A+ grade and IPS panels: What these are and what they mean for you

Many TVs show off ‘A+ grade panel’ and ‘IPS panel’ tags in their specifications. But their meaning is often left to our imagination. Have you ever wondered what makes these TVs different from non-A+ grade and non-IPS TVs? Read further to find out.

How to convert led TV to smart TV.

Have a non-smart led TV and want to convert it to a smart TV at minimal to no extra cost? Read along

7 Best Android TVs trending in India (with Reviews & Buying Guide)

Mi 43” Full HD is the best Android TV in India. For a pocket-friendly price you get a large collection of Games & Apps, along with voice command & search feature. Mi’s Patchwall OS (based on Android version 8) is the latest and offers a smooth user interface.
This makes the Mi TV a unique intersection of features and economical price (unlike other similar TVs).
But this, is just 1 of the 7 best Android TVs trending in India. To find out which others made it into the list keep reading further.

Difference between HD ready and Full HD

“HD ready” is the resolution of the screen, HD ready means the screen can display at a resolution of 1280 * 720p. Whereas a “Full HD” screen can display at a resolution of 1920 * 1080p. Want to find out more? Read on… Understanding different screen resolutions. “Screen resolution” is used to describe the video …

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