11 Best Soundbars under 15000 in India (2021)

Setting a budget can simplify your search for the best Soundbar. But you still need to sort through the features, brands, and other factors before picking the right one. My list of the best Soundbars under 15000 in India helps you cut the chase and make an informed decision.

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11 Best Soundbars under 15000 in India


Philips 2.1 Channel Soundbar System


Dimensions: 6 x 84 x 5 cm

RMS output: 120 W

Connectivity: Bluetooth, AUX-in, USB, HDMI, optical cable

Control: Philips remote

Warranty: 1-year

Buying a good Soundbar can get quite tricky due to the many products available in the market, with confusing features.

Setting a budget can help kickstart your search but there are other things you must consider.

For example, what channel system do you want? How powerful a Soundbar you need?

What about the connectivity options? And so on.

With this Philips Soundbar you can give your head a break. The Soundbar gives you everything you may need for an immersive viewing experience.

For starters, the price is well within the 15000 limit you’ve set for yourself.

The Soundbar comes with a separate subwoofer which puts the ‘boom’ in the music dialogues and pop music.

You also get the greatest number of options for connecting your media devices compared to other budget Soundbars.

To control this 120 W audio system, you get a remote control from Philips with bass and treble controls.

The LED display works like a visual guide as you change the settings.

If you’re looking for a branded, value for money Soundbar then consider buying this Soundbar system from Philips!


Blaupunkt 2.1 Channel Soundbar


Dimensions: 36.8 x 10.4 x 30.7 cm

RMS output: 130 W

Connectivity: Bluetooth, AUX-in, USB, HDMI, optical

Control: Blaupunkt remote control

This powerful beast from Blaupunkt produces 130 Watts of loud and booming sound. And without any glitches or distortions at high volumes.

The Soundbar comes with a subwoofer making it a 2.1 channel sound system.

The Soundbar creates the surround sound effect with crisp audio while the subwoofer adds the extra punch to lower frequencies.

The subwoofer connects to the Soundbar wirelessly cutting the need for any more wires.

Thanks to the Soundbar’s multi-connectivity options you can connect anything from Smartphone, TV, PC, gaming console to Tablet.

The Bluetooth makes this connectivity easier by enabling wireless streaming of music and videos.

To change tracks or volume you can use the buttons on the Soundbar or the remote control from Blaupunkt.

All-in-all, this Blaupunkt Soundbar is the best value 2.1 channel Soundbar in India!


Toshiba 2.1 Soundbar (with built-in subwoofer)


Dimensions: 111.4 x 15.8 x 10 cm

RMS output: 60 W

Connectivity: Bluetooth, AUX-in, USB, HDMI

Control: Toshiba remote

Warranty: 1-year

Do you want a home theatre system without the extra devices and cables?

Then look no more!

This Toshiba 2.1 Soundbar gives you exactly what you’re looking for!

Since the most basic home theatre systems comprise of 2 speakers and a subwoofer (thus 2.1 channel), the set up can get bulky and messy.

This Toshiba Soundbar, however, gives you all of that (the 2.1 channel features) in one single Soundbar!

This 112 cm long Soundbar thus contains everything from the stereo speakers to the subwoofer.

And if you own a smart TV then you can simply connect the Soundbar wirelessly via Bluetooth.

If not, you can choose among other wired options or just plug in a USB drive.

This Soundbar is cost-effective, feature-rich, and saves space (compared to a full-fledge home theatre system).

What more do you want?


Pioneer 2.1 Channel Soundbar


Dimensions: 30 x 90 x 30 cm

RMS output: 108 W

Connectivity: Bluetooth, AUX-in, USB, optical input

Control: Pioneer remote control

Warranty: 1-year

Pioneer brings you a slim yet powerful Soundbar as a part of a 2.1 channel system.

What you get is thus a Soundbar with a wireless subwoofer that together produce about 100 Watts of audio output!

You also get a remote control for changing modes and settings of the Sound system.

An LED indicator display lights up when you change the settings so you’re never clueless on whether the Soundbar has received your command or not.

Whether you place it on a panel or mount it on the wall, the Soundbar will enhance your home décor and doesn’t hog space due to its compact body.

As the subwoofer connects wirelessly you can place it anywhere in the room without a bunch of wires coming out of it.

This is a budget-friendly 2.1 Soundbar system perfect for pairing with TVs or PCs.


BPL 2.1 Channel Soundbar


Dimensions: 92 x 5.5 x 8.5 cm

Connectivity: Bluetooth, AUX-in, optical input

Control: BPL remote

Warranty: 1-year

This BPL Soundbar is another 2.1 channel system you can consider buying if you want a more medium-range Soundbar (in the under 15000 segment).

This Soundbar costs somewhere around 9000 Rupees making it an ideal sound system to invest in. Especially, if you don’t want to risk spending your entire 15k budget.

Although it costs quite less than the 15k mark, you get all the features you would expect in a pricier Soundbar.

Loud and clear sound, ample bass, multiple connectivity options, and brand value— you get everything in this 2.1 channel Soundbar!

The subwoofer (in-charge of producing the powerful bass) connects wirelessly to the Soundbar, giving a cleaner look to your audio set up.

And if you think that’s too little, check the price again, you might change your mind.


JBL Bar Studio Soundbar


Dimensions: 85.5 x 14.5 x 12.5 cm

RMS output: 30 W

Connectivity: Bluetooth, AUX-in, USB, optical, HDMI

Control: JBL remote control

Warranty: 1-year

JBL is a well-known brand, and its products are often seen starring in Amazon’s bestsellers.

