), and space conscious buyers

Single door Fridges lack a few modern features like a spacious freezer and auto-defrost among others. Double door Refrigerators let you have it all and at an affordable price!

Most popular among Indian buyers, double-door Refrigerators are a value-packed deal. These come in attractive designs, affordable prices, and are energy efficient and feature-rich.

Triple door Refrigerator

Coming under the category of multi-door Refrigerators (on Amazon), this one is more suitable for tall users who want more space options to store different types of food.

Go for this one if you need the Fridge to be spacious but don’t want it to hog space in your kitchen. However, these Refrigerators are costlier than the previous two styles.

Side-by-side door Refrigerator

Side-by-side door Fridges resemble a wardrobe with its door style and storage space. Although rarely seen in average Indian homes, this type is preferred by users who want a wide Fridge and have no space & budget constraints.

Mini Refrigerator

A Mini Fridge is perfect for bachelors or users who stick to fresh food over frozen foods. These Refrigerators are the most economical among all other types. And are also easy on the space.

  1. Energy Efficiency

Any home appliance these days claims to be energy efficient. But what does it really mean?

‘Energy’ is the electricity a Fridge consumes to remove a fixed amount of heat. If a Fridge consumes LESS energy/power to remove MORE heat, then it is considered as highly energy efficient.

And higher the energy efficiency of a Refrigerator, lower will be your electricity bill. So how do you know which Fridge is more energy efficient and which one is less efficient?

Well, by star rating of course.

Star ratings are given by BUREAU OF ENERGY EFFICIENCY (BEE) in order to force manufacturers to produce more energy efficient Refrigerators and help consumers make informed buying decisions. These are revised every year so make sure to check the rating along with the applicable year (i.e. rated 4 stars for the period 2018-2019 etc.).


Whenever you want to find out the energy efficiency of any Fridge, look for its label (refer to the image above). Then locate the star-ratings and note the units of electricity it consumes every year.

Higher the star ratings, higher is the Refrigerator’s energy efficiency and more will be your savings in the long run.

But more stars also push up the prices. Going for a 3 or 4 starred Refrigerator offers a good balance of energy savings and upfront cost. A 5-starred Fridge on the other hand is the right one to buy if you expect the Fridge to last 13-15 years (provided you’re buying from a reliable brand).

Check out this article for a quick buying guide to Refrigerators. 

  1. Features
  • Shelves/ Racks

The number and the height of shelves is an important feature to consider. This is because, simple logic like ‘more is always better’ doesn’t apply in this case.

If the fridge has more shelves, it is probably at the cost of the space between them. You might have to end up removing a shelf or two to make space for a large bowl or vessel.

Too much space between shelves is also not good. If most of the utensils you use to store food are small to medium sized, a lot of space will be wasted in the unused height.

The right refrigerator is the one that has more shelves with one or two spacious shelves (with more height). This way you can use the taller shelf to store large vessels and the smaller shelves for everyday bowls and utensils.

  • Drawers

Almost all refrigerators offer separate drawers (one or more) for vegetables or other loose food items. This is useful as perishable items like tomatoes etc. won’t run around on the racks and remain accessible in a basket-like drawer.

Such separate drawers also keep fruits and vegetables from getting accidently crushed under the weight of some other heavier food items or utensils.

Some Refrigerator models come with an external drawer i.e. a drawer at the base to store non-refrigerated items like onions and potatoes. This feature adds to the space utilization by helping you reduce the mess in your kitchen.

  • Convertible Refrigerator to freezer and vice versa

On special occasions like birthdays or get-togethers you might find your fridge packed to the brim. But you have more things to store still and you have tried rearranging the fridge to make space without success.

Should you just give up then? Well, some refrigerators disagree.

Some refrigerator models let you widen your cooling space by converting the freezer to refrigerator. This can be done by adjusting the cooling settings in the freezer and there! You can now store that custard or cold drink bottles you wanted to!

Buying Refrigerator Online vs offline

Unlike buying stationary or books, washing machine is a significant and a costly purchase. As consumers, we all want the best deal in terms of price and exchange offer. 

But the bigger question is WHERE to buy your new washing machine— online or offline? For this, you need to consider just three things:

  1. Delivery
  2. After sales service (i.e. installation and repairs)
  3. And Exchange of your old Refrigerator


  1. Delivery

Many consumers misunderstand the seller’s role. The job of any seller whether online or offline, is only to SELL and DELIVER the new Refrigerator. Installation and repairs are NOT the seller’s responsibilities.

Keeping this in mind, if you want your new Fridge to be delivered within the next 24 hours, going to your nearest consumer durables store is a better option.

However, if you’re willing to wait, then buying online will give you so many more options and deals to choose from!

When buying from Amazon, you can even select your preferred delivery slot, so your Fridge reaches you only when you’re available. You can also return or replace the Refrigerator, if you find any issues with the delivered one.

  1. After sales service

Once the Fridge is delivered, the seller’s job ends. Although Refrigerators need no installation (it’s just plug and go) a professional demonstration will help you use the Fridge in the right way.

You can schedule a demo by contacting the customer care. (When you buy offline, generally the retail store executives make that call for you).

Similarly, for repairs, it is the customer care you need to call and not the seller. This is why the brand of the Fridge becomes important, as the quality of the after sales service depends on it.

  1. Exchange of old Refrigerator

Buying a new Refrigerator almost always means discarding an old one. But wouldn’t it be better if you could scrape some value out of it?

Both online and offline sellers, let you get rid of your old Fridge with a small discount in the price of the new one.

When buying on Amazon, you’re asked for the brand, type, and working condition of your old Fridge. You’re then given a discount that you can avail on your new Refrigerator.

The exchange procedure is simple. If you’ve opted for the exchange, the old Fridge gets picked up during the delivery of the new one. Convenient and transparent.

Another point to note is that salesmen in retail consumer durables stores get high commission on certain products. And hence they may aggressively ‘push’ those products on you. Don’t fall for it!

In conclusion, if you’re in a hurry then buying a Fridge from your nearest consumer durables store is the best option.

But if you want more variety, more offers and a good exchange rate for your old Fridge, buying online is the way to go. All from the comfort of your home!


Q.1 Should you buy extended warranty for your new Fridge (Refrigerator)?

Since Refrigerators are designed to last 10 to 15 years, you are bound to face issues during its lifetime. Most manufacturers provide 5 to 10 years warranty on Compressor and only 1-year comprehensive warranty.

Hence, it’s better to extend the warranty when you buy a new Fridge, to future-proof your Refrigerator.

Q.2 Which is the best Refrigerator brand in India?

When it comes to Refrigerators, most consumers love LG, Whirlpool, Samsung, Haier and Godrej Refrigerators. However, LG continues to be the favourite Refrigerator brand in India, owing to its large network of distribution and service centres and reliable after sales service. 

Q.3 Which is the best type of Refrigerator for Indian homes?

Single door and double door Refrigerators are most suited for Indian homes. This is because, they are compact, functional and budget-friendly Refrigerators that are ideal for bachelors and small families.

Triple-door and side-by-side door Refrigerators are almost luxury products. These are suitable for larger families having a spacious kitchen and no budget constraints.

Q.4 Which defrosting system is better in a Fridge, Direct cool or Frost free?

From a user’s perspective, frost-free Refrigerators win over Direct cool ones as they are better at defrosting. Frost-free Refrigerators eliminate the need to manually defrost the Fridge, unlike Direct cool Refrigerators that need timely intervention on your part.

However, from the price point of view, Direct cool Refrigerators are more affordable.


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