TCL Smart TV Review (India): Best TCL TVs reviewed for you!


Hesitating about getting home a TCL TV? After going through TCL’s line up of TVs I’ve picked out the best ones and reviewed each. Check out my TCL smart TV reviews to know which one gives you the most value for money.

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TCL Brand Review

TCL is among the world’s top 30 consumer electronics producer. It makes, markets, and sells everything from TVs to Smartphones, and Air conditioners to washing machines.

In the TV segment in India, TCL has positioned itself as a budget brand that spoils you for choices with its long list of TVs.

TCL doesn’t just offer the basic non-smart, smart TVs but also gives you a choice in the type of smart TV you want to go for.

TCL’s catalogue includes standard LED TVs, Linux OS based smart TVs, Official Android TVs and a QLED TV. (All these TVs have one thing in common— affordable price tags)

For example, TCL’s most recent 4K Certified Android TVs have all the latest features like voice interaction, large Apps collection, Official App versions, Bluetooth, superior video quality etc.

These TVs are backed by powerful Artificial Intelligence algorithms that are responsible for giving you relevant ‘you may also like’ recommendations. And to give you the most appropriate answers to your voice search queries.

Other smart TVs from TCL charge you significantly less than the Android ones. But they also cut out hi-tech features like voice interaction and Bluetooth.

In this article I’ve reviewed the 4K Android line-up of TCL TVs.

Out of all TCL TVs this series offers the best package of features, and price.

Keep reading to find out the in-depth TCL TV review for different screen sizes.

TCL TV Reviews:

TCL 32-inches HD Ready Certified Android Smart LED TV


Screen size: 32”

Resolution: HD Ready (720p)

Sound output: 16 W

Connectivity: 2 HDMI, 1 USB

Operating system: Certified Android

Other: screen mirroring

Warranty: 1.5 years

TCL offers both smart and non-smart TVs in its 32-inch line up. Out of which this particular model gives you the most value for money!


First, this is an Android smart TV.

Getting home a smart TV is a great way to future-proof your entertainment solution.

This is because as smart TVs level-up in technology and quality, non-smart ones will slowly become obsolete (just like the box Televisions of the 90s).

Second, if you’re going the smart way, its better to have a TV that comes with official versions of trending Apps (a main feature of Official Android TVs).

This way you will not have to suffer Apps crashing or hanging up on you. You will also receive regular updates for the official Apps.

This particular TV for example, comes preloaded with official versions of YouTube, Netflix, Hotstar, Sonyliv and many other Apps.

You can also download more Apps from the Play Store.

You can also cast content from your Smartphone or Tablet with the built-in Chromecast.

When you cast a video, a link is sent from the Smartphone to the TV.

The TV then plays the video you casted while freeing up your phone to do other stuff.

Still, this TV’s biggest ‘+’ point is its price.

Costing under 15000 Rupees, this 32-inch TCL TV puts an attractive deal on the table.

The TV costs well below other similar TVs which further adds to its benefits. (There are not many TVs that can give this TCL TV a competition).

If you are looking for a good quality, affordably priced smart TV, then check out this 32-inch Android TV from TCL!


  • A+ grade panel (adds to picture quality)
  • Certified Android smart TV
  • Google voice search and control (with smart remote)
  • Built-in Chromecast (for screen casting)
  • Budget-friendly


  • No Bluetooth
  • Fewer connectivity ports


TCL 43-inches 4K UHD Certified Android Smart LED TV


Screen size: 43”

Resolution: 4K Ultra HD (2160p)

Sound output: 20 W

Connectivity: 2 HDMI, 1 USB

Operating system: Certified Android

Other: A+ grade panel, screen mirroring

Warranty: 1.5 years

Jacked with the latest in TV features, this 43-inch TCL TV is a must-buy!

The TV comes with a medium-sized 43-inch screen, and a slim bezel, giving off a cool look.

Its video quality is backed by the highest resolution (4K UHD) currently available in TVs in India.

This puts the TV ahead of the competition in terms of video quality.

The 20 W box speakers match these superior visuals with powerful sound.

(Pair the TV with a 2.1 Soundbar to get bass effect). You can also connect an external sound system wirelessly via Bluetooth.

The TV’s Operating system comes certified by Google.

This makes the user interface easy to understand and gives you a load of official Apps to choose from.

To find the right content you no longer need to keep pressing buttons, just use your voice.

This TV comes with a voice activated remote control.

Thanks to the voice remote you can ask search queries (What are the best Bollywood movies of all time?) and give voice commands (Hi TCL, back to Homepage).

Or you can use your Smartphone as a remote control by downloading the T-cast App.

The T-cast App also lets you cast videos from supported Apps on to your TV screen, freeing up your phone to receive calls and send messages.

Overall, this is a value-packed 43-inch smart TV from TCL!


  • 4K Ultra HD video quality
  • Certified Android with latest 9.0 version
  • Bluetooth-enabled
  • Voice interaction
  • Pocket-friendly price


  • Fewer connectivity ports


TCL 50-inches 4K UHD Certified Android Smart LED TV (Alexa built-in)


Screen size: 50”

Resolution: 4K Ultra HD (2160p)

Sound output: 20 W

Connectivity: 3 HDMI, 2 USB

Operating system: Certified Android

Other: A+ grade panel, HDR 10, screen mirroring

Warranty: 1.5 years

The problem with TVs having voice recognition remote control is that you still need a remote control.