This Soundbar from JBL is no different.

The Soundbar has an elegant design and can be placed anywhere on the table or mounted on the wall.

It delivers 30 Watts of rich and powerful sound, thanks to its built-in dual bass port design.

Now, compared to other Soundbars in this price category, the 30 W output may seem like a drawback. But because of JBL’s expertise and reputation of giving nothing less than the best, you might not even feel the difference!

The Soundbar gives you all the connectivity options you get in a pricier product. And you even get a compact remote with the product.

But if you’re like me, who never finds the remote when they I it. Then you’ll be glad to know that this Soundbar also works with your TV’s remote control!

This JBL Soundbar merges quality, reliability, and functionality in one eye-catching Soundbar!


Blaupunkt 2.1 Channel Soundbar


Dimensions: 80 x 5 x 6.5 cm

RMS output: 120 W

Connectivity: Bluetooth, AUX-in, USB, HDMI

Control: Blaupunkt remote control

Warranty: 1-year

In the under 15000 price segment this Soundbar falls somewhere around the half-way mark.

At such an economical price, you get all the features you would expect from a good Soundbar to accompany your TV.

This 2.1 channel system comes with a Soundbar and a subwoofer which connect to each other through wires.

Once you’re done with the placement, the set-up is easy.

Just pick a source mode like Bluetooth, USB, AUX etc. and sync the device you want to play from.

Whether it’s a TV, Smartphone, Laptop or Tablet, connectivity is just a few taps away.

To conclude, this Blaupunkt Soundbar provides more value than it costs!


boAt Aavante 2.1 Channel Soundbar


Dimensions: 86 x 7 x 7.8 cm

RMS output: 80 W

Connectivity: Bluetooth, AUX-in, USB

Control: boAt remote control, in-unit buttons

This Soundbar is a great option to consider if you want a trending brand at a budget price.

This duo of a Soundbar and a subwoofer (2.1 channel) come from a bestseller brand like boAt.

You get 80 Watts of RMS output which is more than enough for home use (most TVs have an RMS output of 10 to 40 Watts).

Connecting different devices to the 2.1 Soundbar is also convenient. Thanks to wireless options like Bluetooth, USB and wired options.

To change frequently used settings like power on/off, volume, etc. the Soundbar comes with tactile buttons on its side.

For more controls like changing Equalizer modes, bass and treble control, you can use the remote control from boAt.

This boAt Soundbar is popular, powerful, and pocket-friendly— a hard-to-resist combo!


F&D IT180X Soundbar


Dimensions: 7 x 99 x 9.3 cm

RMS output: 40 W

Connectivity: Bluetooth, AUX-in, USB, optical, coaxial

Control: F&D remote control

Warranty: 1-year

If you want the best Soundbar for the least amount as possible, then this F&D Soundbar deserves your attention!

The Soundbar’s 40 W output is better than what most TVs can produce (audio output of LED TVs falls between 10 to 40 W).

But the sound doesn’t go so high that the neighbours start complaining.

This is even one of the most cost-effective Soundbars out there (costs under 5000!).

And if you think this benefit comes at the cost of the product’s quality, then don’t worry.

The Soundbar gives you everything from multiple connectivity options to remote control along with a year of warranty.

It also comes from a popular brand like F&D adding to the product’s reliability factor.

This Soundbar is worth buying if you find 2.1 systems (Soundbar + subwoofer) to be a hassle.

With this one you get exactly what you asked for— a budget and quality Soundbar. Nothing more, nothing less.


Instaplay 4.1 Channel Soundbar


Dimensions: 42 x 22 x 73 cm

RMS output: 60 W

Connectivity: Bluetooth, AUX-in, USB, FM Radio

Control: Instaplay remote control

Warranty: 1-year

Usually when you read 4.1 channel system it brings to mind 4 speakers with 1 subwoofer.

But if you’re short on space and don’t like getting tangled in wires then this can be a big no-no.

This Instaplay Soundbar however, will ease your worries.

The Soundbar comes as a part of a 4.1 channel system. But instead of burdening you with too many devices you are given only 2 to handle.

All the 4 speakers you expected in a 4.1 channel system are contained within 1 single Soundbar!

So, you get only 2 devices to connect and install.

Additionally, you get other features like multi-connectivity options and a remote control. And all of this at an unbelievably budget price!

This Instaplay Soundbar is the best budget Soundbar under 15000 in India!


Portronics Budget Portable Soundbar


Dimensions: 46 x 6.5 x 7 cm

RMS output: 10 W

Connectivity: Bluetooth, AUX-in, USB, FM Radio

Control: buttons at the side of Soundbar

Warranty: 1-year

Do you want a Soundbar primarily for your TV, but which you can use for your PC as well?

Then what you actually need is a portable Soundbar.

This Portronics Soundbar for example, is just 46 cm in length (about the length of a 15-inch Laptop).

This means it is comparatively light-weight (weighs only 930 grams), fits in most backpacks, and is thus ‘portable’.

This way you can move the Soundbar anywhere in the house, plug it in (or don’t as the battery can last up to 7 hours) and start playing from any connected device.

Cooking in the kitchen? Tune in to some Radio.

Gaming on your PC in a different room? Sure, carry the Soundbar and connect it there.

Want to watch some TV? Unplug or disconnect it from the PC and reconnect the Soundbar to the TV.

There’s no complex setup involved or confusing wires that are difficult to make the head or tail of it.

 And if all these benefits still haven’t convinced you, the product’s price tag definitely will!

So, what are you waiting for?

Go amp up your viewing experience now!

Happy shopping!


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