Air Conditioners

Direct cool vs. Frost free (Refrigerators): What these are and what they mean for you!

Direct cool and Frost-free are techniques to cool the Fridge’s interiors and defrost the ice build-up. Direct cool Refrigerators use ‘convection’ to spread cool air and need to be ‘manually’ defrosted. Cool air is circulated by ‘fans’ in Frost free Refrigerators and ice on walls is ‘automatically’ defrosted.
Both techniques have their pros and cons. To understand which suits you better, keep reading further.

R32 vs. R410a (Refrigerants): Why should you care and which is better?

Used in ACs and Refrigerators, R32 and R410a are common Refrigerants. Both cause no harm to the Ozone layer and have a significantly low Global warming potential (GWP). Out of the two, however, R32 has a GWP of 675 while R410a has a GWP of 2088, making R32 an eco-friendlier option.
To know why this small difference matters, keep reading below.

Copper vs Aluminium Condenser: Why does it matter and what you should go for

Without a condenser, your AC would just be a ‘fan’. But it’s not just the condenser, but the material it is made of, that affects your AC’s performance and cost. Here’s a comparison between Copper vs Aluminium condenser so you can identify which suits your needs better.

Split vs Window ACs: A comparative view and how that affects YOU

Buying an AC is a long-term investment. And once you’ve decided to buy; ‘split or window AC?’ is the first question you should ask yourself… or Google. Here’s a comparative look at split vs window ACs and how these differences affect your decision making.

Inverter AC vs normal (non-inverter) AC

Inverter ACs cool better, last longer, and are quieter than normal, non-inverter ones. Although their price is higher, inverter ACs save you money in the long run by consuming less energy. Keep reading to find out whether these differences really matter or not.

7 Best Window Air Conditioners (ACs) in India

Best Window Air Conditioners (ACs) in India Hitachi 1 ton 5-Star AC (RAW511KUD) With about 400 service centres spread across India, Hitachi offers superior brand value along with a high-quality product. This particular window AC from Hitachi, brings a highly energy efficient AC to your home, owing to its 5-Star rating and an ISEER value …

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Best Split Air Conditioner (AC) in India— 2019

Best 1-ton Inverter Split Air conditioner (AC) in India LG 1-ton inverter 5-Star AC: KS-Q12FNZD This 1 ton all-star AC from LG offers the best long-term money savings owing to its unique dual inverter compressor. Its annual energy consumption is only 938 units. Many users agree that this AC doesn’t just cool faster but also …

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