Cloudwalker TV Reviews: Functional TVs at a budget price!

Has a CloudWalker TV caught your attention? Do you want to make sure it's worthy, before buying one?

Then check out my CloudWalker TV reviews of the best TVs among the CloudWalker line-up. 

You can also read the CloudWalker brand review before diving into the TV reviews.

Cloudwalker Brand review

Cloudwalker is an Indian company that was established on 18 July 2013. 

It was established to provide large screen digital solutions to people to ease their life.

The founders of this company are committed to revolutionizing the user experience of their customers under the hat of India’s digital-first economy.

The television sets released by Cloudwalker have earned the title of ‘Smartest smart TV’. 

This is because apart from all the broadcasted TV channels you can also view curated content from the internet.

You can thus expect your CloudWalker TV to come up with new content suggestions every day.

And as it learns what genres you like, the suggestions become more and more relevant.

CloudWalker TVs come with a unique smart remote that comes with an air mouse function built into it.

Instead of pounding on the arrow keys to change channels or search for content, you can simply point and click.

All the services available on the TV are represented graphically which releases you from the burden of complicated menus.

The CloudTV Operating system supports most Android apps; therefore, you can download any app of your choice from play store.

If the app of your choice is not available on the play store you can also sideload it from the browser.

It is also possible to continue your office work in the living room without straining your eyes as the TV supports all MS office apps.

Just connect a wireless keyboard and you can turn the TV into a desktop computer!


CloudWalker TV reviews

CloudWalker 32 inches HD Ready Smart LED TV Cloud X3 32SHX3 

    If you are searching for an inexpensive and compact smart TV, then this TV is for you. 

This one is also a great pick if you're looking for a second TV for the bedroom but on a tight budget.

Loaded with many smart features such as built-in WiFi makes sure you forget your laptop and mobile completely when you're watching the TV!

   The TV's Operating system provides a user-friendly interface as all the different services are sectionally divided and displayed using graphical icons which makes navigation a kid’s job.

    For connecting external devices there are HDMI and USB ports (2 each). 

So, you can easily connect the set-top box along with a laptop without worrying about swapping between the two. 

    The TV has an HD ready resolution, giving you cinematic viewing experience. It has an A+ grade panel inside so you get a great picture quality overall.

     The 178-degree viewing angle makes sure you do not lose the quality of the picture even when you have to move away from the front of the TV.

      This TV is a good purchase among all the 32-inch TVs in the market.


    • 50 watts on-mode power consumption
    • HD (1366 x 768 pixels) ready resolution
    • 1-year warranty
    • Air mouse in smart remote


    • No support to Bluetooth technology
    • No voice control

CloudWalker 43 Inches 4K Ultra HD Smart LED Screen 43SUA7 

    If you are looking for a mid-sized 43-inch TV then consider buying this one.


Well because the TV packs maximum features in a minimum budget giving you an attractive deal!

The TV's highlight is its 4K resolution which delivers excellent picture quality (the best among LED TVs!) at an affordable price.

You also get a decent sound output to match the 4K visuals among other features.

You can connect a variety of multimedia devices via the 3 HDMI and 2 USB ports.

The CloudTV Operating system is based on Android OS.

This makes the interface user-friendly and gives you endless content options.

The smart remote simplifies the search thanks to the QWERTY keyboard and air mouse feature built into it.

Overall, this 43-inch CloudWalker is a worthy investment for your home!


    • 98 Watts on-mode power consumption
    • 4K Ultra HD (3840x2160 pixels) resolution
    • 1-year warranty
    • Ample connectivity ports


    • No Bluetooth 
    • No voice control

CloudWalker 49 inches Spectra 49AF Full HD LED TV 

          This is another cost-effective TV from Cloudwalker you can consider buying if you like to watch your movies 'theatre size'!

The 49-inch screen gives you a fairly large screen that is both durable and classy. 

The only drawback I feel is the resolution that caps out at 1080p.

Other similar-sized TVs offer 4K visuals that help you watch the occasional 4K movies and shows in their full 2160p glory!

In this TV, 4K content would be upscaled at best as the TV tries hard to reproduce visuals as close to 4K as possible.

Still, a full HD TV is not bad as most of the content is recorded in full HD resolution even today.

You also get multiple connectivity ports to attach external media devices like Laptop, PC, Smartphone, gaming console and so on. 

This 49-inch CloudWalker TV offers a good value for money in comparison to other similar TVs.           


    • 49-inch large screen at affordable price
    • Ample connectivity ports
    • In-built Boom box speakers
    • 1-year warranty


    • Non-smart TV
    • No air mouse remote 


CloudWalker 55 Inches 4K Ultra HD Smart LED Screen 55SUA7 

This is another TV from CloudWalker that deserves your attention.

What you get is a 55-inch wide screen with top-notch 4K video quality.

Both features add a new level of wow to your viewing experience.

 Getting home a 4K smart TV helps you future-proof your entertainment centre with the latest in the TV industry.

The smart features include several preloaded Apps neatly arranged in an easy to understand user interface.

The App Store houses a huge collection of Apps that you can download anytime you want.

The remote is a one-of-kind device with multi-functionality.

It works as a regular remote and you also get one with a QWERTY keyboard and an air mouse.

 The CShare App (on your Smartphone) lets you do screen casting to the TV screen among other functions.  

 Not many TVs give you the affordability and quality given by this CloudWalker TV!   


    • 55-inch budget TV
    • 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160 pixels) resolution
    • In-built Boom Box speakers
    • Wireless keyboard and mouse provided
    • 1-year warranty


    • No Bluetooth 
    • No voice control


CloudWalker 55 inches 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV HDR Cloud X2 55SUX2

Another alternative to the 55-inch CloudWaker TV above, is this one- the 55SUX2.

This one too offers 4K Ultra HD visuals on a 55-inch large screen with unlimited content options via the smart features.

This TV's Operating system is built on Android 7.0 Nougat Operating System. 

This ensures a smooth, lag-free navigation and a better support for newer Apps.

The TV also comes with 1 GB RAM and 8 GB ROM which is quite satisfactory for first-time smart TV users.

As a perk, you get a lifetime free subscription to Movies Box App which contains a wide range of selected movies, short films, and documentaries. These movies are available in 15+ Indian languages.

 If your main requirements are a large-screen TV at a budget price with smart features coming next then consider buying this one!


    • Large screen budget TV
    • 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160 pixels) resolution
    • Android based smart features
    • 1-year warranty
    • Smart remote with air mouse 


    • No support to Bluetooth technology
    • No voice control

CloudWalker 65 Inches 4K Ultra HD Smart LED Screen 65SUA7 

 The largest TV in the CloudWalker line-up is this 65-inch beauty that will complement any home!

The screen has a thin bezel and sleek body and gives off a very stylish look.

In fact, 65-inch screen size is the perfect size to truly enjoy 4K content on.

You can appreciate the real greatness of 4K clarity and vibrance only on a large screen TV like this one.

And you will never be short on what to watch thanks to the TV's smart features.

Along with the broadcasted channels you can access content from a variety of in-built and downloadable Apps.

This is provided you have a stable internet connection (preferably connected with a LAN cable).

The remote with QWERTY keyboard and an air mouse make it easier to type and find content to watch.

This TV offers one of the best deals in the 65-inch smart TV category and will be a great addition to your home!


    • 65-inch awesome screen
    • 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160 pixels) resolution 
    • In-built Boom Box speakers
    • Great sound
    • 1-year warranty


    • No Bluetooth 
    • No voice control

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