BPL TV Review- the best budget 4K Android TV for your home!

Looking for a TV with the latest features at the lowest prices? Check out my BPL TV Review to find out why I think it’s the best budget 4K Android TV for your home. Also, have a look at the BPL brand and what it stands for, along with a summary of BPL’s product line-up.

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About BPL Company

BPL Group was established in 1963 in Kerala. It was an electronics Company mainly involved in manufacturing health care equipment.

It then ventured into making TVs, Refrigerators, washing machines and other consumer electronics.

This was at a time when most of these products were imported into India and hence were too expensive for the common man.

BPL bridged this gap by offering affordable import-quality products.

You might recall growing up around a BPL TV, landline phone, or one of BPL’s many products.

Only a few competitors existed in the Indian market then.

Today, the competitors to BPL are many. But BPL continues to maintain its position as an industry veteran and one of India’s oldest consumer electronics Company.

This has been possible because of BPL’s commitment to quality at an affordable price.

A look at BPL’s product line-up

BPL TVs have been known for their durability as the older TV sets easily lasted for 10 to 15 years.

But today’s TVs have to fill a longer list of requirements along with the reliability factor.

This is why BPL has launched a variety of TVs in different size, and price segments with a combination of latest features.

Each line up of BPL TVs is known by a unique name viz. BPL Vivid, BPL Stellar, and BPL Android.

The BPL Vivid line-up of TVs comprises of Standard or non-smart TVs from BPL in screen sizes ranging from 24-inches to 55-inches.

The Stellar series on the other hand, represent the basic smart TVs from BPL in three sizes, 32-inch, 43-inch and 49-inch.

Both these line-ups of TVs first came out 3 to 4 years ago and are still bestsellers on many e-commerce platforms.

However, if you want to future-proof your TV then go for BPL’s most recent line-up of Android 4K TVs.

Why? Check out the in-depth review below to get a clear idea.


BPL TV Review (4K Ultra HD Android)



Available sizes: 49-inch, 55-inch

Resolution: 4K (Ultra HD)

Sound: 20 Watts

Connectivity: 3 HDMI, 2 USB ports

Operating System: Official Android

App Store: Google Play Store

Voice search: Yes

Other: Chromecast built-in

Warranty: 1-year

Smart TVs have been around for many years now. But they weren’t smart enough.

With the entry of Android TVs, the older smart TVs (referred to as basic smart) really seem like idiot boxes now.

However, Android TVs from premium brands like Sony, LG etc. can seriously hurt your pocket.

Why overspend on a premium TV when you can get the same features at a reasonable price?

Here’s where the BPL Android TV comes in.

Available in two screen sizes (49-inch and 55-inch), you get a large-screen TV with the latest features at an economical price!

A 49- or 55-inch TV is best to step into the world of 4K Ultra HD visuals which are hardly noticeable in smaller screen sizes.

 And where do you get the 4K content from? From Over the Top (OTT) content providers ofcourse!

The Android Operating system makes this experience smoother.

This is because we are already used to an Android interface through our Smartphones. This enhances the user experience.

This BPL TV is also an Official Android one. That is, you get the Google Play Store as the go to App Store for downloading Apps and Games.

The TV comes preloaded with trending Apps like YouTube, Netflix, and Hotstar among others.

You get easily find 4K content on these Apps to get started.

Another notable feature is the Google voice Assist.

The TV comes with 2 remote controls. One for regular navigation and the other for voice recognition and processing.

You can thus find content to watch by speaking into the remote!

You can also use your Smartphone for casting content on to the TV screen. The built-in Chromecast lets you cast videos from your Smartphone via supported Apps like YouTube.

This way, you can find content on your Smartphone and then watch it on your TV screen, freeing up your Smartphone to do other things.

All-in-all this BPL Android 4K TV offers the best combination of features, price, and quality.

Pros and Cons of BPL 4K (Ultra HD) Android TV


  • Super affordable
  • A+ grade panel
  • Latest features with great audio-visual quality
  • Supports Google voice Assist
  • Ample connectivity ports
  • Built-in Chromecast for screen casting
  • Official Android Operating System
  • BPL brand value


  • Limited Apps (may even be missing a few popular Apps)
  • Only 16 GB memory (you may have to keep deleting Apps to make space)
  • May need an external sound system

The Final verdict

Among all the BPL TVs, the BPL Android TV offers the best deal in terms of screen size, features, and price.

In fact, the BPL Android TV costs less than even some non-smart TVs from BPL!

And as the TV industry is shifting to the ‘smart’ segment; non-smart and basic smart TVs will become obsolete down the years.

It is thus better to stick with the winning side that gives you the most value for money— the BPL 4K Android TV!


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