Top 10 Best Refrigerators in India (2019)

LG (GL-I292RPZL.APZZEBN) is the best Refrigerator in India. It is compact on the outside yet spacious inside. Each shelf is thoughtfully designed to meet the needs of every user. It is affordably priced and suited for a family of 3 to 5 members.
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6 Best Printers for Home Use in India (2019)

HpDeskjet 3777 is the best printer for home use in India. It is an all-in-one printer that lets you print, scan and copy without hogging space or burning a hole in your pocket. Getting the printer to print is just an App away.
But if you need a printer for heavy printing or want to explore more options, then check out the recommendations below.

10 Best Washing Machines in India- 2019 (Front Loading & Top Loading)

For most users, LG FH0FANDNL02 is the best fully automatic front-loading washing machine in India. Occupying minimum space, it cleans up to 6 kg of dirty laundry. And it’s especially good at getting rid of tough stains.

The fact that it uses less water and power, is another perk in a long list of features.

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7 Best Android TVs trending in India (with Reviews & Buying Guide)

Mi 43” Full HD is the best Android TV in India. For a pocket-friendly price you get a large collection of Games & Apps, along with voice command & search feature. Mi’s Patchwall OS (based on Android version 8) is the latest and offers a smooth user interface.
This makes the Mi TV a unique intersection of features and economical price (unlike other similar TVs).
But this, is just 1 of the 7 best Android TVs trending in India. To find out which others made it into the list keep reading further.

Best Split Air Conditioner (AC) in India— 2019

Voltas 1-ton inverter 3 Star AC LG 1.5 ton 5-Star Inverter AC Whirlpool 1.5 ton 3-Star Inverter AC   Contents1 Best 1-ton Inverter Split Air conditioner (AC) in India1.1 LG 1-ton inverter 5-Star AC: KS-Q12FNZD (Best Overall)1.2 Voltas 1-ton inverter 3-Star AC: 123V EZL (Best value)1.3 Daikin 1-ton inverter 3-Star AC: ATKL35TV 1.4 Godrej 1-ton inverter …

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