17 Best 2.1 speakers (in India) for every budget and purpose

Sony (SA-D20 C E12) are the best 2.1 speakers in India for home use. The speakers are affordable, high-quality and feature-rich, making a great addition to your home entertainment centre.
The subwoofer produces punchy bass while the satellite speakers deliver powerful performance. And with a brand like Sony you can never go wrong!
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15 Best 2.1 Speakers (under 5000) for your PC and TV [in India]

Philips (MMS6080B) is the best 2.1 speaker system under 5000 in India for your TV or PC. It produces exceptionally powerful bass and audio. And connects to various multimedia devices via Bluetooth, AUX, RCA or other connectivity options.
With a premium brand like Philips you can rest assured about the product’s quality and durability.
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9 Best Bluetooth Speakers under 2000 (in India)— Powerful, Portable, and Trendy

JBL Go is the best portable Bluetooth Speaker in India. What you get are powerful, long-range speakers from a premium brand like JBL, as it delivers the most bang for the buck!
But if you prefer a more retro or funky style, then check out the other recommendations. Also, if you’re looking for a very specific type of speakers that you don’t see in the list below, just drop a comment and I’ll find them for you!