But if you have an Alexa speaker (Echo Dot series) at home, you don’t even need to touch the remote control to change channels, find answers to your queries and so on.

(Just say, ‘Alexa’ from any corner of the room and the Echo Dot starts listening).

With this TCL TV and an Echo dot speaker, you can do exactly that!

(But if you don’t want to spend more to get an Alexa speaker, you can use the voice remote you get with this TV).

At 50-inches the TV screen can be considered large enough to enjoy 4K content to its full potential!

But most of the broadcasted content is available in Full HD resolution. So, where do you find 4K videos to watch?

Here’s where the TV’s smart features come in.

Based on Android 9.0 (Pie) version, the TV’s interface is easy to get used to and navigate.

You won’t need to study and refer the manual every time you need to change a setting or mode.

Also, the Operating system is Google certified Android which means you get the official version of all Apps.

This further ensures your TV runs glitch-free and without any frustrating lags.

Many Apps (like YouTube, Netflix etc.) come with 4K shows and movies that you can watch on your 50-inch 4K TCL TV.

All-in-all, this 50-inch TCL TV is one of the best TVs from the TCL catalogue!


  • User-friendly interface (Official Android)
  • Large App Collection (Google Play Store)
  • Superior visuals (4K UHD)
  • Voice interactive remote control
  • Works with Alexa
  • Bluetooth for wireless connectivity
  • Affordable price


  • None


TCL 55-inches 4K UHD Certified Android Smart LED TV


Screen size: 55”

Resolution: 4K Ultra HD (2160p)

Sound output: 20 W

Connectivity: 3 HDMI, 2 USB

Operating system: Certified Android

Other: A+ grade panel, screen mirroring

Warranty: 1.5 years

For less than 40000 Rupees to can grab this value-packed TV from TCL!

The screen is 55-inch large which makes for an immersive viewing experience.

The 4K resolution takes charge of delivering the best of video quality. While the 20 W speakers do a decent job of matching the visuals with powerful sound.

However, as this TV is one of the slimmest in the market, the sound lacks thumping bass in the dialogues and music.

For this, you can pair the TV with an external sound system having a subwoofer.

In case you go for an external Soundbar or sound system, you can connect it to the TV wirelessly via Bluetooth.

Other than this slight inconvenience, the TV will keep amazing you with its smart features!

The TV’s interface is designed on Android 9.0 version and is certified by Google.

This means a lot of things. First, the interface is so simple to navigate that you won’t need a manual.

Second, the TV comes with preloaded popular Apps and a huge App collection in the Play Store.

All these Apps are available in their official version. So, you won’t experience lags and will receive regular updates from the developers.

The remote control comes with voice feature which lets you give control the TV with just your voice.

Alternatively, you can use the screen cast feature by downloading the T-cast App on your Smartphone.

The T-cast App also supports secondary remote-control functions.

Overall, this TCL TV is worth every Rupee!


  • Budget-friendly large screen TV
  • Excellent video quality
  • Large App Collection (Google Play Store)
  • Voice command and search (smart remote)
  • Smartphone App control (T-cast)
  • Bluetooth enabled


  • May need an external sound system


TCL 65-inches 4K UHD Certified Android Smart LED TV


Screen size: 65”

Resolution: 4K Ultra HD (2160p)

Sound output: 20 W

Connectivity: 3 HDMI, 2 USB

Operating system: Certified Android

Other: A+ grade panel, screen mirroring

Warranty: 1.5 years

The largest screen size in TCL’s line up, this 65-inch TV is impossible to unsee— it’s a master at grabbing attention!

And once you’re used to watching videos on such a wide screen, all other smaller screens will pale in comparison.

Whether you decide to mount it on the wall or place it on a cabinet, the TV will add a touch of elegance to your home.

This TV doesn’t stop at size.

To ensure you get the best of video quality, the TV combines 4K resolution, with HDR 10, HLG, and micro dimming technology to reproduce life-like images.

The TV’s 20 W stereo box speakers do their best to complement the video quality. But the sound lacks the booming bass that adds a level of depth to the audio.

You can quickly resolve this by attaching a sound system to the TV externally either by a wired or wireless connection (Bluetooth).

Being an Official Android TV, you can quickly gain a handle on how the TV works. You can thus immediately move to the fun part— entertainment options!

The TV gives you a few built-in Apps to get you started. To explore more Apps and games you can access the Google Play Store.

All the Apps come with their official version (YouTube, Netflix, Hotstar, Primevideo, etc.) and you get regular OTA updates.

The smart remote makes the navigation and control part simpler with the voice function.

With the press of a button, you can ask the TV to change channels, volume or find content to watch. The Google Assistant does what you ask, while you sit back and relax.

If you want the best one among all TCL TVs then consider buying this 65-inch Android TV!


  • Large screen TV at a pocket-friendly price
  • Superior video quality
  • Certified Android TV with voice interaction
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Smartphone App control (T-cast)
  • Large App Collection (Google Play Store)


  • Lacks bass (may need an external sound system)

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