Saregama Carvaan mini Review: Portable Radio| MP3 player| & Bluetooth speaker| under 2000

After using the Saregama Carvaan mini for more than 6 months, I can definitely say, its one of the best Bluetooth speakers under 2000 Rupees! Read my review to know more about what I liked and disliked about it.

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Saregama Carvaan mini Bluetooth Speaker Review

Core Features

  1. Sound output: 5 Watts
  2. Playtime: 4-5 hours
  3. Charging time: 1-2 hours
  4. Play songs via: Bluetooth, AUX cable, USB, FM/AM, Saregama built-in songs
  5. Can connect to: headphones, external speakers
  6. Warranty: 6 months

Best for 20th century generations (parents, grandparents, and millennials)

The first things you notice on unboxing the Saregama Carvaan mini, is its eye-catching colour and design!

When you pick it up, you immediately feel the firm metal mesh on the front.

The rest of the speaker feels smooth to touch but not slippery. It has a rubber like feel that gives you a strong grip.

At the bottom, there are 2 rubber-foam feet that keep the speaker steady when placed on a table.


In the box, along with the speaker, you also get a micro USB to USB charging cable and a user manual.

With just an hour or two of charging, the speaker can play uninterrupted music for about 4 to 5 hours.

Considering its price, aesthetics, and other features, this is a pretty good deal.


The speaker is so compact, it fits right in your palm and can snugly fit into any handbag.

All the main control buttons are located at the top of the Carvaan mini.

This includes the power button, volume up & down, play/ pause, play next, and play previous buttons.


The buttons work well, without pressing too hard. And make a ‘clicky’ sound when pressed.

Turn the speaker ‘on’ and it beeps to indicate its ‘on’ status.

It then starts playing the preloaded 351 songs from the Saregame mode.

(You can see blue light coming from the Saregama button on the side of the speaker).


You can also pull out the antenna to play some FM or AM channels.

Or you can connect your Smartphone or Tablet to the Carvaan mini with the Bluetooth option.

On the other side of the speaker is a single audio out port.

This comes handy when you want to connect headphones or an external sound system to the Carvaan


At the back you get the antenna for tuning in to FM or AM.

Along with that you get a charging port and indicator, AUX in (for connecting Smartphone with AUX cable), USB port, and reset.


The above video showcases Carvaan mini SCM01 (the first version).

The product I’ve reviewed is the SCM02/ SCM03 which the newer version.

The only differences between the two are in the colour combinations and the number of Saregama songs preloaded in the device.

(The SCM02/ SCM03 comes with 100 more songs than the SCM01).

What I like about the Saregama Carvaan mini Bluetooth Speaker

The quick & easy connectivity

The Carvaan mini paves the way for easy and quick connectivity thanks to its thoughtfully placed buttons and input ports.

A simple press of the buttons lets you change the mode from Saregama to FM/ AM to Bluetooth.


If you plug in a pen-drive, the speaker detects and starts playing the music within seconds!

This makes the speaker very user-friendly.

The Sound output

Although the speaker’s output is just 5 Watts, it is enough for daily personal use.

Even if you do buy a loud and powerful speaker, you mostly end up playing it at low to medium volumes.

The only time the sound seems lacking is during a party or get-together.

The Design

This Carvaan mini has managed to merge nostalgia and cuteness into one little speaker that is sure to catch everyone’s attention.

The tape recorder-like design reminds you of the 80s and 90s. While the compact body and bright colour gives the speaker a funky look.

This is why everyone ends up admiring the Carvaan mini, from young to old!

What I don’t like about the Saregama Carvaan mini Bluetooth Speaker

No Microphone

Most of the newer Bluetooth speakers come with built-in microphone.

This feature is useful when you’re playing songs from the Smartphone on the speaker via Bluetooth.

The built-in microphone allows you to answer calls on the speaker without even touching the phone.

You can receive, speak, and end a call right from the speaker itself!

The Carvaan mini however, does not come with the microphone feature.

Saregama songs sequence is not user-friendly

You get a curated collection of 351 songs exclusive to the Carvaan mini Bluetooth speaker.

This collection includes songs by legends like Mohammed Rafi, Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosale, Kishore Kumar and Mukesh.

This feature, although interesting and a bonus, soon gets frustrating.

This is because all the 351 songs play in the same fixed sequence with no shuffle option.


Furthermore, to play the 50th song after the 1st one, you either need to keep pressing ‘next’ 49 times.

Or, press & hold the ‘next’ button to skip 10 songs at a time.

In case of the above example, you will have to press and hold the ‘next’ button 4 times to skip 40 songs. Then keep pressing ‘next’ till you reach the 50th song.

This makes the overall process very tedious.

Saregama Carvaan mini Bluetooth Speaker Colour variants


The Saregama Carvaan mini with song collection by the musical legends in available in 7 colour variants.

You can take your pick from regal blue to moonlight black and many more!

The Final Verdict

This Saregama Carvaan mini is one among the many stylish and feature-rich Bluetooth speakers out there.

What makes this one different is its retro song collection, multi-connectivity, and portability, at an unbelievable budget price of under 2000! Not many speakers can compete with that.

My review for the Saregama Carvaan mini speaker can be summed in one line as— An impressive mini speaker great for gifting and personal use!

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